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Peace out, Dan.

We hardly knew ye, Danny boy.Poor Dan LaCouture. Just like Barry-warry, Danny Boy couldn’t catch a break with the New Jersey Devils. In Grant Marshall fashion, LaCouture was placed on waivers today, ending the LaCouture experiment in East Rutherford.

UPDATE: Danny Boy cleared waivers on Wednesday. Have fun in Lowell!

Lame. Lame. Lame!

LOOK A ZOMBIEEE OLE, chants the crowd.Let me just say that I think the goal song choices are entirely lame, dumb, and stupid.

Bring back Gary Glitter, please? So he’s a boy-toucher…yeah, that’s totally frowned upon and all, but we need the “Hey Song” gosh darnit! (and yes, I know it’s really not called the “Hey Song.”)

Rule #53?

Sit down and shut up!We’ve all seen the ‘new’ NHL’s crackdown on obstruction-related fouls, but what the hell happened to the Elbowing penalty?!

From what I could see from my seat in section 238, the officials for last week’s games vs Florida and Columbus missed at least 4 or 5 blatant infractions. Parise was almost decapitated when Bouwmeester elbowed him, and last night Langenbrunner was given one from Nash.

Think I’m being biased? The Devils own Johnny Oduya should’ve been called for one last night as well. (Shh, keep that between us!)

If players can’t hook and hold, I guess they’ll resort to doing their best “Rock” impresonations. If they keep it up, I can only hope that NHL Officials will lay ‘The Smackdown’.

Something Good, Something Good…

Wow this is much better than losing!Last night’s matchup was about as exciting as a trip to the Supermarket Hall of Fame. It sure feels good to see the Devils pick up a win, but I’m not too sure what to make of the victory.

On the positive side, Lukowich was scratched.

Oh, and the Devils won – that’s always a good thing. Brodeur finally recorded win #451, and Cam Janssen hulked-out on half the Florida roster.

…Is it a bad thing if that’s all the ‘positive’ I can take out of that game?

The cynic in me touches on aspects such as the fact that both goals were scored on the powerplay, a 5-on-3 went by the wayside, and at one point in the third period it looked as if Florida had a 5-on-3 of their own when in reality it was full strength play! Let’s not forget that Scott Gomez left the game in the second period with a ‘groin’ injury and is questionable for Saturday.

The win is definitely going to bring momentum into Saturday’s game, but I wouldn’t be satisfied with the play. The Devils need to come out flying and create some unrelenting offense – something sorely lacking from this years squad. A win is a win, but it will take a lot more work to record some more.

Brooks up, Tallackson down

I think the New Jersey Devils love me.

He's baaaaack!You see, I’ve been praying for Alex Brooks to come back to the team. No, he’s not some great defenseman…in fact, he’s really not all that good at all. However, Brooks is five thousand times better than Brad Lukowich. Yeah, I really don’t like him.

So, with Lukowich questionable for tonight’s game with a sore ankle, the Devils called Brooksy up on emergency basis, because,Poor Barry. remember, they love me. With Brooks called up, Lou Lamoriello disposed of Barry Tallackson, throwing him back to Lowell. Sorry Barry, but apparently no one likes you. Well, I like you, but everyone I’ve encountered seems to want your head on a platter. Yeah, you didn’t really do anything in your time with the Devils, and yeah, this had been you second chance now to prove your worth. Unfortunately, Barry-warry, I’m starting to think your future is not with the New Jersey Devils. Sigh.

Okay, so can we win a game tonight? We’re playing Florida here. Ed Belfour here. He’s like, 90 years old. Seriously. We’ll probably lose though. The Rangers lost against Belfour and co., and they’re just as bad as us right now. It’s not looking good.

Can Marty please get another win? He’s been stuck on 450 for what feels like forever now. I’d like to see #451 SOMETIME this century.

Are you serious?

Stinky garbge = New Jersey DevilsSo, wow. The Devils kind of stink.

Actually, not kind of. They flat out suck.

Patrik Elias has left the building, along with the rest of the Devils defense. Paul Martin decided he didn’t feel like giving a damn this season, and Brian Rafalski agreed. Sergei Brylin thought it might be fun to take lots of high sticking penalties, and Jamie Langenbrunner saw it fit to miss the net by a good five feet with every shot taken. Oh, and the powerplay vanished into thin air alltogether.

Finally, Martin Brodeur came to the conclusion that he doesn’t feel like playing 2nd periods anymore. The rest of the team whole-heartidly agreed.

All in all, the New Jersey Devils are a disaster on ice. Thank You-Know-Who it’s only October.

Oh, and at least the Philadelphia Flyers are worse than us. That’s always nice.

Much Ado on Tuesday

Madden/CrosbyTomorrow, the Devils return to the Mellon Arena for the 2nd time in less than a week as the crew in black and red will try to snap a 2-game skid and avoid falling to .500 after starting the season 4-2. New Jersey’s 9 points are good enough to set them atop the Atlantic Division, but staying there will not be an easy task.

I can’t help but feel that Claude Julien’s decision to start backup Scott Clemmensen against Nashville contributed to Brodeur’s slump in Ottawa. Breaking a goaltender’s routine – especially someone like Marty’s – is borderline heresy. The Devils will need a big game from their netminder as well as all 4 lines. Especially in the second period.

It’s still the opening month of the season, but never forget: the points you miss in October, are the ones you miss the most come April.

Tip of the Day!!!

2 Man Advantage’s Tip of the Day #1:Niinimaa attempts a Messier...and fails.

Don’t guarantee your team’s victory. It never hardly ever works.

Shut up Ranger fans.

So…how about those Buffalo Sabres, huh? Who would have thought those atrocious, St. Louis Rams knockoff jerseys would have magical powers to propel Buffalo to a 9-0 record?

Or maybe the Sabres are just good and the jerseys are just bad.


Hey Joe, I don’t think they heard you.

Marty misses a tough one in the secondLet me say this — Claude Julien sure ain’t going to be sticking around too long if this keeps up.

At least Cam Janssen knows how to make a game interesting. Too bad the rest of the team doesn’t….


To all New Jersey Devils:


(Mr. Brodeur, please disregard this message.)

4-1 Sens, 11:32 remaining.