Thoughts from Section 209.. Devils/Sharks 2/15/2009

Anyone else kinda think NBC screwed up a little bit this weekend??? I mean yeah… the world needed to see Mike Richards (and every idiot on TV call him BRAD at least once.. morons) score that hilarious 3 on 5 shg on the Rangers… hell I damn near fell off my Sun Tavern Bar Stool!!! But even with that in mind… holy shit that was some game in Newark yesterday wasn’t it???

Again sorry this is so late… when you get any kinda cold it goes right to my asthma… and to say I feel like shit is an understatement… but I didn’t miss one game (I did nothing else all week outside my house)… but I went to all 5 home games…hooray… someone buy me a cookie… or let me cough on you so i can pass this shit on and feel better!!!

the Good:
— CLAUDE LEMIEUX WAS BACK!!! And he got to start the game so we gave him a nice cheer (him and Randy McKay are my all time favorite Devils bar none!)… sucked that he wasn’t announced as the starter so he could get a proper ovation!!
— Secondary scoring… nice to see Rolston, Clarkson and Elias on the scoresheet at last… as great as the top line is they can NOT be getting 3 points a night and we won’t go far that way….
— Power play goals! Any night we can yell fuck off Sam Rosen three times, I wholly approve of (hell even scoring the RIGHT way on a 5 on 3 was nifty!!)

the Bad:
— ….. once the standing ovation was over… Claude… kinda… sucked… maybe the comeback.. not so good idea, pepe?
— NO DAN BOYLE!!!!!!! We spent weeks planning a Section 209 Frontal Assault on mister’s house was burning down… apparently he was burning up with fever!!!
— Paul Martin skates in warmups… then disappears?? (thank God he wasn’t traded… I was almost worried Lou did something batty)
— I was pissed off last year when Nabby was hurt and the ONE GAME he did not play all year was the one in Newark… so finally I get to see him live… and man he was just AWFUL, but I do watch much Shark games and that whole team looks in a funk…. but still nabby and kipper are my two favorite goalies in the league to watch and as a goalie it kinda annoyed me that he sucked… and you knew Clemmy was due for a 5-burger after somehow having a shutout streak… after all.. brian boucher… he… is not!!!!
— Brian Gionts JUST TOO SHORT to get that gimmie pass from Zubrus on the anti-Clarkson wraparound pass!!! *grrr*, though I milk the Gionta short jokes like NBC does Cindy Crosby!

the funny:
— you could tell amongst the season ticket holders that 5 games in what 9-10 days… it’s a bit MUCH… and I think we’re just a little bit sick of each other… it’s like that girl that asks you for a break and some space…. except we’ll actually be ok in 10 days when we see each other again! (wait to see the pissy on the back to back matinee games coming!)
— Sammy walking up and down the aisle by the two nice looking girls in sharks jerseys holding the banister and yelling EARTHQUAAAKKKKKEEEE …. yeah that was a site!!!
— We still had our Dan Boyle moments (after all, he’s still the star for having his house burn down!!)… they played Springsteen’s Dancin in the Dark… [i]Can’t start a fire… can’t start a fire without a spark…..
Dan Boyle’s for hire… even if his house is burning in the dark!![/i]
— 5 on 3 shorthanded goal!!!! I can’t help it… I literally put my head down on the bar before the game turned to Brian and said dude “I am LOL-ing”… tears were shed … really!!


  1. I also forgot to mention, it’s a helluva job by Devils fans to fill that arena for BOTH the San Jose AND LA Kings games!!!!!

    Take THAT in your “no one wants to see the other conference play” garbage!!

    Bring on Calgary!! I am psyched for that one!!!

  2. We should be getting the Brodeur/Kipper Dream Match that Calgary was VERY VERY FORTUNATE to witness last year…I thought even with 0-0 going into OT, that was an amazing game..PERIOD…hopefully that’ll be the case in Newark….I mark out for Kipper as well Scott….but believe me, I’m NOT looking foward to back to back 1pm games…..

  3. Yeah I hope we do, though we’ve had that one before too… we’ve never had Marty/Nabby

    how can you forget that western canada trip with gramma sutter dancing in the suite???

    We need to get a gathering for one of these road games at my bar… it’s high time we hijacked Sun Tavern and started scaring people silly!!! Any Union County people feeling up to it???

    the worst game ever was a Noon Matinee on NEW YEAR’S DAY!! CMON NHL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. sometime in march..the devils are @ the island…at 2pm…2PM…when are games ever at 2??? its usually 1, 3, 7 or later…

  5. You’re Sun is the one in Roselle, right Scott? I was at the one in Union last week, though not on a game night. I have never even seen the Roselle one…

    I’m totally down for road game bar-dom, presuming I’m not stuck at work and/or class.

  6. Roselle Park, yes (basically Parkway to 137, turn left and enjoy!)

    the one in Union is no longer a Sun Tavern

    We need to make this happen (BTW they have wireless internet too!)

  7. what kind of brews they got there?

  8. Ummm
    Sam, Bud, Yeung Ling, Coors Light

    I dunno… I know there’s more… the lovely bartenders just love to get me nice and loaded on shots 🙂

  9. Wireless internet = drunken livecappery!

  10. Hey how about Tuesday March 3, vs the Leafs for a night for this??

    not to mention it’s trade deadline day.. oh the pain!

  11. Trade deadline day got pushed back a day actually…and I’ll have to let you know, weekdays are rough with school, but a Tuesday’s probably best of the weekdays, I should be able to swing it.

  12. Tuesday is also their slowest night of the week, so it’s why my preferred night, we’ll have much room all over!

  13. Hmmm…You make an interesting and good point. I’ll see what I can do.