Lightning Can’t Strike Twice

Easy like Sunday morningLife just gets better for Martin Brodeur with every minute he plays.  Another shutout tonight, this time over the same team who beat him 8 days ago, the Tampa Bay Lightning.  I think Marty can now officially call Perrin his own private bitch!

Despite the absolutely horrible ice in Tampa, the boys got the job done.  In doing so, the Devils hold a lead in the Atlantic as wide as the Hudson River itself – 15 huge points over the New York Rangers.  Gionta (I’ve been calling him Wee-Man on crack) once again provided the offensive punch, and Martin The Great did the rest.  Even better news: Buffalo tanked it vs. Columbus so the Devils are now only five measly points behind the Sabres for the #1 overall spot in the entire Eastern Conference.  It’s good to see the crew coming right out and continuing their dominance right after the all-star break.

A notice to the Devs: Marty is super-human this year…but you still have to find a way to clear the puck!!  How many chances did the D have to send Tampa chasing, and instead they end up feeding the pointmen.  Seriously, guys, ya might wanna work on that.  Otherwise, keep up the solid effort – apparantly it’s doing you a whole lotta good.

Final thought: Clemmy tomorrow?