Lou Lamoriello is awesome.

Brent Sutter is not.


  1. It just smells so fishy.. the timeline of Keenan leaving and Sutter getting hired makes me think something between the Sutter brothers went on. I mean brent says hes home sick yet 10 days later hes coaching again. Last I looked, Calgary and NJ both played the same amount of home and away games and while Calgary is closer to Red Deer, its still at least a good 90 minutes away. I don’t want a coach who doesn’t want to be here but Calgary stole our coach…

  2. Wow, you summed up all of yesterday in just two sentences! 50 points for you.

  3. Depending on who is our next head coach, I’ll refrain from calling him awesome … throw more on it – who he signs during FA come July …

  4. I liked Sutter, I really did….but I wish him an EPIC FAIL on his new job.

  5. Dago Red says:

    From what I’m reading, Lemaire would love to come back to NJ. I know he had some issues during his first go-round w/some of the Devs players and most were happy to see him go. After the first Cup win, I always wanted to have t-shirts printed up w/a Devs logo along w/ some text that said:


    Sums up Lemaire’s philosophy, I think.

    I’m sure Lou is wise enough to know that going back to that “defense first, offense… whenever” strategy would be a huge mistake, but Lemaire’s track record of success is based on his system.

  6. I think hiring back Lemaire would be the death of this team. Its already been proving that the old “defense first” style of hockey doesn’t work anymore for this team!
    Even though we haven’t made it past the first round in the past two years, I think the Devils have now entered the “new” NHL and have become a more offensive team. They have the possibility of gaining even more offense this summer with free agent signings, and letting guys like Madden go.
    But if Lemaire comes back, he’s probably bringing his trap with him.