You wanted it, you can’t un-want it!

If only there were more to celebrate than the first edition of ZUBBIECOUNTER ’08-’09. Sigh.


  1. Zubbie Counter Fan says:

    It could have been 17 ftw.

    But this is enough…I guess… =\

  2. I was there, and everything seemed to go well. Then came those fights with the airheads LeBlanc and Clarkson. And that 5 min. penalty, great…Nobody was really good tonight, I missed Rolston and Holik for sure.

  3. Zubbie Counter – I have faith that the counter will hit 17, someday.

    Per – The fights definitely sucked the air out of the game, but they were playing like crap before that, I think. The three goals we did get were because the Flyers are so, so very terrible in goal.

    Regardless, I’m personally not too upset yet. We’ll see around 7ish tonight if that’s still the case…

  4. I’d comment more on the game but worrying about the young lady who was QUITE DRUNK behind me in Section 209 tonight kinda had a bit of my attention (oh thank god she’s not a puker :p)

    Marty looked like he had an off-night tonight as did the defense… it’s going to happen… sucks it’s against the Flyers…

    and PS, it’s a joke that Brodeur starts again a mere 20 hours later… FREE WEEKES!!! It’s not about 2 points every night it’s about keeping our #1 asset fresh for when it counts in April, May and June


  5. zubs….ill buy you a drink if i ever meet you.

  6. Where’s Mike Milbury when you need him? He would have busted the face of that smokebomb Philly fan with his shoe. Hell, he’s done it for less.

  7. Flyers home and home was the perfect place to let Weekes start a game. I don’t get it, I know Marty wants to play but why is it he seems to dictate his play schedule…sit them man now and then