Thoughts from Section 209…. Devils/Rangers… weekend of sports hell…..

So let’s see….Devils lose twice… the only athlete who looked more pathetic this weekend then mb30, was that dumbo-looking idiot quarterback of mine in Dallas… the Hell Cell PPV was an organized train wreck that looked like it was booked by the Cowboys coaching staff… and now captain douchebag Brett Favre is walking over the team he played more retirement games then Roger Clemens!!! Oh holy shit I am in a warm and peppy mood for THIS game tonight…. if you don’t like bad language… GET THE FUCK OUT NOW!

The lines:
Parise-Zajac-Langenbrunner Rolston-Zubrus-Bergfors
Pandolfo-Niedermommy-Clarkson Peters-Pelley-Pikkachu (the P’s are for PISS POOR PLAYERS)

Martin-Oduya, White-Mottau, Salvador-Murphy

the Good:
— Bryce Salvador… he had an excellent game… smart plays… good D and some nasty shots….
— Johnny Oduya you get a complete and total free pass for tonight simply for turning and making Chris Drury into hamburger after he did his best Flozell Adams impression damn near taking Paul Martin’s leg off his body… good sign number two in this is the simple fact that this team would NEVER do this last year under Mister Roboto!!
— Danius Zubrus… he’s been flat out AWESOME so far and well he’s been… oh… we’re 0-2…. yeaahhhh, well dammit he’s still been good!!!
— Also gotta say Robbie Niedermommy is warming up to me (maybe it’s the number 21)… but that shifty dive to draw a penalty to negate what seems like the one penalty we DID kill, that was A Plus little thing stuff there! FB Commentary: “Rob was just an innocent bystander caught in the crossfire.” ….. my reply: “But I was fed a bad scouting report on him for years by a big-mouth stars fan now living in LA!!”
— Jacques Lemaire… he used his timeout wisely (TAKE THAT BRENT!)… he’s fooling with the lines… like I said before this team is a puzzle that has not been figured out (please play Zubrus with Rolston and Clarkson)… but I see difference in offensive plays… passes are a bit more creative… Martin and Oduya are up the ice….Oduya damn near scored on that shortie 2 on 1…. and I like the fact that we have a superior HOCKEY MIND behind the bench and a row of Hall of Famers in Support Structure!! This team will get figured out (and getting your all time leading scorer HELPS too), if these two losses were Montreal and Washington no one would be freaking!
— That Zajac goal speaking of passing and creative plays… that shit was as pretty as it get!! And since we still have our little Napoleon the announcer… least even HE knows it’s ZAJAC… no more yelling Shanahan mister!!!!!

the Bad:
— ok so right as the first period ends… I get a call from my sister (I usually go there for dinner on Monday Nights and bonding time with my three nieces.. YES I AM GOOD WITH SMALL CHILDREN… deal with this :p )….so my sister ended up making me feel like the sweatiest, nastiest ballbag on the planet (not on purpose mind you)…. but my nieces take turns on the phone
UNCLE SCOTT… where are you?? We miss you!! We love you!!! Why did you not come to dinner??
I had a hockey game …. oh… you were playing goalie??? (they don’t understand the whole pro sports thing… my family is kinda sport retarded until I get them into the NHL)… so I told them I was and they told me another hundred times they love me and miss me (hey least it’s a female saying it and meaning it :p)…. and I basically felt like scum the rest of the game…. NEXT TIME I have Dana put the game on and tell them Uncle Scott is the puffy guy wearing #30 (right now I might be better….)
— the power play… when you get a 5 on 3 and the other team gets called for ramming your goalie… YOU MUST SCORE A GOAL… period… no excuses.. I don’t wanna hear about players on ice or any of that shit… GET IT DONE!!
— the penalty kill…. yes Oduya got douched when he MANNED UP and pounded Drury into soft veal, but still again YOUR TEAM MUST GET YOUR BACK THERE AND KILL THE PENALTY and not pull a “34 second Flaming TODD” (sorry only 3 people get that… it’s epic funny! One of them WAS on facebook though…. “Steve LaFlamme Todd lasted loner than that…”)… not to mention… two of the three goals were let up on the power play…
— again when a team is struggling and trying to find itself (and this one IS do not doubt this)… the GOALIE HAS TO BE BETTER, the “best goalie in the world cause you can ask him and he’ll tell you”…. HAS TO BE ABOVE AVERAGE… hell average might be NICE now, though if this keeps up Team Canada is gonna laugh him off the roster, 2003 was a LONG LONG time ago… time to start playing to the level you THINK you’re at… ASSHOLE!!!!! My MB30 tolerance is THIN now….

