Devils/Sabres…thoughts from Section 209

(heh… who knew people READ this crap?? Man posting pressure here too!!)

But before I even get to the game….
— Having a home game against Monday Night Football is about as dumb as asking Chris Berman to ask the questions that are going to make ME CHOOSE WHICH PRESIDENT I WANT TO VOTE FOR TOMORROW … oh yeah… that’s happening ain’t it?? (and damn the Devils I’d have stayed for a shootout tonight to miss that softball tossing at half time!)
— the Devils Den… so I walk in today… wanting to get the jersey I got for donating blood done up… I wanted old school… I wanted the guy who’s goal in game 7 in 1994 sealed the Devils Deal for LIFE… I wanted Valeri Zelepukin…. (if you don’t know who he is…. go away now!)… and it was bad enough I got a “WHO” from the employee…. (not to sound like it sounds… but if he bounced a basketball she’d KNOW)… but they don’t have all the right letters in stock for it… HOW HARD IS IT TO STOCK JERSEY LETTERS??? Anyway… so I go get my annual yearbook…. and show my Devils Legion card…. hey I got season tickets at basically FACE VALUE so I don’t get TEN DOLLAR DISCOUNTS like they had tonight… but I get my nifty 10% discount… OH WAIT… WE DON’T DISCOUNT THE YEARBOOKS!!! No wonder I am still waiting for my best buy coupons!! Thank God the product on ice is so well oiled and deep eh?? (do you really need a sarcasm meter on that one??)
— the place was SO DEAD before the game the season ticket beggars in suits were timing my laps around the concourse (best time… 3:34 beatches!!)
— Scott Clemmensen… why so depressed looking… oh it’s cause you’re back in the NHL, but with more of an AHL Team in front of you then you had in Toronto!!!!! I’ve never seen a guy look so sad for someone who had NO business being in the NHL again (well maybe Christian Berglund, but he was pathetic out of the womb!)

— as for the game….. yeah … they looked BAD… when was the last time a Devils goalie made 20 saves.. in a PERIOD… it’s funny we used to make the other team’s backup look like the Vezina winner… somewhere Marty lit up a cold one or twelve going “thank God I’m off for this”
— Sheldon Brookbank, keep taking penalties… it means you’re off the ice (we bench Vrana and Bergfors when they SCORE GOALS and this stiff gets more shifts then Patrik Elias)
— Jamie, I respect you dearly, but you’re slipping and you looked HORRID again tonight… please vacate the point on power plays forever!
— THE WEEKES WAS UNLEASHED AND IT WAS MIGHTY!!!! (no not the Scum in Anaheim)
— 6 forwards on the ice with an empty net… and NO ONE REMEMBERS TO COVER THE POINT.. well not Jamie… he’s banned from the point… it’s pointless!!
— I know I was asked to watch my F-Bombs but when I see a boxscore and see:
N. Bergfors 04:36, P. Vrana 07:11, J. Langenbrunner 23:47
YOU HAVE GOT TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME!!!!! Sutter needs to lose his job just for this bullshit on the rookies ALONE
— WEEKES!!!!!
— Oh Patrik… can you miss any better a chance like you did… what.. three times?? *argh* COME OUT OF IT!!!
— I can’t get on Zubrus, Gionta or Parise… they did their jobs… Zajac was ok until that stick broke (but rant #16 tonight… WHY DO PLAYERS WHO HAVE A PEANUT BUTTER SLOW SLAPSHOT USE THE I BREAK IF YOU FART ON THEM COMPOSITE STICKS… it’s like a .220 hitter taking steroids… you still suck if you hit .245!!!!)
— Oh I can’t forget my asshole fan line of the night:
The painful cringes I got from the Buffalo fans was only matched by my follow-up Kurt Cobain references!!
— Sorry no Beer Plinko tonight kids…. the family wasn’t there… maybe his wife saw the facebook pics… oi vey!!
— At least if we have this effort on Wednesday… by golly we’ll make it to a SHOOTOUT and that will be SWELL folks!!!! 🙂

(hope this was worth you’re time! Then again… no one else is left here to write eh??)


  1. Well, that game was crap. Having sat in a Buffalo infested 101 wasn’t much fun either. I cheered my ass off all night long, but there’s only so much one can do. Though after all the pathetic chances we missed tonight, I don’t even think I should have bothered. I sure hope we don’t embarrass ourselves in front of Barry “Smellrose” and Tampon Bay.
    It was nice meeting you Scott! Great job on the rant. 🙂

  2. You shoulda come over to the light side of 209… last you’d have been entertained

    I had the bar set REALLY LOW tonight (I think I mentioned that) with the players out

    Always good to meet someone who spends the time reading this crap… this year feels like some of the better years in many odd ways I gotta admit!

  3. Great post Scott… entertaining, straight forward, and dead on. I wanted to rant as well after tonight. All i can say is that Weekes played a hell of a game and I’m not worried if he has to play for a stretch of time.

    I also agree that Zubrus, Parise and Gionta were the only ones who seemed to give a damn, save Weekes.

  4. theking72 says:

    From my section in the balcony I could see into the NY Giants suite. They did not watch the game for more than 30 seconds – they have Monday Night Football on the plasma and that had thier full attention.

    Can’t really blame them can you?

  5. Zubbie Counter Fan says:

    Weeksie was Devils MVP tonight. He even made efforts to play the puck (nice long pass to Elias on a third period power play). Both Parise and Vanek hold off their hot scoring streak, except the difference is that one of their teams decide to follow suit. Shame.

  6. Couldn’t agree more about the young guys. They produced a couple nice chances in the 20 seconds they had out their. I can’t imagine we could be worse off giving more time to faster players who have shown they bust their asses getting to the corners.

    Ryan Miller is a good goalie and they have a solid D, but we did a great job pumping up his GAA by peppering that weird slug thing on his chest.

  7. Marty’s out 3-4 MONTHS. Well crap…there goes the season…and the records…

  8. You know what… this is not the worst thing to happen to this team…

    1. the East SUCKS now… look at them.. you have Montreal, Phily, NYR, Pit and whoever wins the South East… Atlanta, NYI, Tampa are HORRIBLE… Ottawa is not any good.. neither is Boston… Carolina is spotty… and Jose Theodore alone will cost the Caps 15 points… a playoff spot is CERTAINLY obtainable… if we can get the REST of the team back around Weekes and maybe find a spot backup goalie to play 5-9 games now….
    2. Maybe now FINALLY… PLAY THE GOD DAMN KIDS MORE…youth, energy… guys not used to Marty bailing them out… this could be an exciting time!

    So hold the fort… keep in the middle of the pack and you get a massive boost in goaltending come the trade deadline..ARE YOU WITH ME????

  9. I’ll try to stop by next time. Nice meeting you, and I love this “crap” too 🙂

    From section 101, I got a good view of the Giants and even got their attention after screaming “GIANTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” for a while. The people in 101 liked that.