Live-capping Game 3…sort of.

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9:50 PM ET:
Unless Joe does it, there won’t be a Game Breakdown tonight. I’ll do one tomorrow if my schedule allows it, but I’ve updated the site far too much today that I’m just going to take the rest of the night off. Sleep could do me well.


9:33 PM ET: Joke. Purely a joke. Great to see a brilliant performance by Martin Brodeur overshadowed by (once again) bad officiating and a shaky netminder in Ray Emery. You know what though, Emery could have just stood there all night scratching his head and still would have gotten a shutout. Ridiculous. And to boot, our offense apparently was bi-polar to the max. You just can’t skate out there, give it your all, and then forget you’re even playing hockey the rest of the time, only to come back in strong and knock the opposition’s socks off. What a disgusting game to watch.

9:23 PM ET:
Huge opportunity to tie the game Part 2.

9:19 PM ET:
Way to ruin your best shot at tying the game, boys. Jeez…

9:09 PM ET:
Devils are being outplayed tremendously. There ain’t a physical edge right now, the Sens are seriously downright dominating the poor lil Devils physically. Ugh. Let’s stop with the pretty stuff and just GET TO THE NET any way possible now. And for Lord Stanley’s sake, throw a HIT someone!

9:04 PM ET:
Le sigh. I’m seriously bumming now. 1-0 Senators in the third.

Dive or no?8:41 PM ET: That’s more of what I’d like to see. Much better period by the Devils, the top line has life! Marty continues to shine, that’s always nice, and Emery? Dude is giving up some gigantic rebounds and his glove ain’t looking so hot. Pounce boys, pounce!Word out of Ottawa is that Comrie had to leave the ice not once, but twice due to injury. What a bone-head.

8:23 PM ET:
Mr. Bechtel is under the impression that Comrie’s fall into the boards courtesy of Mr. ‘chuk was more or less a dive. Upon further review, I tend to want to agree. But why throw yourself into the boards, potentially seriously injuring yourself? Mr. Comrie ain’t the smartest cookie, is he?

8:15 PM ET: Comrie is a little fire ball out there tonight, ain’t he? Yikes.

8:09 PM ET:
Oh my goodness my heart just stopped. Marty, amazing play. And also…Marty…don’t EVER do that again.Memo to Mike Comrie: You guys might be on cable right now, but the kiddies are still up! Watch the F Bombs! HA!

7:50 PM ET:
Scoreless after one. Vermette is a piece of garbage for whacking the puck into the net after the buzzer clearly went off. That’s how goalies get hurt, buddy. The referees really need to step in now, if Ottawa is going to keep on whacking at Marty after the whistle, someone needs to get a penalty. Granted, it’ll likely be Scott Gomez or something, but nonetheless, call the damn game like it should be called.Ugh.

Onto my next gripe…The Devils need to, uh, start playing some hockey.

Marty can only be God for so long. The Senators WILL score and score often on him if this keeps up. I was quite shocked to see Gomez actually backcheck on a play, but then he had to ruin my buzz and take a “Johnny Oduya” penalty — no, not two for being Swedish, but a hooking call. Stop it with the hooking, boys!

Start of the second soon. The boys better come out flying, cause while this game may be 0-0 on the scoreboard, it’s easily in Ottawa’s favor right now. Strong start boys, strong start!

Oh wait…we’re killing a penalty…poop.

Unfortunately I cannot be in two places at once despite my best efforts, but I will try to live-cap as much as possible for the duration of the game.

Which, by the way, do the Devils know that the game started at 7 PM ET? Seriously. They’re getting their asses handed to them by Ottawa right now. It easily should be 1-0 Sens if it weren’t for a whistle-happy official.

Get your butts in gear, boys. This is not acceptable.


  1. that was wack, i mean did anyone see the fat hook SECONDS b4 the scotty gomez call? i wouldnt be surprised if he thought they werent calling hooks

  2. Where’s the game on?

  3. Patricia Greuter says:


  4. Why throw yourself into the boards, potentially seriously injuring yourself? For the same reason Zajac dove on that breakaway in game 6 (that was by far the worst call ever).

  5. I don’t think he dove, he probably lost an edge but I didn’t really see a penalty there either. You could hear Matvichuk say ‘I didn’t touch him’…he has gotten some ticky tack calls against him the last few games.

