It’s quiet…too quiet…

A thousand apologies.  Life aparently never becomes less hectic for any of us, and as such, there’s been little attention paid here.  I owe ya, though.  Look for a LiveCap at least once next week, either Tuesday or Friday (or, if I’m feeling particularly randy, maybe even both).

I wish I could give you some nice analysis of last night’s 4-3 overtime victory over the Bruins, but alas – I didn’t see a damn bit of it.  I was actually in enemy territory, seeing Kings Of Leon at Madison Square Garden (interestingly enough, Joe was also in enemy territory for a concert as well – Metallica at the Nassau Mausoleum).  I can only assume that last night’s game went something along the lines of “cool, 1-0…nice, 2-0!…crap, 2-1…(explitive deleted), 2-2…(MANY EXPLITIVES DELETED), we’re losing!…HOLY (EXPLITIVE DELETED) WE TIED IT!  WHOOOOOO! VICTORY!!” at least that’s how it went for me, keeping an eye on the score on my phone.

So fresh off the win in Boston, we’re back to The Rock to take on the not-in-the-top-eight-despite-having-two-of-the-best-young-talents-in-the-league Penguins.  Also, it’s Doc Emrick night.  I’d see the Devils play a middle school JV squad if we were honoring Doc before the game.  I highly advise making your way to Newark tonight if you have the means; if you don’t, at least enjoy a cold one and what should be a good game.  Look for Mackie’s subdued rantings post-game (and I’ll take subdued Mackie rants in exchange for wins, thankyaverymuch).


  1. Zubbie Counter Fan says:

    In just a few bolded sentence fragments, you’ve described 3 hours of my night, sir. I basically had the same reaction, assuming the expletives you omitted were “WTF” because most of the goals scored were just plain awkward. Also, the Captain’s been playing well lately.

  2. My thoughts, starting at 2-2 “we’re gonna see who the toughest team in the east is mentally, sh!t, it’s boston, OH MY GOD, WHOS MENTALLY TOUGH NOW!? Sweet.

  3. Does anyone hate Stan Fischler as much as I do? Can we talk about that?