Stupid Devils.


  1. That pretty much sums it up. Why was Oduya in the goal in the first? In Marty’s equiptment and jersey, no less.

  2. Yaaaaaaaay! I think just for fun Brodeur and his backup switched places – to see if anyone would notice. We noticed.

    Now Brodeur’s being called past his prime in the papers… ouch. It’s just one game. Still, it’s a great game because the sens won. Weeeeeee!

  3. Dick Dastardly says:

    The only thing that kept me in my seat until the end last night was the memory of the Toronto game at the beginning of the season, when we came back from 6 million goals down and won in OT.

    We almost did it again last night. If I were a Sens fan, I’d be nervous about what happens when Marty plays like Marty. Ray Emery apparently needs a 4 goal lead to win.

  4. Tell that to the penguins. SHUTOUT!

  5. im getting tired of watching these versus commercials for the cup play-offs. i mean, 2st it was like ok messier scoring on brodeur (in the eastern finals, not for the damn cup), then right after it’s like oh everyone scoring on brodeur in 01 (when they say stanley cup engraver finally has to learn how to spell bourque), but yesterday i saw a new one. and of course it’s paul kariya scoring on brodeur when they friggin lost to us, in 03. i think brodeur should sue for defamation of character.

  6. oops 1st*

  7. All the commercials of the Devils are someone scoring on Marty. But it’s not as bad as them having the Penguins in every freaking commercial, even though they were already eliminated.