We’ve got bid-ness to take care of.

Sorry for disappearing there for awhile gang, my internet access has been shoddy at best for over a week now.  Should be back to normal before the trade deadline, however.

But now, down to business.  Many people scored goals for the Devils over the weekend.  But, you all know that there’s just one that we’re obsessed with.  You’ve got ’til, eh…let’s say Thursday at 5 PM Eastern to get your ZubbieCounterContest Zubmissions in for the next go-round.  That’s nearly a full week since the goal, so I expect awesomeness!

Also, I mentioned the Trade Deadline up there.  Yes, we will be covering it.  I’m skipping class to bring it to you live, right here.  I’ll park myself in front of the computer around noon(ish), and won’t leave until all trades have been consumated (or 5 PM, whichever comes first – can’t skip all THREE classes, y’know).  Please join us for what will be a fun-filled afternoon of rumor-mongering, waiting, wishing, hoping, rueing, fearing, and in the end probably picking up a third-rate defenseman for a late-round draft pick.  Ah, trade deadline day.

Programming Notice

Just wanted to drop a note in to say that I’m terribly sorry for the lack of content around here lately (save for Scott’s post-game rants, of course). I’ve been without internet access in my home for close to a week – just got it back yesterday.

I’m planning on LiveCapping Sunday’s game in Tampa Bay. I won’t say it’s 100% going to happen, but do check with us then. And of course, look for Scott’s post game analysis after tonight’s Devils/Islanders tilt.

And yes, if you happened to be at last night’s Devils/Panthers game, that was indeed me you saw shooting first in Score-O. Had I slowed down just slightly, I might have actually hit the net. D’oh.