Devils/Bolts (11/5)… Thoughts from Section 209

Before I start… for everyone I keep bumping into telling me stuff about this here… please keep it up… I am a complete whore and will totally pander to my audience… even if they sit in the wrong corner of the building 🙂

Anyway… just a reminder to those who don’t remember my CRASHER line days….I don’t do shootouts… I don’t acknowledge them… I am only grateful that they get me to my car faster… so I saw and left a bit annoyed at 3-3 tie, and I usually get to my car in enough time to hear the winner of the skills competition… so keep that in mind here (and yes I know he scored in the shootout.. I’m still blasting him tonight :p)

— Was a strange night for me… since I’ve been a fan of this team since 1993… I’ve really only, truly known ONE top goalie on this team and it’s #30 (on his back and please NO MORE on the mask)… and it’s going to be BIZARRE for a while to accept the AGE OF WEEKES… I don’t know how anyone else feels about this
— My pre-game laps are taking a life of their own now.. a dead arena got me 14 laps (yes that’s 3 1/2 miles folks)… and now people are getting into it… least the staff is… hey there was more staff then fans there… a few of them almost joined me… and the highlight (well besides the new cigar girl who replaces… well my favorite… who 14 times asked me if I wanted a cigar, not seeing how counter-productive that is to 14 laps around the concourse!)…. was also the City Girll people seeing me at about lap 12 and yelling YOU NEED THIS and throwing me a soda like a marathon runner… that’s just awesome stuff!

now.. on to the game stuffs…

— Pandolfo-Madden-Elias… oddly enough I tried this combo in NHL 09 this morning not knowing… and hell it worked there too…Elias has taken a step back yes… but he can hang with these guys and adds enough offense to make these guys dangerous again (hence the Pando goal.. more on that to come)
— Tampa is a BAD team folks… with all the offense.. LAST on the pp?? Wow the coaching of Melrose… cmon he took the job so he can pat young boys in the fanny (I even heard he’s so scared of Newark he moved the team outside the city… man up you greasy-goat-lover…. I annoyed two old people dropping Farooq-Bombs about Melrose… ah well!!)… and not to mention it would have been NICE to see the Devils D get more invovled since Tampa’s idea of defense is THROW ALL FIVE GUYS AROUND THE GOALIE AND HOPE ONE OF THEM GETS IT…Melrose may not make it till new year.. so we need to play them soon and often!! (I feel bad for Mike Smith… he deserves better then this group of stiffs in front of him!)
— God Jamie Langnebrunner was BAD tonight (yes he scored in the non-hockey part of the hockey game…. that’s as effective being a rookie and scoring a goal in Sutter’s eyes)… I think I even began calling his shot the LOGO-BUSTER… but it never actually got over the pads…
— Vrana: 7:31, Bergfors: 4:20… Langenbrunner: 21:10.. Least Elias, Madden, Salvador, Mottau and Oduya earned their obsence ice times tonight, Oduy in particular… he was the only D with some drive tonight (Salvador was good… the ppg by St Louis was being Langenbrunner was the Rated R-Tard who couldn’t cover EITHER point or get back to help in front)
— David Clarkson’s goal very well could be THE most important goal scored by a Devil this year… you can see it on the bench… you could feel it in the crowd… it kinda gave you the feeling.. YES WEEKES WE CAN!!!!
— Elias with a BEAUTY on the power play too… that was old school 2000 looking Elias there… we need more please Patrik!!!
— Pandolfo’s goal while HUGE was a comedy of defensive errors we are so used to seeing out of Brookbank (can we get Mark Fraser the hell up here please??)
— Colin White is our top offensive defenseman… like REALLY…oy!
— Gionta and Zubrus… were the awesome again tonight…TRADE THEM RIGHT NOW 1111!!!1111!!!! (yes that IS sarcasm :p)
— Kevin Weekes was again a hundred stars tonight the one thing we need not worry about on this team is goaltending (well until Clemmensen plays a game… but knowing this team Weekes will play every second till number 30 takes his cast off and leaves 209!)
— Crowd was kinda sterile tonight… but I guess we are getting used to #1 being #1
— all in all a gutty gritty effort to get to the skills competition… but here comes Detroit now… oy vey!!!

(and on a programming note… I do not go to home games on Football Sundays, my bartenders would find and hunt me down… so my next lovely thoughts will be for the Ranger game next week… and since I am whoring away again… anyone need a ticket for Nov 20 vs Florida?? I gots ones for sale!!!)


  1. i stopped reading at the “elias has taken a step backwards” line.

    he’s looking real confident this season, skating well, and actually making some creative/outside the box plays.

