Urgent Message, Part 4

Attention Devils:

No hard feelings.  You did everything I asked.

Attention referees:

You’re now Dead To Me.

Much love, you jerks.

-2 Man Advantage.


  1. WOW. thats all i have to say about that debacle.

  2. RICO SUAVE says:

    game 5 is a must win…that simple.

  3. Shitty as it may, this was an unbelievable game (if you are a ‘Canes’ fan). Devils in 6!!

  4. RICO SUAVE says:

    oh, this will be the first time i want us to win the series on the road…need to put carolina in their place.

  5. Dano, Maven, Butch, et al would be right in saying that the Devils defense should have mauled Jokinen and should have done X, Y, and Z. But it doesn’t excuse goalie interference.

    Rule 69.1 – the NHL officials failed tonight.

    I feel the Devils are going to maul the Canes in Game 5 and 6. The Devils did nearly come from 3 goals behind to get the win. They will move to make sure it’s not even close, I think.

  6. God I hope you’re right, John. I’m less than confidant at the moment.

  7. Zubbie Counter Fan says:

    You know what? I told my girlfriend 5 minutes before the end of the 2nd that we were going to score 3 goals in 15 minutes. My predictions on who were going to score for us, I wasn’t so accurate about. But I could NEVER…EVER…have thought of it ending like this. Brodeur blow-up, well received.

  8. Exactly how did the officials screw up rule 69.1???

  9. So when’s the “bump a Marty party”?

    I’m sorry. I just thought that was hilarious.

  10. At this point, I wouldn’t mind if somebody (probably Holik or Rupp) ran Ward and tore every ligament in his knee. Carolina deserves it. I’d rather Jokinen, Gleason, Staal or Pitkanen got hurt, but I’m not picky.

  11. Why do i feel i am the only one who isn’t angry about the “non-call” but angered by Paul Martin’s weak clearing attempt? 4 seconds to go, freeze the puck against the boards with your skate…sit on it.. 4 SECONDS… cmon

  12. rico suave says:

    guys, i’m as upset as you but brodeur is not getting run by any means. dont’ get me wrong, the goal should have been disallowed…but there is no reason for the “running ward” crap to begin. this really hasn’t been a dirty/physical series, just watch phillie and the flames and then we can talk.

  13. I think we all just need to put it behind us. I mean think about this. HOW GREAT IS PLAYOFF HOCKEY? These two teams have already played 4 AMAZING games. Each guy from both sides comes onto the ice every game and is fighting for space, the puck, a shooting lane, a hit etc.

    Its great. Just enjoy how awesome this series has been.



    Don’t get me wrong though. I will have no problem with the DEVILS winning the series down in Carolina.

    GO DEVILS. So pumped for TOMORROW night.

  14. Amen, Marc.

    I’m not usually one to blame the refs – I believe you make your own luck, and that any human error involved in refereeing is pretty evenly distributed across all teams – but last night was kind of brutal at the end. It’s only such a big deal because it was the GWG with less than a second to go – otherwise, it sucks but you live with it.

    If you take the letter of the law (rule 69.1), he was interfered with. The crease means nothing in this case, and the opposing skater did not make an attempt to avoid contact. He didn’t know Marty was there most likely, so he couldn’t have made the attempt, yes?

    But how often is that rule interpreted to the letter of the law anyway? We got hosed, but I think the more obvious goalie interference happened during the third goal anyway.

    Regardless, it’s all in the past now, and like Marc said, it’s a best of three with two of them at home. It’s up to the red and black (err…the New Jersey red and black, not the Carolina red and black…friggin Hurricanes make it so I can’t even vary what I call our damn team!) to take what happened last night and use it as fodder to fuel a series win.

  15. if there’s any1 on carolina i would consider hurting its tuomo rutuu….i hate him and his bigger jerk off brother up in ottawa….but to tuomo’s credit, altho he is a rotten player, he (unlike his brother) has skills….but still all ruutu’s must go down!!!…yea i know i spelled the name 2 ways just incase

  16. I would have had no problem with them disallowing the goal, but not giving us the PP. Actually, I think it would have been a soft penalty. Marty got hit a lot worse earlier though, and nobody called that. I wouldn’t say the Canes have been clean. I’m sick of the diving, and they HAVE run Marty a lot, because they keep getting away with it. The slightly calmer version of me doesn’t REALLY want Ward to get hurt, but I do want Holik to run him once to send a message to their bench that if the refs aren’t gonna call it, we can take their goalie out too. Somebody’s gotta protect Marty.

    As for following the letter of the law or not, I’d rather the refs made something up on the spot. It’s better than letting a bad no call decide the game. I would have reset the clock to 1 second and given the Canes and offensive zone faceoff. Better than giving them the game, or letting the Devils start OT with a soft PP (not that we would have capitalized or anything). Whatever, it’s over, and we need to win 2 out of 3. No excuses. Let’s Go Devils.

  17. I agree.. Thers no turning back the clock so we jus have to deal with it. You and I bothe know the devils are going to come out with some fury tomorrow, we’ll get the win and hopefully shut those douche-i-acs up. You know brodys gonna be on his a game

  18. At least the Rangers are beating the number 2 seed in the East. We won’t look that bad as Washington.