PRE-GAME Thoughts from Section 209… Devils/Canes… 7th and FINAL Round!!!

I’m kinda fired up today, as you should be… as I eat my dinner and post my facebook pics of my brand-new niece Sienna… I got EXTRA pumped for this game and wanted to put this out there to any and ALL watching this tonight and watching us SMOTHER AND DESTROY RED-NECK INBRED HOCKEY ONCE AND FOR ALL THIS SEASON!!!

If you are going to this game tonight… BE FUCKING LOUD!!! You demand 110% from this team YOU GIVE 110% TONIGHT… NO EXCUSES… no letdowns… BRING THE FUCKING NOISE AND LET IT BE HEARD IN RALEIGH WITHOUT THE TV’S PLAYING FOR THEM!!!! This is THE series that makes this place home an if you are there YOU ARE A GODAMMNED PART OF IT!! NO BOOING… NO YELLING SHOOT ON THE POWER PLAY… you are the to be loud and in-fucking-tense to the point of VIOLENT… if the person next to you doesn’t like it. GET IN THEIR FACE AND TELL THEM TO BE FUCKING LOUDER!!!

There is NO tomorrow… there is no going back… you want them to leave it all on the ice LEAVE YOUR VOICE BOX IN THE ARENA!!!

See you in the second fucking round bitches!!!

I’m done here… until I talk about VICTORY tonight!!!!


  1. Lets do it tonight boys! Devilssss!!!!!

  2. RICO SUAVE says:

    can’t make it to the game…have the 95 banner hanging in the front window. my neighbor, who is also a devs fan, will be coming over…we have the goal horn (car alarm) ready and the pots and pans all set…also ems will be on stand by

  3. LET’S GO DEVILS !!!


    Shits about to get reallll….

    We shall win ladies and gentlemen

  5. Dago Red says:

    As nervous as I am, I keep telling myself that this Devs’ team is head and shoulders above any team they’ve put on the ice since their last Cup. I believe it.

  6. You’re right Scott … there is no tomorrow 🙁

    “HEY CLUTCH …” – out