Zubbie’s scoring needs to occur more often when I’m less occupied. Never saw it, never even heard about it until just now, but here he go again! Zubbie’s keepin’ me honest.

Also, I’ll have you all know that I’m breaking away from TWO midterms to bring you this ZubbieCounter update, so y’all best…I don’t know, stare in awe at the godly scoring talent that is the Dainus-saur.

I’d love to post some sort of analysis on this game (sounds like a doozy, too, falling 6-5 in the shootout to the lowly Maple Leafs), but alas, I didn’t see more than ten seconds of the game total. They looked good in those ten seconds. Perhaps those were the only ten seconds that they looked good?


  1. Zubbie Counter Fan says:

    Our own crazy eight is on fire like Richard Pryor.

    A shame it went the way it did. Felt like a backwards game. Props to Mr. Greene and Mr. White for generating the offense. It felt like at least half of the ten goals scored in regulation was at the blueline with so many deflection attempts it looked like a ceremonial gauntlet that the puck has to go through. Brodeur saw waaay too many shots go his way tonight and it looked like it gave him cancer.

    Frustrating. But man-o-man, I do love that Zubbie Counter.