  6. I like how Marty’s stick was kicked out from under him just soon enough to make it impossible for him to get set for the shot. Was he in the crease? Yes. Was the Senator bumped into Marty? No. Is that a weak form of interference? Yes. Did it help the Sens score? Yes.

    It’s weak and I would never advocate calling it except for the fact that Marty wasn’t ready for the shot because of contact by another Senator.

  7. These refs are blind. They’re calling everything on us, yet the missed about 5 calls on the sens.

  8. Welcome to the playoffs in Canada!

    Plenty of things to complain about but it’s the Devs fault for not putting anything past the spastic goaltender.

    Absolutley TICKED at the offense.

    Thanks to Chico for summing it up: didn’t make Emery move at all.

    They just made him spaz out. :-*

  9. I can handle that non-interference-call-goal. After all, I think the Sens were robbed a goal earlier by a quick whistle. No, that goal didn’t cost us the game, offense did (lack thereof).

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  11. Patricia Greuter says:

    Sent you an message, sorry about the issues with the e-mail, we’re working on it!

  12. Yous guys really should have scored on Emery that game… but you didn’t. Tough to win games without scoring – Brodeur can’t do it all for you!

  13. Patricia Greuter says:

    You could say THAT again…

  14. Dick Dastardly says:

    That game sucked. Marty was brilliant. He stood on his friggin’ head for 60 minutes, stopped shots I couldn’t even see and the rest of the team hung him out to dry.

    Emery was spitting rebounds all over the crease like a Pez dispenser and not one Devil followed the play long enough to get a second chance shot. Every big, fat rebound came right out front and a senator skated onto it because there were no Devils to be seen. They we all standing around watching the play.

    I would bitch about the goalie interference non-call that directly caused the only goal of the game, but let’s be real here. It was only a matter of time. The Sens carried the play all night. If I saw any spark at all from the Devils, I’d be crying “Conspiracy!!!”, but when the top 2 lines don’t suit up for the game, we had no chance.

    My question is, how long can Marty keep turning in heroic performances when the rest of his team isn’t even trying?

  15. dammit i hope they kick eachothers asses in the locker room. im getting married on saturday and if we get knocked out on friday i wont be as happy had i been knowing we’re on our way to the eastern finals. im already gettign depressed thinking about it

  16. oh great! now the games on saturday and i wont even know whats going on. i havent missed a game yet this season. oh my

  17. Patricia Greuter says:

    Won’t be near a computer either? You can keep semi-updated with our live-cap.

  18. SueNJ97 says:

    I feel kind of bad for Marty but overall, don’t really have a problem with the game because, well, the team just didn’t bother to show up. He could have sued for non-support…but they didn’t deserve to win because they never actually tried to score. Yeah, he might have had a reason to be mad at the refs but he should have been just as angry if not more angry at his own team – did they decide to go on a sight-seeing tour of Ottawa and forget to return? Who was it skating around out there in the NJ uniforms?

  19. MikeyCincinnati says:

    This popgun offense the Devs are exhibiting(yet again) just ain’t gonna cut it… seems like many of the individual components are there to run 3 lines deep, but that’s a friggin’ pipe dream… Criminy, if Marty ain’t on his game, we’re looking at 5-0 or 6-1 scores in some of these… Flat tired of hearing about how good Emery is, put some PRESSURE on this kid and let’s see what happens…

  20. If it wasn’t for Marty and His awesomeness, the game would have been 6-0, how many key chances die the Dev’s have and they shot it friggin wide. What the Hell. I found Myself yelling at My tv to White to hit something damnit.and also at the rest of the Team for just standing there watching the Sens play hockey, and how many pp chances did they have and get no shots off? and don’t forget the many (as usual) Gomez turnovers.geeze they better help Marty out, they were leaving Him hung out to dry, I hope it’s a case of 1 bad game and that they will at least go home with a split

  21. Patricia Greuter says:

    Seriously, for the love of the Stanley Cup, someone throw a gosh darn hit! It’s getting ridiculous…and it’s seriously getting to the point where I am actually starting to consider wanting Cammie J in the lineup!

  22. Shari, you’re not the only one who was yelling at your tv. I was screaming theough the whole third period because of all those crap calls and lack of shots. My throat was more sore then it was after that shoot out on the 3rd.

  23. I simply think the Devils are almost afraid of taking a penalty at this point…that they won’t take some liberties. Hopefully tonight, someone will start clocking some Sens and not just White.