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Stanley Cup Guide by NHL Playoff Schedule 2015

Well, it looks like we are down to only two teams and just maybe by the end of Monday, we could have the final result of how the second round is going to play out. Monday night there will be two exciting matchups, one being a likely stellar game 7, which will showcase the Tampa Bay Lightning against the Detroit Red Wings. The second game of the night we will be seeing the New York Islanders against the Washington Capitals. Join the fun! Get the NHL breakdown with NHL betting odds here to give you the very best insight into the action.

Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Detroit Red Wings

This series has gone down just like many of us had predicted, we are looking at a game 7 and what a game 7 this one shall be indeed. It has been a classic back-and-forth type of series with both teams alternating every wins every game in the previous five games.

At the start, the Red Wings had secured themselves a 2-1 series lead but the Lightning had to strike at some point and they did, evening things right up.

The Red Wings however, are second in fewest goals allowed in the contents of the first round. That may not be such a big deal on paper but the team did rank eighth in shot attempts during the regular season. Keep in mind though that no matter what, the Red Wings are playing pretty rocking against a team that is number one in scoring on the season. Good action right here folks, that is for certain.
New York Islanders vs. Washington Capitals

The Islanders are the very worst in the power play this season because they have absolutely had no ability to convert on the opportunities in which they have going on for them. This particular stat shouldn’t label them by any means however, New York has ranked exactly 21st in regards to the power play and they have also racked up more points than any other team.

This has been an undeniable intense series, where three games have been decided by only just one goal. The slightest error could be the simple deciding factor over what team advances and what team makes vacation plans.

The Capitals have had a few issues all their own which are starting to show, one of them is their notorious game 7 downfalls. The teams record currently at this stage is 2-4-1, which is counting back from the 2007 season on up. You couldn’t honestly get a better statistic to tell you how things have been going for the team as of late.
At some juncture you would have to figure that some of the injuries in which the Islanders have been suffering may be the ultimate dagger that could call it a season for them. These teams both have had an uphill battle to climb and by the way it has been looking, whoever comes out the victor will have one heck of a win.

Can’t Get Any Better
If you have kept up with the Stanley Cup Guide and have also watched some of the matchups, no doubt you should love how this exciting playoff season is turning out. It has all the fixings that we just love in hockey which basically means that we couldn’t be asking for more.