  2. So you missed the praise of his new line and my calling his goal 2000-esque too???

    Sometimes you have to set the good up with the bad, and then come back and praise it…

    right now the only guy in my total doghouse is Jamie Langen-RUPP-er (he’s playing mike rupp-kinda bad now)

  3. Rolstoned says:

    of course ill be back to read the rest. dont ruin it for me.

    i guess im sensitive about patty.


  4. rico suave says:

    for the love of god, post the picture from my link in the previous thread “in weekes we trust”

    i have never seen a goalie so happy to win. weekes might end up as one of my favorite players by the end of this season. IN WEEKES WE TRUST!!

  5. Rolstoned says:
  6. Scott-

    I’ve been calling that the Langenbrunner move (and any move that involves sliding the puck along the ice at an open net) “Pulling a Rolly”. Seeing as how the namesake just became a Devil again, I think there’s a much better reason to spread the name around.

    As a goalie, I know the easiest save is one that’s less than a foot high – especially for a butterfly goalie – and always cringe when Devil players shoot low (unless they’re looking for a rebound or have the goalie moving) or into the goalies’ chests. Sutter should get a shooter tutor on the goal that only has space a foot off the posts and at least a foot off the ice.

  7. I still have trouble getting past the “Rip Em Wide Rolston” days from Version 1

    and it depends on the goalie… Smith did spit out some chunky-soup sized rebounds last night… though as a goalie too…. I kinda feel bad for Smith… Tampa is clueless on playing in front of him… least for once we pounded a defense and a goalie enough that it WORKED… hooray!!!! 🙂

    Anyone else thinking Saturday’s Detroit game is gonna be ugly???

  8. Zubbie Counter Fan says:

    If Weekes manages to shut down Detroit’s offense, I will sell my left kidney to purchase his jersey within 24 hours.

    Personally, I want to see Kevin end up with a positive record by the time he decides to leave his pads behind. Seeing him win was the highlight of that game.

  9. NEWARK SMELLS says:


  10. Scott-

    Yes it depends on the goalie, but if he’s a butterfly goalie, his pad’s always rested against the ice, flashed up (11′ high wall). Get that shot a foot off the ice and either he’ll have to magically lift his leg up in response, get a great jump on the shot and slide in its direction (in essence, cutting it off with the rest of his body), or get it with his glove, blocker, or stick (which means he’ll likely have to split if the shot’s gunning for the post).

    Looking at a goalie in his ready stance, you’re looking at what’s open, but once you shoot, all of that changes. We all know the goalie will play the odds and go into the butterfly. Just shoot it to where he won’t end up. For example, one of my hardest places to cover is just between my glove and pad and 6 inches away from my shoulder even though my stance has that covered clearly.

  11. You don’t *do* shootouts, Scott? It only features the two most important skills that ultimately decide things on the scoreboard during the game. You know, scoring goals and stopping them. But at least you’re at your car faster! Me, I don’t miss ties.

    Anyway: I’ve noticed that Weekes tends to go into the butterfly quite a bit. The Devils defenders are likely already aware of this, but it further emphasizes the point that they just cannot allow opposing players to get enough time and space to lift that puck or pot home that rebound. It burned the Devils thrice against Tampa. I fear that Detroit has scouted out Weekes’ tendencies and will, well, light him up.

  12. John – where’d yer blog go? I’ve been getting a network solutions holding page deal for a few days now.

  13. John I watch 65 minutes of a TEAM SPORT played by men and I refuse to sit an acknowledge a LAME individual SKILLS COMPETITION that has much to do with the game of hockey as SCORE-O as my “tiebreaker”, it’s lame, it’s weak and it’s bullshit, and instead of sitting there with my phony face and wave my finger in the air, I like a man, turn my back to it and WALK AWAY

    you want to make it more legit… PUT A DEFENSEMAN OUT THERE, then I might think about it! There was no shame in walking away shaking hands and saying good game sir, we’ll get you next time!

    But hey want my real opinion? 😛

  14. Josh: It’s moving to SBNation

    Scott: You know what’s lame and weak bullshit? Your comparison of the shootout to Score-O and your whining that it’s a skills competition. Something tells me you absolutely despite penalty shots.

    But seriously, you’d rather have teams turtle for 65 minutes to have games end in ties? The whole point of competition between two teams is that there is a winner and there is a loser. In a perfect world, all games would play regulation hockey until there’s a winner. But that’s not feasible in an 82-game season. If you have any better suggestions other than a shootout, I’d love to hear it. Until then, I’ll be in my seat supporting the Devils throughout to the end.

    P.S. Putting a defenseman out there to challenge the shooter as well? So the forward has to beat TWO people? That doesn’t make it legit, that makes it absolutely unfair.