Real life sucks.

So I missed Tuesday’s game.  Probably a good thing.  I’m also going to miss tonight’s game.  Not a good thing.  Especially for, y’know, updating our much-loved blog.  Sorry gang.

I will, however, at very least be WATCHING Saturday’s game against the Islanders.  I may or may not LiveCap it, depending on where I’m watching from.  Regardless, it’s probably going to be slow going around here for the next handful of days or so, so please accept my apologies ahead of time.  Next week is a rough one between school and work, but immediately afterward it should be smooth sailing into Mr. Martin Brodeur’s glorious return to the pipes and the rapidly-approaching trade deadline.

Thanks as always for sticking with us!


  1. Dick Dastardly says:

    1st period was a continuation of the Panthers debacle with missed assignments, lathargic offensive play and some shaky netminding.

    Somewhere in the second period, with about 8 minutes left, the Ritalin Lou snuck into the Gatorade seemed to kick in. That or Sutter’s paint peeling intermission ‘discussion’ with the team. Whatever. The D started paying attention to their assignments and the offense picked up some jump. There were still some lapses throughout the game, but the Devs were definitely more interested in the task at hand than they were.

    Parise came back in the third after missing the second with what Doc presumed was a hydrating session to combat the flu he has. He quickly scored the equalizer, but his play made it obvious that he wasn’t himself. Too easy to knock him off the puck tonight.

    On the play in which Parise scored, Travis took a puck to the kisser and missed the next several shifts getting stitched up. But he’s a hockey player, and came out again with a face made for radio. In fact, the puck hit ol’ Trav in the face and landed at Zach’s feet, giving Travis the primary assist. Heh.

    The game finished tied. Zach and Patty made the Bolts’ goalie look like a chump. Game over.

    Going to a shootout against a bad team like the Bolts isn’t a good game, but 2 points is 2 points.

    Next Stop – Long Island. Man, that arena is a hole. Let’s get some stimulus money to build the Isle’s a new home.