Sometimes you can’t pick just one

…As was the case with the most recent entries in the ZubbieCounterContest.  Thus, for Zubbie’s 26th Goal As A Devil, we have two winners.  One looked like it required a good amount of work, and the other just made me giggle.  Congrats, Mike J. and Kevin B.  Y’all are in the running for undetermined free swag at the end of the season.

For those who have forgotten somehow:  When Dainius Zubrus scores a goal, make or take a picture and send it to us with the words “__th Goal As A Devil!”  The proper e-mail for such an entry is zubbiecounter at gmail dot com.  Hopefully Zubbie steps it up some and we can keep seeing your awesome creations.


  1. holy poo on a stick…WHOOO my pic made it up…YESS!!!….hopefully zubbie scores next saturday in montreal (i’ll be there)..i’ll make some kind of kool zubbie counter pic from there

  2. Kevin B. says:

    I’m VERY excited to see i finally made it in the running for some swag. I fell like i’ve had better ones but Dean Wormer will do 😀

  3. can’t deny the zubbie the power of the moon as he is an honorary moonanite