Devils/Habs: 1/21/2009….Thoughts from Section 209

Yes folks I’m still alive….we’ve had 4 home games all month, one I was at the bar watching football, the other one was in the middle of a massive work marathon for me… but now we get ready for the fun part of the season, and I gotta admit this has been the most fun and amazing regular season I’ve ever lived through! And tonight’s game was no exception!

the Good:
— Paul Martin’s goal post-penalty box on that AMAZING pass from Elias… that was pure karma… bullshit penalty called… Patrik (but CMON Patrik… assists aren’t what the “real fans want”) feeds him a layup pass, deke SCORE (and love the fist pump after!)
— David Clarkson… I’ve been tough on him because I see so much potential in him being my next favorite player… I saw a lot of that tonight, most of it was away from the puck (a classic one is he’s battling whoever number 8 is on Montreal, I don’t care to look him up, and being French AND Canadian, he decides to surrender to throw his hands up… so Clarkson sees no ref around and just DRILLS said Frenchie with a shoulder check!!! He was doing that all night!)
— Travis Zajac just gets better and uglier goals each game… but this is VERY good… means he’s got his nose in front of the net and just the right times!
— Zach Parise is starting to get the wacky goals too like the bounce off a defenseman…. his march into uncharted waters of scoring for the Devils is on, and it’s amazing to see a… no… TWO…legit elite NHL forwards tote their shit on this team!
— with this offensive outburst, we’re still a “boring trap team”..but yet the same team with more goals then said “exciting” Penguin and Ranger (talk about a team that traps on a Lemaire like level!) teams do on the season! And the “no name defense” was pretty damn good again tonight
— Scott Clemmensen only gave up one bad goal… that’s a start!!
— and oh yeah… that Brodeur guy is starting to skate again… but my first thought is… ok… great… but he had an ARM injury.. I know you don’t use your arms a lot when you skate so it’s not THAT big of a deal I would think, still it IS a step

the Bad:
— the officating again… seemed… lopsided… no shock, but hey it’s made our pk better so I can almost accept that!
— Brent Russo should not be allowed to sing ONE national anthem before an NHL game… forget TWO… her American Idol level of butchering the Canadian National Anthem forced me to stuff napkins in my ears to ease the AWFUL pain of her trying to hit Canadian hiigh notes (and other people were wincing too… that poor 8 year old next to us so badly wanted to stuff her ears too!)
— and on that note… whoever the PA announcer was tonight needs to be exterminated (unless it’s a re-assignment for Cameron the shirt retard, then I can deal with it)… boring … monotone (can’t hit the emphasis on players names during goal calls and he had FIVE CHANCES)… and one more hint, you can’t goad fans to be loud by mumbling in monotone and this fan base in this building knows when and how to be loud on it’s own (lacking 5,000 Frenchies in the arena to motivate us sometimes hampers it a little)
— it was still weird seeing Shanny in #18 (he was kinda eh tonight, but I expect that as no way does he have NHL legs at this point), I’m glad we don’t need to rely on him game in and game out… and it’s kinda sad that Pando’s on his way to “best of luck in future endeavors”, but after seeing guys like McKay and Brylin decline over the years you start to learn and accept the fact that time is indeed a bitch and you can not defeat her…..
— but also on that note, when you back up Holik, Rupp and Shanny in their own end and make them run around after you… it gets kinda UGLY
— (and I had to put this somewhere)… Mindy+Rum+the restaurant=amusing night in the section, quite loaded she was :p
— they need to do SOMETHING to piss me off… I write better angry!! Though like I said, it’s been a fun ride and I can’t wait to see where and when it ends!


  1. What, no comment about the drunken louts in 208 getting into it with Tony Goomba? One of them practically fell into my lap lol (and on the floor in my row), they were right behind me.

    It might have been the only time I’ve ever seen an entire section – or two – turn on a group of Devils fans.

  2. anyone catch that funny zippo lighter comment from doc last night? made me laugh…

  3. Has I was actually kinda annoyed about it
    1. it’s NOT “his section” it’s that arrogant elitst I have season tickets and you don’t bullshit that keeps me from other parts of the arena :p
    2. as much as what he did was okay at first… HE KEPT AT IT and to be honest was being AS BAD if not WORSE then the drunk idiot and his two butt-buddies and I was not cool with it
    3. he doesn’t like me anyway so I tend to tune him out :p

    I was mad at myself for leaving out

    that was hilarity!

  4. Hey just some food for thought….
    the one and only zach parise leads the league in even strength goals with 21, one goal ahead of ovechkin. Also he is number two in goals on the road with 17, only one behind thomas vanek. After zach the best road goal scorer has only 13. He has exploded in this system with his hard work. This kid has will and it shows with those stats. He scores with a packed ice. By the way ovechkin has 112 more shots than the zach attack and only 3 more goals to show for it.