Game 5: Hurricanes @ Devils SORTACAP!

10:08 PM: I’m gonna call it a night, boys n’ girls.  Thanks as always for hanging with me.  Goodnight!

10:05 PM: It’s funny how my Sorta-Caps always turn into LiveCaps at the end.  Devils lead the series, 3-2, game 6 in Raleigh Sunday – if the Capitals beat the Rangers tomorrow night, then our game Sunday will likely be on MSG+ at night.  If the Rangers win, our game will likely be on NBC during the day.  I’m pulling even moreso for the Caps tomorrow, ’cause, well, I got work on Sunday.

10:03 PM: Doc, doing the usual end-of-game TV stuff…”This game is a copyrighted event, you don’t want to monkey with our attorneys, ’cause they’re tough.”  Bwahahaha.

10:01 PM: Three stars:  3. Andy Greene, 2. David Clarkson, 1. Martin Brodeur.  I love Andy Greene, and I can’t stand the Hurricanes, but Ward should have been one of the three stars.

10:00 PM: YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!  Jesus Christ I could not handle letting one up late again.  Holy god.  Game over, Devils win, 1-0, and there will be at least one more playoff game at the Rock.  Oh god it feels good.

9:58 PM: Okay, after the icing it was a Hurricanes time out.  Now it’s a Devils time out, after a drive is covered by Brodeur.

9:56 PM: Oduya without a stick in the defensive zone, Martin picks up the pick and goes all the way up ice, Elias with a blast, Ward loses the rebound way out of the net but no one can connect with Ward out of position.  Eventually, Devils ice the puck, Devils time-out, and there’s 23 seconds left with a faceoff in the Devils zone.

9:55 PM: HOLY GOD WHAT GLORIOUS CHANCES!  Ward out of the net, less than a minute to go.

9:53 PM: Wow, shots are 40-39 Devils.  The goalies are by far the stars tonight.  Two minutes to go.

9:50 PM: Again, Chad LaRose is given room to move.  Again, Marty’s up to the task.  Scary nonetheless.  Four and a half minutes left.

9:49 PM: Pandolfo sprung on a glorious breakaway and stopped by Ward!  Drats!

9:47 PM: Andy Greene is playing out of his freakin’ mind.  He’s gotta be at at least a half-dozen shots, as a third-pairing defenseman.

9:46 PM: Bad defense there.  Rolston bounces it off the boards back to Martin, who’s not really paying much attention…

9:45 PM: Devils to the PP, Eaves takes…some sort of penalty.

9:43 PM: We can’t keep thinking Chad LaRose is Chad LaRose and therefore doesn’t require attention.  He’s playing out of his mind this series, stop letting him WALK RIGHT IN ON GOAL UNTOUCHED!  Luckily Marty’s not asleep.

9:40 PM: Nine minutes left in the game.  That stomachache I had during game 3?  It’s back.

9:38 PM: HUGE glove save by Cam Ward on Parise.

9:37 PM: Blue Jackets give up a goal with less than a minute left in their game, after taking a too many men on the ice penalty, and Detroit has swept Columbus.  Shame.  Philly beats Pittsburgh and lives to fight another day.

9:32 PM: Playoff hockey is hazardous to one’s health.

9:29 PM: Penalty: Killed.  Phew.

9:27 PM: Colin White’s out of the box.  Johnny Oduya’s in the box.  He done cross-checked a Hurricane.

9:25 PM: Game back on.

9:07 PM: Aaaaand that’s the end of the second.  Hurricanes will start with a minute of PP time when the third starts, and the Devils lead 1-0.

9:05 PM: White to the box for roughing with less than a minute to go in the second.

9:04 PM: Must be embarrassing, Chad LaRose, to be thrown to the ice by Brian Gionta.

9:00 PM: Blue Jackets/Red Wings game is nuts, 5-5 after 2.  C’mon Jackets!