the Funny:
— yes there was a lot of fun tonight…
— Lil Nicky did provide a lot of it:
1. “Is that crazy lady coming tonight?? She was funny!!! I want to know next time she’s coming!!”
2. Watching him cover his ears at the cursing towards Ranger Fans!
3. Waving the RANGERS SUCK thundersticks at the 500 pound Ranger fan (you ever see a guy so fat you can smell a stink on them? that was this dude….)
— My comment on the Niedermommy goal (did I mention the name STAYS??)
“We don’t need a hero… WE NIDERMOMMY!!!!! SCCCARRRRREEEE!!!!”
— Personal note to self and other guys…. its great to be a big fan and love the team and wear the red and black, but if you’re a guy and you wear the flashing devil horns…oh no, you’re gay dude!!
— Hey it could be worse…. we could be Oiler fans!!! here…. go feel better!!!
— and hey… Sean Avery did miss the game with a torn and inflamed vagina… that always bring a chuckle!!!

Sorry guys… looks like 2man takes a nap until Oct 16 now…. If I did these road games as they went on with me watching them I’d get back into my OCD addiction issues I had in the pre-lockout CRASHER LINE days… I ain’t doing that no more (don’t worry there will be a random ROAD thoughts from a Section in Buffalo Dec 7th though!)… Comment away and let the shit fly!!


  1. Although the Devils did lose tonight, I felt like they improved alot over last game. They still do have more improvements to make, but overall, there was improvement.
    On a side note, do you think once in a whil you can give us updates about the Lowell Devils. They are kind of like the little brother that dosent get alot of atention of the NJ Devils.
    Thanks for making both loses this seasons into a good laugh.

  2. By the way, this link of the video is clearer.

  3. Well they played a lesser team too that helps….

    I can’t do much about Lowell… I have no access to their info, and I’m trying to hit all my NHL Cities for roadtrips….I could suggest a few forums that can help

    and so I took mine with a digital cam and my TV set?? :p

  4. damn…what happened to this site…

  5. See now, that’s what I get for putting Khabibulin on my fantasy team…

    But yeah, it would’ve been great if I could WATCH THIS GAME…but no, Comcast and DirecTV decide to battle it out the same night as the first Devils/Rangers game…

  6. Kristyn’s team fails like nathan did to sylar this week (I do need more heroes references!!)

    And sounds like someone needs season tix 🙂

  7. Seriously, Scott lol you need to let this Sylar thing go! He’s more annoying than MB30 😛 (Yes I went there) and yeah, season tix would be awesome…’cept I’m poor, hell, everyone is. I don’t understand how anyone has season tix.

  8. Sounds like a lot of time to do the Zubies…

  9. No one is more annoying then mb30… well maybe Wade Phillips… or HHH….

    hhrrrmmm, wonder if 2ma can now do a Sylar-based award (since i’m the only one posting again… guess we need the NY Times to give a call to wake up the others….)

    The Sylar from Heroes award for Zubbie like AWESOMENESS!!!

    Just think how big the damn nameplate would have to be!!!!

  10. I dont think a syco killer award is the best idea, but than again it is phyco killed who had sec with a girl who knew that he killed her father and than he killed her. If you could do all that and still get a hot girl, you should have an award named after you.

  11. gionta182 says:

    damn, everybody is here and not fb…

  12. Well I didn’t say name it the charlie manson… though… hrrmmm… the charlie manson award for the beautiful people…

    I should really not comment drunk :p

    182, I’m EVERYWHERE!!!!!

  13. What happened to this site, I agree. My kid’s (used to) come here to laugh about your hysterical entries, because when you *did* curse it would be “bleeped” out. Now I have to explain to them why “Scott Mackie” is making me put a block on this website on my home computer.

    This site has gone to hell. And I’m going to miss it.

  14. Wow I must wholly congratulate you on sheltering your children if this is the ONLY PLACE IN THE ENTIRE WHOLE WIDE WORLD you see bad language….that’s pretty impressive!!

    (trust me your kids know and use the bad words far far far FAR more then I do 🙂 )

    If you’re really worried about a filtered version… the NJDevs swear filter still works just fine, and they can read a nice happy edited version of the same old stuff…

    if I’m gonna think twice about every word that hits this keyboard then it’s not coming from the heart, and the second it stops coming from the heart someone needs to stab me cause it’s over!

    So how old are the lil guys anyway??

  15. hahahahahahahahaha wow.

  16. I’m proud of you!

  17. You should pull a Simmons. “2manadvantage is a free flowing blog that sometimes touches on mature subjects…”

  18. Proud of me?? Woot!!

    Hhahahahah… don’t worry I have something planned for my next “Thoughts” 🙂

  19. Hey, you guys got give us a recap on the last 2ma style. Anyway, if you rember the part of the game when the goalie got cut on the cheek, he was kind of lucky in some way because this could of happened instead,
    Read the info about the video when you are on the site
    And no, he is not on the Mets.

  20. Also, since there was a shoot out, I think everybody should know just about how bad you could do in one.