Thoughts from Section 209…. Devils/Rangers 2/9/2009

Damn kids, that was almost TOO easy wasn’t it??? Don’t get me wrong it was fun, it was great, it was badly needed after the 24 hours leading up to it (you get a 1am call that your pregnant sister is in the hospital… she turned out to be ok at least, was just scary, and then have to cover for a co-worker who’s father died, and you’re already worn out… least that game was wonderful therapy!)…. but it kinda felt a bit …. one-sided didn’t it?

the Good:
— if you had told me at my first pre-season game that Scott Clemmensen would be shutting out the Rangers in February, and done it in this way, I’d have slapped you and told you to put the PS-3 down :p… guess this kinda kills my “well his play dropped when they announced Marty’s return” theory… unless he was reading this… it HAS happened before to my writings… hrrmm… (not that he was really truly tested past the 1st period)
— Bobby Holik (no penalties tonight!!!) a game-winning goal against the team paying most of his salary still… and assisted by the guy they didn’t want and the one they wish they had… I call that… fitting 🙂
— not to mention watching Zajac and the Shanny hold off the Rangers behind sir puffy-pads one on FOUR all by themself… and then Shanny drawing the penalty… oh that was the awesome
— seeing the real Scott Gomez (and his only scoresheet entry being on the penalty box) in Ranger blue has been DELIGHTFUL… 5 more years to go right?? (not to mention Gomez’s pissy fits all night on Zubrus, who must have kept saying… hey I’m more productive at a third the price… can I borrow some money??
— no knock on Jay Leach, but each and every time Colin White comes back into the lineup this team gets better… and another night… another 2 goal effort out of Zach Parise (back up to top 5 scoring in the NHL) and playing as good hockey as ANYONE in the league….still feels weird to say that about a DEVIL

the Bad:
— Mike Rupp… GLASS JAW FATALITY…. you did get knocked da fuccckkkkk ouutttttt!!! Guess even the most desperate in Ranger-land can cling on to that one
— This may come off as wrong… but damn were the Rangers dead in the water or what?? You kinda saw it… they GAVE UP mid-second period (basically after the first goal)… and it kinda took out a lot of the fun….I mean it’s always nice to pound them like cheap veal (I do remember the great 19!!! 19!! Chant after 19 games unbeaten in a row on them)… but holy shit you kinda want the team you want to beat to put an EFFORT in and play back some don’t ya?? They remind me of how emotionless and dead in the water the NY Jets were with Brett Favre mailing it in last December.. case in point I was texting my Ranger fan buddy in the expensive seats about this:
“Dude where’s the effort”
“This has been this team all year.. no scoring… no effort they don’t care”
“Hey at least it’s not 10-2”
“It’s still the second period… just watch”
“Damn, well at least Parise can pad his stats then!”
It kinda wasn’t even fun at this point!
— So Dallas puts a 10-spot on them… and all we can do is 3?? CMON OFFENSE!!! (seriously I think the Devils fed off the dead-effort from the boring-trapping Rangers and seriously took the foot off the gas content to embarrass them via Clemmensen-shutout and no other way)

the Funny:
(and oh was there funny tonight!)
— Maybe one of the best moments was during the 3rd period…. standard yelling from behind us….
… then out of the blue… the 4 year old to my left jumps up…..
AND I HOPE YOU GET THE FLLLUUUUUU!!!!! (them 209ers, we raise good eggs!!!)
— Also sidenote to Bill (he who bought one of the 2 tickets I had up for grabs last night)… I know you wanted to sit on the steps because we scored twice in the 2nd period… but when two attractive beer chugging girls want to thank you for letting them sit in the seats…. GO WITH IT, thank them… and TALK TO THEM… geesh (dude was lucky I was there to save the moment and keep them entertained…. they told me so… hell by game’s end they asked me to spot them some lovely RANGERS SUCK confetti to throw back on me!!! Speaking of…pics of the confetti mess soon to be put on facebook!)… though… it was kinda WRONG of me to let those girls sit in his seat… while he was buying me a thank you for the seat beer… but asshole is something I do well ain’t it??
— the only thing missing last night was a THANK YOU RENNEY chant (which would have been amazing!)
— Devils Power Play goal!!! And I’m getting texts… IT’S A POWER PLAY GOAL… FUCK YOU SAM ROSEN… ahh goodness!!!
— hey I’m SURE others in attendance have their stories…. share them dammit!!!!