8:59 PM: Jesus Christ, Mike Rupp.  It’s not often you can get sprung on a breakaway like that from Marty Brodeur.  The least you could do is PRETEND like you don’t have hands of marble and maybe, y’know, not get pickpocketed from behind?

8:52 PM: Okay, it was tipped by Clarkson.  I was so excited for the Mean Greene Goal-Scorin’ Machine.  Now he’s just a Mean Greene Assist-ing Machine.  I’ll take it anyway.

8:50 PM: GOAL!  Andy Greene with a rocket from the point!  Possibly tipped by Clarkson in front, 1-0 Devils!

8:46 PM: Much as I don’t like to give other team’s players affectionate nicknames, particularly pains-in-the-ass like him – but Ryan Bayda needs a nickname.  Ryan VHS Or Bayda?  Ryan Bayda-kerotine?  Ryan Alpha Bayda Parking Lot?

8:44 PM: Still no score, 12 minutes left in the second.

8:37 PM: Clarkson got sammiched by opposing sticks.  No penalty.

8:33 PM: So much for that PP.  Rolston goes down for holding, 4-on-4 for a minute or so.

8:30 PM: Second period on, it looks like Marty was indeed cut by the skate blade of the Hurricane.  He’s still out there, so I guess he’s good?  Starting the period with the fire that we need, and Tim Gleason interferes with Parise, so the Devils to the PP.

8:11 PM: No score after one.  Andy Greene is shooting like he wants to keep playing beyond tonight.  I like that.  He’s talking to Stan Fischler now, and looks weird with a playoff beard.  Devils looked good late in the period and might have scored with there were a few more minutes in the period.  Gotta come out with that kind of fire to start the second.

8:05 PM: Alright.  Alright.  Marty gets tripped, but if the last few days have done anything for me, it’s gotten me intimately acquainted with NHL rule 69.1, and since the dude who took Marty’s feet out from under him was being pushed/trying to avoid contact, it’s no penalty.  Somewhere in the resulting play, Marty picks up an interference penalty, and seems to be kind of hurt, though he’s still playing.  Might have been cut by the skate of the offending Hurricane.

8:04 PM: I…have no words.  I want to see a replay before I completely freak.

7:54 PM: THAT was the big save by Marty that we desperately needed.  Great play by Johnny O, cutting out the passing lane on that 2-on-1.

7:43 PM: Oooooh that’s rich, goalie interference on David Clarkson three minutes into the game.  Is that how it’s gonna be?

7:34 PM: Anton Babchuk, he of the four goals against the Devils and the cannon of a slapshot on the powerplay, is a healthy scratch this evening for Carolina.  Allow me to ask the same question I’m sure most New Jersey (and Carolina) fans are asking when I say…B-WHAAAAAA?

7:15 PM: Hey gang.  Can’t commit to being here all game long for a true LiveCap, so I’m going to check in every once in awhile with thoughts and observations.  Consider this an open thread for game discussion.


  1. Let’s Go Devils

  2. You know, Josh,
    On days where you can’t LiveCap,
    You should have an epic teenage Devils fan LiveCap for 2MA…hmm, where ever would you find one?

    Well, I had to try, right?

  3. If they breathe on Brodeur I want a penalty.

  4. Gee Kristyn, indeed I wonder where one could find an epic teenage Devils fan who is talented at LiveCappery. That would be IMPOSSIBLE! 🙂

  5. Good kill, better statement by Clarkie, I wanted somebody to run Ward early

  6. COUGH.
    Psssttt…I know one!!

    Someone once told me that subtly wasn’t my strong suit…I don’t know where they got that from…

  7. You know someone like that?! Craaaaazy. Haha

  8. Nice energy early

  9. Can we get Albelin or Dano to dress for Havelid?

  10. Does anyone else cringe when Marty falls down? Seriously, if he so much as gets bumped again, I think I’m gonna throw up.

  11. Greenie playoff beard!!

  12. Andy Greene never struck me as one who could physically grow a playoff beard. I’m impressed with him tonight, both in facial hair and offensive prowess.

