A ‘Stone For The Rock

Stone as in MILE-stone. Those of you who were thinking KIDNEY-stone look pretty foolish right about now.

So does anyone else realize the big milestone? Well, yesterday Prudential Center celebrated its one-year anniversary of Devils hockey. Yup, a solid 365 days had passed since that inaugural drop of the puck. It’s just too bad that said puck-drop was the only thing worth remembering on that night, but I’m not here to split hairs.

I remember walking from Newark Penn Station to the arena for the very first time last October. I had never felt so much anticipation in my life. Once inside, I was awe-struck. I couldn’t believe this incredible building was our new home.

That season seemed to come and go in quite the blur. I caught about fifteen home games last year and I still got that feeling of anticipation every time I made the walk down Market St. Though it may have gone quick, The Rock saw some heavy action and incredible moments in it’s inaugural year.

Now, for all of you out there – regardless of what team you follow – if you had the chance to experience Prudential Center last season, use the comment thread to share some of your favorite memories from the first ever season at the Rock.

Allow me to kick things off with my most memorable moment — Patrik Elias finishing off a beautiful 2-on-1 with Zach Parise to score the OT game winner vs. Boston. The Devils fell behind 3-0 in that game but battled all the way back for the win… December 5th, 2007.

Allow me to refresh your memory:


  1. theking72 says:

    Zach Parise hat trick night. First time the Rock felt like hom.

  2. Saw this little beauty from Oduya live. I felt as giddy as a little school girl when went end to end, split the defense and put this home against carolina.


  3. johnnyb048 says:

    My favorite moment (that I was there for) was the San Jose game. The Devils actually scored three times in the game – thanks to the fact that Nabakov was still reeling from the shot to his mask the previous day. And Brodeur made a downright phenominal save.. a puck got behind him and he swung with his glove and batted it away mid-air. That save was filthy!

  4. First game against the flyers at the rock. We won 4-1. Zubrus scored twice, and we were the first to use the “zuuuuuu” chant at the rock. Felt like home.
    Everyone kept asking why we were booing Zubrus, hilarious.
    Also, obviously, opening night. lost my voice before the first period even started with the roster announcing and of course the massive Scotty Stevens chance. I remember seeing the front of the building for the first time, beautiful.

  5. rico suave says:

    we got a bit delayed on the trains for the opener at the rock. we walked in as they were announcing our players to the ice so the lobby areas were completely empty…and there she was, lord stanley’s cup and the con smythe. my friends and i stood in awe for a minute or two, as we have never seen the cup with not a soul in site (except security). we then asked if we could kiss the cup, and security’s response was, ” go right ahead but you will be leaving in handcuffs.” it was all in fun but that was the start to what will be a long history at the rock. that and our first trip to the bathroom and seen the devils logo on the top of every stall…home

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  7. rico suave says: