Bear with us…

I’d love to talk about consecutive overtime wins and the first game at The Rock in nearly three weeks, but I got nothin’. For it’s December, and December means too much work for too little pay, and finals, and final projects, and things of this nature.

I don’t want to speak for Joe or Steve, as I don’t know their situations, but I expect to be back to posting on a semi-regular basis sometime next week. Sadly, this means no LiveCaps for the up-coming three game homestand, at least on my end.

I DO know that you can expect a three-weeks-in-the-making Scott Mackie post-game rant tomorrow evening, hopefully after a fun-filled night of the Devils having their way with Sidney and Evgeni.

I can dream, can’t I?

And now, it’s back to work for me – anyone wanna write a paper about famed 50s journalist Edward R. Murrow? Anyone…? Bueller…?



  1. Steve Stirling says:

    I hear ya Josh. I’m going to try and sneak in a live-cap or a post-game commentary, but I’m in the midst of applying for a new job, which means writing more stories for someone else while writing the same amount for my current gig. Ain’t life grand?

    As for the paper Josh, goodnight and good luck.

  2. I’ll write your Edward R. Murrow paper if you wrire my George C. Wallace one for me

  3. Well played, Steve, well played.

    Kev – You don’t want me doing your George Wallace paper, haha. I’ll stick with Murrow, thanks 🙂