Better Late Than Never.’s Tip of the Day #412: Don’t kick your cab driver’s ass over $0.27 cents when your annual salary is $875,000.

I’m sure this priceless piece of information was buried somewhere within the paperwork of Kane’s contract, he just hasn’t learned to read the fine print so early in his NHL career.

Not a gallant way to make a name for yourself in your sport. Unless of course you were going for the whole Carl Everett thing.

Grow up, Mr. Kane.


AUTHOR’S NOTE: Thank you, Kristyn, for the inspiration.


  1. I’m still waiting to hear the full story. Maybe the cab driver recognized Kane, realized how drunk he was, and tried to take advantage of the situation. I mean, not even two days later, the cab driver’s attorney was saying how they would likely reach a settlement out of court.

    Then again, the full story could make Kane look even worse. I mean, we already found out the cab driver is 62, so… yeah…

  2. i have always been against the shady industry known as taxi cab services…unless im totally drunk beyond soberness…..i feel cab companies jack up their prices to unnesscary amounts of money… u know whut..i dont care if it makes me sound like a bad person…..GOOD FOR YOU MR. KANE…YOU ARE A HERO TO ME!!!

  3. éStatiko says:

    WOW… that is late! And before you go thinking he only makes $875,000 / year, check out his BONUSES on and then factor in his endorsements. Kid is MAD paid… I’m going to hold off until the whole thing plays out in court before lynching the guy.

  4. I’ve got your back, Joe. I’m sick of all the hockey boys I like getting arrested. First the Staal brothers and now Kaner. It’s depressing.

  5. yea but kane was for a good cause….to stop the shady-pricing system of taxi cabs…i honestly mean this all too..i hate taxi companies

  6. I’m waiting for the inevitable YouTube parody by 20 Cent entitled “In Da Cab”. C’mon, someone’s gotta do it, and I’m just not clever enough!

  7. What we have learned with all this?
    a) The cabbie will get a nice ‘tip’ with the inevitable out of court settlement.
    b) Patrick Kane is a Dick.