I kind of had a feeling something might happen today, rather than Trade Deadline Wednesday.  And it has.

The Devils have picked up Niclas Havelid from the Thrashers.  On the way to Hotlanta, Mr. Anssi Salmela.  We hardly knew ya’, Salmela.

So, who is Niclas Havelid?  Well, he’s Swedish, 35 years of age, with two goals and thirteen assists for the Thrashers so far this year.  He’s an unrestricted free agent at the end of this season.  He’s also a  +4 on a team like Atlanta, so I guess that’s gotta say something.

I dunno, seems kind of…well…old.  And we’re already an old team.  Niclas has gotta feel like he’s hit the lottery this evening, though, going from dead last in the Southeast to first in the Atlantic with the swift move of a pen stroke.  Lucky bastard.

I can’t help but wonder if this is the beginning of something else to come.  But on the other hand, I think I know better.  Picking up Shanahan halfway through the year and getting Marty back last week may have been the Devils “big moves” for the trade deadline.  Niclas Havelid may be it this week. 

Also, Andy Greene’s gotta be looking over his shoulder now.  Which is a shame, because, as Scott pointed out, he’s actually been pretty good lately.  And dammit, I like Andy.  But I get the feeling Mr. Greene is headed for the press box, and Jay Leach is headed for Lowell.  Or vice-versa.  Sucks to be both of them right now, though.


  1. VCDevs09 says:

    A typical/smart move. We needed another D-man for the playoffs. I would like see one of the big names, but thats just not the way we roll. And who knows, u really never know what Lou has planned. We still have till Wed. I’m sure we pursued the Prongers and Bouwmeesters but why mess with a chemistry that is working so well. If this IS it, I am satisfied. If there is one thing we learned this year… one player, no matter who it is, does not make or break a season… we have something special this year and everybody knows it… look out.

  2. You beat me to the update, Josh.

    Lou absolutely raped Atlanta with this deal!

  3. we were NEVER going to get bouwmeester…people need to get that through their heads…florida is having their best season since 2000….just like us (to a certain extent) florida has something special this year…theyd be dumb to trade him ANYWHERE… for Havelid, ehh, still better then the Ken Klee trade…woulda perfered Pronger but whatever…a plus 4 on Atlanta might be a good sign

  4. Joe – it’s weird, I STILL don’t have internet in my home, this trade just happened to come off while I was still commandeering a friend’s computer.

    If you can stick a picture in, it’d be much appreciated. My friend don’t have photoshop.

  5. So I guess I’m bringing my laptop to Sun Tavern tomorrow eh?? :p

  6. Typical Lou move…Havelid will help in the short term. He’s a little older but that doesn’t matter too much. I like the pick up and have to laugh at Mike.. Pronger doesn’t fit this team and thats not a move that Lou typically makes..

  7. Zubbie Counter Fan says:

    I’ll miss Clemmy… I think I’ll follow up on wherever he goes. TG reported that Lou was looking to trade him (and looking to rape whoever was buying). Thanks for keeping the seat (crease?) warm for Marty, dude.