Hopefully we’ll get to do at least a couple of these, but we’ll make do with what we have. So now, I present to you 2 Man Advantage’s Serious Series One Roundup! And the award winners are…

They are an awesome bunch.THE KING OF AWESOME: Zach Parise.

If there’s a Conn Smythe of the first round, Mr. Parise would without a doubt be the winner. Leading the team with a seriously awesome six goals in six games, Parise is easily on his way to the best post-season of his oh-so-young career. I love it, and you should too.

OUT OF THE DOG HOUSE: Martin Brodeur.

He might have ended the first round tenth overall in goaltending (out of 19, no less), but Marty rebounded quite nicely in Game 5 and 6 to be a definite deciding factor in the series. Shutting down Vinny Lecavs and Martin St. Louis ain’t no picnic, but he found a way to do it in the final two frames of the series. Okay, so maybe Brad Richards kind of kicked his butt in Game 6, but we’re going to let that slide. One shutout is more than enough after giving up nine million goals in the first four games. Atta boy, Marty. That’s the number one goaltender we want to see. Oh, and special mention goes to Wade Dubielewicz (it took me about 20 minutes to figure out that spelling), Banna Pads Fleury, and Kari Lehtonen for stinking up the joint to make Marty’s numbers look a bit better. My hats and bananas off to you fine folk.

WHERE DID HE COME FROM?: Richard Matvichuk.

Oh hellz yes Mattie, I knew you were the gosh darn man! A lot of readers ’round here wanted nothing to do with Richard when he was finally declared healthy from the sometimes fatal salary cap injury, but after Colin White came down with yet another injury (seriously, dude needs his very own medic staff along with those anger management classes), Mattie stepped into the lineup and absolutely shined. He may have started off a bit shaky in his ’07 post season debut, but he’s only gotten stronger and stronger yet as the series progressed. His defining moment? Easily Game 6, making shot block after shot block and showing absolutely no signs of wear and tear, even drawing a penalty on Tampa Bay golden boy Vincent Lecavalier. Oh, and Tampa fans, I love you all you know, but there’s no way Mattie embellished on the cross-check. If I may remind you, Mr. ‘chuk did undergo serious back surgery during the summer and spent the entire season in the stands of the Continental Airlines Arena. And let me tell you, walking up and down those stairs will not make your back feel any better whatsoever.


Yeah, I did have to rub my eyes a couple times to make sure I wasn’t seeing things, but Scotty actually leads the league in points with nine, one above a bunch of other guys, but who cares about them, right? Man, that’s some crazy stuff there.

Oh, I’ll admit it — he has looked absolutely wonderful these past few games. Rather inconsistant for the series overall like his goaltending counterpart Mr. Brodeur, but I’ll take it. His puck handling skills are to die for, and he made the Tampa Bay defense look like fools skating through the zone so effortlessly time and time again. And yes, I may have had to wipe a bit of drool away after Game 6 watching some of Gomer’s skills at their finest. Why can’t he play like that all the time?

FREEZE!So, the boys have Ottawa for Round 2 and it’s going to be one tough series, fo’ sho’. I’m kind of wishing for Jeff Friesen, but we’ll make do with what we have. I’m sure Zach has quite a few more tricks up his sleeve, and I’m seriously hoping for a repeat performance of Game 6 from Scott Gomez all series long. I can dream, right? Hey Ottawa blogs — don’t be strangers! We’ve met some great bloggers on Tampa’s side of the coin, and we’d love to hear from you Ottawa folk as well. Oh, and good luck to the Sens! You shall hear no predictions from me!


  1. I shan’t be a stranger at all but I’ve given up on predictions. They’re usually way beyond off or end up jinxing my team.

  2. “I love it, and you should too.”

    Oh, Patricia, we do. Trust us, we do.

    Great round-up; can’t wait to see what you write for the next series!

  3. Dick Dastardly says:

    I like being the #2 seed underdog.

    Parise, Gomez, Gionta, Elias, Madden, Langenbrunner, etc. all score timely goals, we have the leading scorer in the playoffs so far with Parise, the leading points getter in the playoffs with Gomer and everyone EVERYONE is saying we can’t score???

    The jackasses at Hockey News ran an article praising Marty as the best in the game, but “please, PLEASE don’t let his Devils win the Cup”. WTF??? They call our hockey boring. Boring? When’s the last time they saw a Devils game? 2003? The Devils are playing flowing, end to end hockey and just happen to play a system that [hopefully] doesn’t provide the opponent a lot of second chance shots. How many 1-goal nail-biters did I have to sit through in Section 208? a million? And we won almost all of ’em.

    Boring my ass.

    And speaking of my ass, Scott Burnside can kiss it on the big LED screen at the new arena. That SOB hates the Devils and hasn’t picked them to win a playoff game since ESPN has had a website.

    It pissed me off that all but one of our games was only televised regionally. The networks missed a hell of a show because of their bias against our Devils.

    Oh. But my pick. Devils in 7.

  4. Being a Leafs fan and, to a lesser degree, a Brodeur fan, makes me automatically anti-Sens and very pro-Devils for this series. I’m calling Devils in 6.

  5. PS: If you look at my request in the last post, I’ve won the Burnside game again (Ottawa in 6). Granted I don’t agree with his pick but it’s still fun to predict what he’ll predict, seeing as how much he hates the Devils.

    Last series, he said Lecavalier and St. Louis would be too much for Brodeur and the Lightning would win in 6. I guess their 0 goals in the last 2 games of the series was too much for Brodeur to handle.

  6. Speaking about THN (the hockey news) They picked longo as top goalie b/c he did better on the pk gaa wise. But they didnt take into hand that Marty had the most shout out as a goalie

  7. hey there Devilers, I’ve gotta pick the sens in 6, because we have Dany Heatley AND a goalie – beat that.

    …also because I run the blog…

    Let me know if you want to do a little foreign-exchange blog on each others pages to give the readers some variety.

    Leave a comment on our page if you’re up for it.

  8. PS: Anyone who says that their team will win in 7 is just nervous and ready to lose.

  9. Patricia Greuter says:

    Ben, good to hear from ya. Would love to work with you during the series — I think it would be interesting, to say the least =P

    I give no predictions, though. I just know this is going to be one helluva series, and I’m excited to see how it unfolds.

  10. Ben- We have Zach Parise and a goalie. So this is gonna be a pretty awesome series. I’m pumped, that’s for sure.

  11. Patricia Greuter says:

    Heh, it’s like “I’ll see your Heatley and goalie and I will raise you a Parise and Brodeur!”

  12. This should be a fight to the finish great series, now I’m reading that Elias has a cold so he may not go tomorrow night, White might be back and Clarkson may play if Patty is a no go. (They want Him to stay away from the Team so they all don’t get sick.)I’m looking forward to see what Big Rich will be bringing to the table in this series,24 blocked shots in His 2 games against Tampa how sick is that?

  13. Patricia – good luck against the Sens. It should be a great series. I am really looking forward to it.

    Now that my Isles are out – I have more time to enjoy the other series… instead of biting my nails with my guys.

    Good luck to NJ and to OTT too. Have a great series!

    Gary Harding – the View from Section 317 (NYI)