Because I like you guys

I’ve decided to give away a t-shirt anyway.

Congratulations to reader bostondevil!

Yes, I have a hidden motive here. I totally believe that if I play the “nice guy” card, the Hockey Gods will grace Black ‘n Red with a win on Friday.

Stranger things have happened…


  1. speaking of stranger.. fcuk the stRANGERS!!

  2. bostondevil11 says:

    Well I sure hope the nice guy card works and so does my significant other.

    Thanks and go Devils! Pandolfo with the hat trick tomorrow!

  3. theking72 says:

    Dear NJ Devils,

    Please win this one for the fans. They deserve it after being tormented at Games 1 and 2 by the most obnoxious people I have ever met.

    Best regards,

    Devils Fans

  4. Haha king, I’ve gotta say, I love the rivalry and will even admit to having some intelligent discourse with Rangers fans in my lifetime. But hot damn every time I’ve gone to a Devs/Rangers game I’ve seriously been stuck next to Rags fans that make me question the future of the human race.

    Really, there’s only so many ways you can describe what Marty can do with a certain part of the male anatomy.

    That being said, Go Devils! I’ll be in sec. 105 row 10 tonight! Come say hi!

  5. devils need to wake up and stop giving the rangers those stupid breakaways. it kills me to watch us tie it up so a dumb mediocre pass is picked of and sent straight into marty’s goal.

    i mean, Marty might appear to be God-like, but sometimes i think the team forgets he’s still a mortal.