Impromtu Zubbie Counter update!

I just had to post this, which comes courtesy of Josh at the game tonight.  Please enjoy. Zubbiecounter!


  1. Need to add another!!!!! Wow !

  2. Wow. What the hell was that? I think I’m too mystified by that sequence of events to even be mad. Enjoy this one, Devil fans, a regular season win was bound to come along at some point. 😉

    This was a total loss for me fantasy-wise too. Can anyone of you explain to me how, in a game where his team scored 8 times, Brian Rolston didn’t get a single point, and was a -2?

  3. Brian Rolston is the only player on the ice (in red, of course) that I can honestly say was brutal. I can only hope that it’s because he’s only been back for three or four games.

  4. Rolston almost scored. I mean, if Jay Pandolfo can put home a breakaway…

    Anyway, the Devils smacked the Rangers in the mouth. Lovin’ it in spite of the 4 goal lost lead. Elias-Zubrus-Gionta RULES the Metropolitian Area.

  5. Really? Clemmensen wasn’t brutal…he was awful. Got abused by Zherdev, the fourth goal went right through him and even the fifth goal was soft. It should have been 8-3 or 8-2.

  6. Zubbie Counter Fan says:

    Rolly can’t miss those passes if he’s on point. Breaks my heart to see that. Didn’t even rip one when he got posession.

    I hope that by the end of his career, Zubbie gets awarded by the mayor of hockey for every time he moved his counter. Gift basket per goal at least.

  7. Clemmensen’s fourth goal was indeed brutal, I agree. I didn’t get a good look at the fifth – I’m watching the replay as we speak though, I’ll see it soon enough…

    As I’m replying now, I’m seeing the replay of the Naslund goal for the first time, and I can’t believe they actually called that a goal. And that not only they counted it, but that they overturned the ruling on the ice to do so. Ugh.