Devils/Stars Thoughts from Section 209….

Hey i noticed no one else wrote something up.. must still be coming back… I see an open rush.. I’m pinching in (which is scary since I’m like… a GOALIE… but I’ve scored goals before :p)….so with that in mind… time to share some good joy from tonight…..

Things I noticed from this game:

— THIS is the Stars team I’ve seen all year on Center Ice not the one that showed up in MSG, bad goals, awful plays… and glad to see we pounded a team playing like shit like VEAL (again each game this more and more feels like the Devils of old)… Dallas is one of 5 or 6 teams I watch often on CI, if for their awesome announcers more then anything….
— Brendan Morrow lost his freaking mind in the 3rd period… and it’s only 3 weeks into the season
— watching Avery run like a scalded dog from a stickless Clarkson (who then blocked a shot too) was a classic throwback to Wil E Coyote and the Road Runner on ice.. hilarity!!!

— ANDY GREENE!!!!!! Told y’all last year was a fluke!!
— Jesus Christ the Zub-a-roonie was something to see!!!
— Marty, PLEASE save some of this for April and beyond!!!
— ANOTHER Clarkson sighting… nice shot.. shame most NHL goalies stop it… but I’ll take it!!
— ANDY GREENE!!!!!!!!!!!!
— Salvador beating the piss out of the guy who ran Martin (even though Martin bounced off)… this video to be youtubed later!! cool.gif
— Hard to pencil a Devil who looked BAD tonight

— one thing I did NOT like… why in a 5-0 bombing are you NOT playing Vrana more… I don’t wanna hear about defense and lessons to a kid… THIS IS THE EXACT TYPE OF GAME TO GET HIM MORE ICE TIME, and he only gets 10:50… WTF !??!?!!?!?

Comment away folks!!!


  1. Hey guys, I tried to email you about doing a link exchange but it didn’t work your email address for some reason. It returned saying it can’t send and email link is invalid.

    Anyway, I just started up a brand new Devils blog and I wanna def. trade links. Please email me and get back to me! : )

    Thanks and lets go Devils!! 5-0 baby!

  2. Methinks “cool.gif” may have something to do with an image not quite posted.

    Anyways good to see you writing here Scott, I always liked your style but hey I’m biased. Write however much you want ’cause I load this site like 3-5x a day, I’ll read it.

  3. Sheeps I kinda copy/pasted my comments from NJDevs… guess I missed a smiley eh??

    It’s good to be able to write without my obsessive side taking over and it consuming my life like it did back in the CRASHER Line days (scary that I know people now that don’t even know I did that crazy stuff)

    If I get home from a home game and I see no one did a game summary and I don’t have drunk girls shoving their boobs in my face (God bless you 209)… I’ll add something more 🙂