On the eve of Round 2…

What a novel concept this is.


I made this whole amazingly awesome preview of the series, but as it often seems true, the internet sucks. I’d like to thank said internet for generating an error just as I was about to hit the “publish” button, erasing my good 45 minutes worth of work. Seriously, thanks. That made me feel so great.


  1. The Refs will be changed for this series,I hope that they will be better then the ones from the Tampa series, maybe the high sticking will actually be called, and Travis Z won’t get any more diving penalty’s for tripping over His own feet. has anyone checked out the anti Devil write up on the fox sports home page? here We go again, no Love for the Devil’s from the sports world as usual.

  2. At least when we win and make them look like they know less then they do we have get a good laugh.

  3. Conor Cleary says:

    Ottawa in 7.
    You know it.

  4. Conor Cleary says:

    Change that to Ottawa in 5 😉