  1. During the game my Ranger fan friend kept texting me asking when the Rangers were going to fire Renney… I thought it was great

  2. what a game.. it was funny speaking with my ranger co-workers this morning at work. I still think the devs should have capitalized on that 5-on-3.

  3. Trade Pandawful says:

    i do not befriend raggot fans, cuz they smell

  4. Ranger fans pay well as customers 🙂

  5. Ranger fan a row in front of me was screaming stuff like “put Bobby on the ice!” and “cmon Holik!” the entire first pd and the first part of the second…then Holik scored.

  6. find this a few minutes ago:
    “…Rumors have the Ducks linked to the New Jersey Devils in trade talks involving Scott Niedermayer, the former Devil who is widely believed to be retiring after this season. Niedermayer has a no-trade clause in his contract, but it is quite possible he would waive it for an opportunity to win a fourth Stanley Cup with the team he spent the first 14 years of his NHL career with. Suspected of coveting the number one defenseman they lack, the Devils may not want to cough up the huge bounty of prospects and draft picks it would take to attain a Chris Pronger or Jay Bouwmeester. With Niedermayer in his final season and certainly unwilling to be dealt to most NHL teams, his price is less steep. Anaheim would likely consider trading him for one of the Devils more offensive-minded defensemen, perhaps Paul Martin or Johnny Oduya, along with a second-line forward prospect such as Nicklas Bergfors or Petr Vrána.”

    I’m not really sure how i feel about that, and it is just a rumor…but my gut tells me: Sorry Scotty, No Deal.

  7. IF Niedermommy comes back they can NOT NOT NOT give up any day in and day out players

    wonder if we can get them to take Pando, Bergfors and a #1…. still a bit high but worth the final piece of the reunion puzzle

    (well and Claude missing the plane back to San Jose of COURSE!)

  8. We can’t ditch Martin, not no way, not no how. I wouldn’t be adverse to Oduya/Bergfors for Neidermeyer. The Ducks might be, but I wouldn’t be.

    Lou’s good at getting great value for trades through, I highly doubt Neidermeyer comes back here for a ridiculous price. Could you imagine, we ship away Oduya/Bergfors/Draft pick, play out the season, then re-sign Oduya when he hits free agency (assuming he’d want to come back, of course). It’d be the ultimate Lou bargain deal.

    Of course, the Ducks are in the middle of the wide-open West playoff hunt, I don’t see why they’d be shopping Neidermeyer and Pronger, as has been rumored as well.

    Oh boy, less than a month to the trade deadline!!

  9. The aforementioned player who wore # 27 with the Devils would not be welcomed back by this poster.

    And the along the same lines, I am tickled pink that the little Alaskan “I can skate around anyone rushing from my own zone, only to give up the puck as i cross the blue line when i could have passed to any of my linemates, every play” punk is tanking in the Big Apple.

  10. Hey Scott, can you gimme a link to your (or 2MA’s) Facebook page?

  11. 2MA Facebook page…why didn’t I think of that?

    Methinks I’ll get one started later this evening…

  12. Barry:

    (or just look up Scott Mackie and look for the goalie swatting the guy in the leg pic!)

  13. For the record, I heard one of the blondes talking trash on beards during the game. I don’t flirt with those who hate my people, no matter how cute, beer-chugging and blonde they may be.

    Jesus, did I fvck up or what? hahaha

  14. Bill my man you dropped the ball like Leon Lett running for the end zone in a Super Bowl!!! I tried to help ya dude I really did :p