When the hell do we play again?

I don’t like the schedule very much this year.

I mean really – there’s a two-week Olympic break in February, right?  So what happened to the condensed schedule?  Why did the Devils have a bunch of days off, then two games in a row, and now a bunch more days off?  It’s mighty boring.  Especially if you’re a Met fan like me and am physically disgusted at the baseball playoffs.  And if you’re a Seahawk fan like me and am embarrassed by your favorite football team’s performance week in and week out.  I NEED MY SPORTING DISTRACTIONS, NHL SCHEDULE MAKERS!

I guess in the mean time, since the Devils don’t play again ’til tomorrow, I can always do a little housekeeping with respect to Devils news & notes:

First off, Cory Murphy cleared waivers.  I’m only a touch surprised by this.  He’s already down in Lowell, and we may very well never see him again.  Unless someone gets injured.  Please, no one get injured.  Thanks.

The L-Devs also signed Dean McAmmond.  It’s okay, you can yawn, I already did.  He’s on an AHL contract and won’t be with the big club unless Lou offers him a big boy contract, too.

Patty Elias will see a doctor on Friday as he continues to work his way back into playing shape.  Still no definitive date for his return, but did you really expect anyone with the Devils to say so, even if there was?  My guess is November 7th @ Ottawa.  Dunno why, just a hunch.

Finally, Wednesday night’s home game against the Sabres suddenly has all kinds of crazy goings-on.  Mystery puck night is back – complete with jacked up price!  What was $20 for a puck signed by a mystery Devil last year is now $25.  But the proceeds benefit UNICEF, so you’re a real jerk if you complain about it.  Touche, Devils.  Touche.

I wish I was going to the game Wednesday night, I’d TOTALLY pay $25 for a Pierre-Luc Letourneu-Leblond puck.  Think about it, with a name like that, how’s he supposed to fit it all on one little puck?  It’d be the craziest puck signature ever, more silver marker than vulcanized rubber!

Also Wednesday is the return of College Night.  Irony for me being that I can’t attend, because I have to go to two college classes.  D’oh.

And since it’s Halloween week and the Devils play in the very scary location of Tampa Bay on Halloween itself, there’s a costume contest at the Rock Wednesday night as well.  Winner gets the choice of a catered suite to a future Devils game or four tickets to see Miley Cyrus.  Who’d you rather spend an evening with, Miley or Andrew Peters?  (…on second thought, don’t answer that.)

But since I won’t be there Wednesday, I guess my “Blind NHL referee” costume will have to remain in the closet for another year…


  1. Andrew Peters…by far

  2. Neither. The sched never makes sense. 2nd Battle of Hudson tomorrow.

  3. i already had a drink with andrew peters @ the pearl street grill in buffalo…he called me an asshole for wishing him luck during the morning skate but he was quite kool after that..miley means bill ray will be there…so..ummm.lol

  4. Whoa, dueling Dereks.

  5. Speaking as a fellow Mets fan, I’m with you on the necessity for sports distractions. Plus, not to sound like a total girl, but these Thursday night games are screwing up my Grey’s Anatomy watching! But anyway, this schedule sucks. Bad.

  6. I am also a big Mets fan and with the Phillies and Yankees going to the wrold series and every yankee fan I know making of me,I just cant wait for the Devils to play again. Every team plays the same amount of games, it’s just that the Devils kind of have a shedule like the Mets. lol.

  7. The sad part is, as Mets fans, should we not have expected a Yankees/Phillies World Series? Y’know, as one final chance to spit on the spirit of all Mets fans worldwide? Sigh.

    Tomorrow. Hockey, tomorrow. Finally.

  8. Zubbie Counter Fan says:

    Jonas Bros. pls, k thx.

    Unrelated; Mike Rupp scored more points for Pitt in a month than he did for us in ever. WTF, sir.

  9. ZCF, I posted something similar like to that statement on my blog. When the hell did Mike Rupp start scoring goals? Doesn’t that just piss you off that the useless lug scores this early on in the season with his brand new team?