The Best. Ever. Period.


  1. So guys, Marty officaly broke the record and I thought about a good poem for a while know and here it is.
    Marty o Marty…

    Ya… that’s all I got.


    AND JOSH!!!

  2. Awesome. And it came in a big game against the defending chumps.

  3. Actually I’m quite happy he did it against Pittsburgh :p

    When I was in the Buffalo area and my slingbox was not letting me change channels (ggrrr)… I was stuck watching Pens and Hawks… good game BUT THOSE ANNOUNCERS…. for the ENTIRE third period those homer ballbags sat there saying SHUTOUT SHUTOUT SHUTOUT all game in an attempt to get the Pens a goal… and when the Penguins DID score those douchebags TOOK CREDIT FOR THE GOAL!!!! So it served those smug pricks RIGHT to have to call that shutout record since they were trying to jinx in the shutout in the SECOND PERIOD….

    Karma’s a bitch fuckers!!!!!!!

  4. What a dramatic way to break a record. Leave it to MB30 to get the job done and put us in 1st place before the break.