Dear New Jersey,
Do it again. That’s all I ask.

Yours forever,

PS~ If you guys win tonight, I will personally give one lucky reader a 2MA t-shirt.



  1. The OT goal was scored because Pando crushed the D man in the corner freeing up the puck and Madden out hustled that punk Dubinesky to the puck. Lets use the same formula tonight on every shift.Hit the Rangers at every chance. Oh yeah, Marty, this would be great time to have your “A” game. Lets bring this series back to the Rock all tied up. Lets go Devils!!!!

  2. We need Geo and Langs to score and be more intimate with Lundquist! — They can do it and a win tonight will change everything 🙂

  3. Let’s go Devils!

    Even though Patricia won’t want to post a t-shirt to Scotland!


  4. I got kicked out of a bar on Friday, I’ve threatened to fail a kid in English if the Devils lose cause he talked trash, I’ve suffered the abuse from my students for wearing my Mad Dog jersey in the halls. Just do it for one suffering teacher.

  5. theking72 says:

    When shooting at the Queen, I want to hear the beautiful sound of swish, not “KERTHUMP!” (the boards, the pads), “DINGGGG!!!!!!!” (the pipes) or “OW!” (Rags)

    That, and bring the physicality. We are wearing them down, must keep it up.

  6. As much as I hate Avery, I like to think his antics are actually working for the devs. For a team that has looked unispired for entire periods earlier in the season, his constant douchebaggery provides no chance for laid back play. We shouldn’t need such an annoying catalyst, but whatever it takes to win.

    I should have posted this under the Avery article, but free 2ma gear, come on.

  7. njdvls30 says:

    Lets go devils!

    Stick Avery in the Head!

  8. With Scott Stevens showing up on ‘Top 10 Playoff Hits’ lists everywhere, hopefully our boys will be inspired…my money’s on Johnny O!

    Go Devs!

  9. Win tonight ! Because its hot here in Los Angeles and I wore my Jesery to work! You Can do it boys!

  10. Christinaaaaaaaaaaa says:



  11. LETS GO DEVILS!!!!!

    (I doubt you have my size)

  12. D is for Determination, which most of our players have
    E is for Endurance, 55 minutes worth a game
    V is for Vishnevsky, who will miss an open-ice hit tonight
    I is for Interference, Marty’s favorite treat
    L is for Langs, who is due for a goal
    S is for Shutout, which I hope we’ll get

    Go Devils!

  13. Let’s go, guys… hoping that Scott Stevens’ spirit animates one of you to end that classless clown Avery’s career with a momentum-changing hit.

  14. F-Avery up tonight boys!!!

  15. Let’s go Devils!

  16. very smart play by Brodeur. He faked an injury to kill the Rangers momentum. He did it last game as well…

  17. bostondevil11 says:

    I want a t-shirt!

    Oh and go devils. Rangers suck.

  18. CRAP! look i no im late but cut me some slack, only time i got to go online. plz i want the t-shirt!! WOOT LETS GO DEVILS!!!!!!

    TIE GAME!! not for long devs WILL PULL THROUGH

  19. i must say guys the one-siding officiating tonight is disgusting.

    I’m sure i’m in the minority here but I want to beat the Rangers fairly, without the officials on our side.

  20. Are you giving the shirt away to a Ranger fan now? Kidding, kidding! Put down the tomatoes!

    Oy…what a mess tonight was.

  21. Well, I want someone to tell me how the Devils were robbed tonight by the officiating. I guess all the moaning worked given the fact that the refs handed you the game and Marty still found a way to lose it for you.

    Now you will console yourselves with niceties and “go Devils” posts. Sean Avery is laughing at you people and frankly all marty can hope to do is fall down and pretend he is hurt, maybe the puck will hit him in the process.

    I take an extra large shirt and mail it to:

    I Told you so
    c/o Martin Marries within the Family
    34 Incestuous Way
    NoChance, New Jersey

  22. REMEMBER FOLKS, play nice. We’re not a flaming blog, so we expect common decency from our readers. You don’t have to like each other, but at least abide by what little rules we do have. Respect your fellow hockey fan.

    I’ve already had to delete a few comments tonight, so let’s end it here. Rivalry is fun, but don’t insult each other.


    Patricia Greuter

  23. Yanks and Mets both won tonight, that should be some common ground for everyone.

    (Free shirt for the peace offering maybe?)

  24. If I’ve come to realize anything in this series its that Marty is soft. Comparisons between him and Roy boy need to stop because Roy would never take Avery’s antics or being run at lightly (i’m sure we all remember the ROY / Ciccarelli (sp?) games)… Marty on the other hand has done NOTHING but let the Rangers beat him in every way.

  25. Eh. This rivaly can sometimes be maddening. Officials have sucked equally for both sides.

    I sure hope the Rangers have the killer instinct to put the Devs away tomorrow. You just can’t count them out.

  26. How about some accountability. Brodeur has played a terrible series and all he does is blame everyone else.

    I know how good he has been but his last 3 playoff series have been awful for his standards. Why wasn’t Weekes used at all this season. He’s not a liability and sitting Marty an extra 5-7 games would have done wonders. Marty isnt young anymore and he needed rest.

    game 4 was the worst officiating performance i have ever seen in any sport.

    The refs handed us the game and then some last night and we still lost. I don’t understand how Sutter has the nerve to complain even more. I never liked the hiring and for once Lou should have stepped in.

    We should have won this game easily but the fact is we arent that good and Marty isn’t good enough to carry the team anymore.