Live-capping Game 2…or not.

11:45 PM ET: Hoo-boy, what an ending that was. Nice to see Jamie L come through, took him long enough, eh? More to come in the Game Breakdown!

PS~Much love to Mr. Corvo courtasy of 2 Man Advantage. Tee-hee.

11:29 PM ET:
This seriously does not bode well for my heart nor my stomach. My poor body.

Well, one overtime down. Devils didn’t look too bad, and I did have to giggle a bit at Ottawa for taking a too many men penalty in the extra session. Those are always fun. Granted, the Devils kinda sorta shoulda had one as well, but I won’t tell if you don’t. To 2OT we go…

Oh come on.10:35 PM ET: Welp, I’m pretty much thinking 2-0 series lead for Ottawa at this point. Great way to let Ottawa creep back into the game and eventually tie it with, what, like 20 seconds left in the third? Nice. Really, nice boys. Oh, and Mr. Gionta — goal or not, you’re on the crap list right now for taking a penalty at the end of regulation. Overtime power plays to Ottawa are not exactly where the party’s at, mmkay? Seriously, Where’s Jeff Friesen when you need him? Better step it up, boys. Otherwise, I will kick each and every one of your asses. And I totally mean it.

9:12 PM ET:
Apparently my TV has other plans. No sound = no live-capping. Yeah, I can watch the game and all, but I just cannot pack as much punch into my words than if I had the lovely sounds of Steve and Chico echoing in the background. I will recap the game, no worries, but the live-cap will unfortunately have to wait until Game 3. Poo.

8:52 PM:
Oops. Sorry folks, wasn’t near the computer for the first period. I shall be live-capping from the second period on. I totally promise. Be back soon!

Yuckys!Well, Joe will be at the game tonight, but me? Sorry to say, I had to turn down a ticket offer to tonight’s game due to lackage-of-money..age.

It’s really sad, isn’t it?

But from bad news sparks good news, as your favorite live-capper will be ranting and raving like a mad(wo)man tonight during the game, so all is well with the world.

If Elias sits out tonight, I will be one unhappy Devils fan. Granted, reports indicate he will play tonight, so he better be on that damn horrible New Jersey ice tonight. Alas, Joe, you better bring the Advil Cold and Sinus with you…and be more than ready to pelt it at the Cap’n if you so happen to see him wandering the stands.

And I will hold you to that, Mr. Bechtel.


  1. Woo Hoo, now that’s Devils hockey. I always love when Sarge scores, He works so hard and is true blue. The Zach attack is really flying, the kid doesn’t stop moving His feet and splits 3 players, wow. Travis is looking good, nice goal,let’s hope that Marty’s new glove treats Him right tonight. I just hope that sometime during this series Maddog comes out, but so far I have only seen Madden. Maddog has been MIA since the 03 playoffs.

  2. Well you don’t sound too frantic, so i assume the first period didn’t go badly as the last one? 🙂

  3. Oops I meant too say Travis had a nice assist on that goal.Good hit by Mr.Nasty

  4. It happened again. 26 seconds left and a great defensive game culminates with BOTH defensemen with their sticks in the air as the puck comes to the slot and Heatley scores. Lukowich did it last year with 7 seconds left. I don’t believe it.

  5. I wish I could take a picture of the entire third period, if only to proof that turtling with a lead in the playoffs for extended periods is not a good idea. Sigh.

    That said, Brodeur has been THE MAN. Even if the Devils lose, it isn’t his fault; he’s been making the big ones all night long.

    Devils, I think, are looking good in this OT so far. Now (as I type this) is the only time Ottawa has any offensive possession this OT so far. That kill was HUGE. The Devils get close but so far…

  6. And another overtime, am I the only one having Dallas series flashbacks here? We need a hero tonight, where’s Marshall when You need Him?

  7. Sorry to disappoint Shari, but all I can think of is Carolina 2006. Devs have the lead in Game 2 and give it up w/ a play in front of Marty where Lukowich decides softly cross-checking Staal is more effective than lifting his stick and then they lose the game at the hands of Wallin (who’s a defenseman!!!!).

  8. Jamie rules, I guess no practice until Monday. Good win, what a nailbiter.

  9. Jamie’s my hero.

    The refs (for once) missed a lot of calls on us. I saw about 3 or 4. But they did miss a couple that should have been against the Sens, so it all evened out.