  13. i cant watch it because i’m stuck in Suckadelphia for a few more weeks but what’s the Greener’s playoff beard like? Does it come in like Joe Dirt’s: all spotty but not all red neck-y like JD’s is?

  14. Kevin – imagine early-round John Madden playoff beard.

  15. I still want to see Zachy boy grow a playoff beard! I’m convinced that I could grow one faster than lil Zach could 😛

    I’m still Team Oduya as far as playoff facial hair goes.

  16. The horse just jostled him in the crease again, soft, and nothing came of it, but still

  17. #11 looks rugged by the middle of round 2… i dont think Greene can spell that, never mind grow it

  18. PS- Ryan “Mater” Bayda

    sorry, had to be done

  19. DAMN… Ryan “Master” Bayda… THAT had to be done

  20. That’s what I THOUGHT you were getting at, Kevin, haha.

  21. Mater means mother in Latin…

  22. nice penalty jackass Colin….

  23. My defibrillator has already paid for itself!

  24. I am in no way trying to promote my ‘blog’ but I got bored and decided to write a Devils ‘poem’ that I think most of you will find amusing.

  25. damn this game is really a nail biter!! LETS GO DEVILS!!!

  26. That was awesome, Kristyn.

  27. idk if any of you have seen the first goal of the Flyers/Pens game but it was scored by Aaron Asham… i suggest you all watch it and then think to yourself “WHERE IN THE HELL WAS THAT WHEN HE WAS A DEVIL!?!?!”

  28. Mouse…
    Mater does mean mother in later
    Pater means father
    Frater means brother
    Soror means mother

    6 years of Latin classes makes you know these things :-\

  29. Soror means sister.

    Kevin’s not having a great night at the keyboard tonight. I’ll blame Philadelphia.

  30. Nice Kevin, I’m teaching it now.

  31. Thank you, Josh. 😀

  32. I wish I could say I was drunk to explain all of this but I cant. I blame having to listen to the Flyers play-by-play guy and Bill friggen Clement

    PS- Quote of the night from my sister: “I dont know why Doc gets excited when Madden has the puck. He’s not going to score.”

  33. Kevin – I think the SAME THING every time he gets sprung on a breakaway or two-on-one. I don’t even give it a second look when I’m at the games anymore.

  34. Holy lord this is tight.

  35. YES!!!! VERSUS PUT IT ON!!!! I’m going to go sit on the couch with a murderous nervous look on my face

  36. Congrats Kevin! Who do you get announcer-wise? I just went to look and Versus is blacked out for me now.

  37. You really can’t say enough how great Doc and Chico are.

  38. No you certainly can not. I am so thankful every day that I live in New Jersey and can catch the MSG+ feed every game.

  39. Sadly we’re getting the Canes guys… last game they gave us Doc and Chico. I assume they just give us the road team announcers when they do these cut ins

  40. I wish SOOOOO much i heard Doc’s call of that cluster fuck in front of the net. Did it sound like he just went through puberty like it usually does with those scenes?

  41. Dago Red says:

    Man, has this series been some of the best damn playoff hockey in years?

  42. DEVILSS WINNNNNN!!!!!!!!!

  43. WHAT A BIG FUCKING WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. You ain’t just whistling dixie, Dago. Holy god what a series so far.

  45. Good, no star for Ward

  46. I don’t want to hear ANY complaints about Marty EVER again.

  47. i just took my first breathe in 5 minutes

  48. And more evidence that Josh will never not be livecapping again!

  49. i tihnk i spelt that wrong again… fuck it… who cares! WE WON!!! I’m gonna go not type anymore tonight and mold young minds in the classroom tomorrow! Good night all. Keep on keepin on.

  50. Haha matt – if game 6 is Sunday afternoon, you’re gonna have to call my bosses and explain to them why I shouldn’t be working then. And if it’s Sunday night, well…I’ll LiveCap from the bar if I have to.