COMMENTRANTY: Complete shocker, Avery opens his mouth!

Well it seems as if this rivalry has taken yet another turn! See what had happened was, prior to the Devils’ second meeting of the season with the Rangers Sunday night, Wuss Avery had a few words for some of our boys in Red. These words can be seen here. (link opens in new window)

Now, heating up an opponent before a game is all gravy and biscuits… but enough is enough! Avery, it’s time for you to STFU!!!

Marty wins!For a player who’s never been an all-star, never won an award, has one cup freeloaded from the Red Wings, and has never led the league in anything more than penalty minutes, what right do you have to bash the #1 goaltender in the world? The modern day Jesus Christ! You’d have to wake up very early in the morning for many years, learn how to fly, and you still will not be at an acceptable level to criticize Marty for anything. ANYTHING!

My best guess is, you’re jealous. Jealous that you will never have the skill Parise or Clarkson has. Why not pick on someone your own size else? Colin White for example? (link opens in new window)

Sean, you may have made it to a professional level, but just like Sidney Crosby in college, you got no class!


  1. That might very well be the best picture I’ve created for this site.

  2. Avery is still mad at Marty for telling Him that He watches 24 for Jack Bauer and not to look at His girlfriend Elisha Cuthbert.

  3. I’m pretty sure Avery doesn’t even get credit for free loading a Cup. I don’t think he got his name on it with the Red Wings in 2002.

    I seriously hope someone knocks him out next time…before the game, during the game, after the game, on the street, its all good.

  4. You guys aren’t the only ones getting a little tired of his act. Don’t get me wrong, I love that he’s back in the lineup and him decking Marty last year is an all-time Ranger highlight. But he really needs to pipe down a little to the press. Leave it on the ice, big guy.

  5. Mike —
    Avery is always a great addition to the lineup. He can be quite the little bugger on the ice. Two things I absolutely hate about him: his dives, and his off-ice comments. He pretty much has absolutely no class, but what can we do? That’s Sean Avery for ya.

    He tends to wear out his welcome where ever he plays. It’s happened everywhere else, it could very well happen in Manhattan, but I wonder if his contract will run out first, which would actually bode well for New York. I still see Sean playing for another four or five teams before his career is over.

  6. the devils-class
    sean avery-ass

  7. Tom Gulitti’s blog has a quote from Parise regarding Avery. Apparently, Sean wanted to fight Zach. Good on Parise to ignore him and focus on the game.

    Oh, Avery, you’re such a Domichebag.

  8. i would pay to see avery and zach fight..avery would kick his ass, but it would still be amazing

  9. Why? That’s one of the last things I’d want to see. God forbid A-hole Avery hurts Parise, we’d really be hurtin’ on offense.

  10. i would think zach would be able to fight somewhat, eh mixes it up a little when he crashes the net..anyway..avery can’t fight for shit
    turtle mania!

  11. Avery getting Zach Parise to drop the gloves would be too good to be true. I thought Parise’s digs afterward were the best way to handle it.

    I agree that Avery could very likely wear out his welcome sooner than later. Hopefully now that he’s playing again, he’ll work off some of that anxiety, keep his trap shut off the ice.

  12. Damn i wish Janssen was in the lineup! not only would have knocked avery out but he would have embarrassed him! Clarkson can easily take avery on, hes not even tough! brookbank will kill him! and ofcourse the devils strongest fighter rupp who i dont think will go with some 5 times smaller than him!

  13. Let’s pick your brain here: In 2005, who supposedly called Big Georges Laraque a “monkey?”

    Yes, go ahead:

    Sean Avery

    Yes, that is correct.

    How embarrassing is it to have a guy like that on YOUR team? I’d say it’s pretty f’ed up, especially since he is in NYC AND he played with our beloved backup, Kevin Weekes.

    Seriously, this is SEAN AVERY. This is no surprise what-so-ever. He’s the John Rocker of the NHL.

  14. damn..where’s scott steven’s when you need him..oh yeah..he’s in teh HOF

  15. Hey anyway you can hook me up with that picture without the words I want to use it as my desk top backround cuz its awesome

  16. Rob,
    Sure — gimme a few and I’ll e-mail you a copy.


  17. I find it hilarious that Avery continues to call Brodeur a diver yet Sean is the culprit of the most famous dive in NHL history.
    Avery will be run out of NYC soon enough.

  18. Rob,
    I sent ya an e-mail, but just in case you didn’t get it for some reason or another, here’s the picture:

    [email protected]

  19. Hey thanks so much I really appreciate it, that picture is just amazing. I love it

  20. Rob,
    Anytime! Glad you like it! It’s definitely my favorite pic I’ve made for 2MA. It really says it all, doesn’t it? (=

  21. MIKE HARRISON says:

    I say Sutter gives a free “go punish Avery” to anyone on the team when he skates into the Rock

  22. I had my first taste of the Pru center on Friday. I took the train from Red Bank to Newark arriving at 5:00 PM. The doors were not open and we went to the arena bar a block past the arena. What a nice place. Marble bar, hardwood floors and good beers on tap. We went in and I found my High School Jersey ( RFH )hanging up. I was sitting in the goal bar seats. The view was awesome. Madden clanked one in for the lead and Zack jammed in another right in front of us. All the people inside and outside the arena were very helpful. Lets talk this place up and bring friends. Grassroots marketing! People need to understand the area is safe, well lit and easy to get to. See you at the Rangers game.

  23. Avery is hilarious. Wish there were more players like him in the league… he keeps things interesting and funny.

  24. Sean cracks me up to a certain extent. On the ice he runs his mouth at guys who won’t fight, ie Zack. But then when Clarkson or another fighter on the Devils tries to throw down the gloves, he cowers. He’s trying to get into the big game players heads. Trying to get them off the ice for 5 min. He doesn’t run his mouth at the fighters too much.

    By the way, my cousin slept with Cuthbert, so everytime I see him, it makes me laugh.

  25. Avery needs to grow up..

  26. Unfortunately this is exactly what Avery wants to do: piss people off. He doesn’t care who he offends, he just wants to get that job done. And the more people (players) are bothered by it, the more he has succeeded. Sucky.