Well Done.

The team might as well board the plane to game 7 right now… Considering they never even left the locker room to begin with.

Way to go guys.


  1. PATHETIC. Straight up PATHETIC.

  2. rico suave says:

    you know things are bad when the best player on the ice for us was the man closest in age to sutter. shanny had the best opportunities by far.

  3. Brian Finkel says:

    Shit and I was pissed that I wouldn’t be able to watch the game with work last night.

    I was hoping the Rangers would win game 5 so I could get up early and watch the afternoon Devils game before work but I wouldn’t of missed much if they had played then.

    Devils come out firing when they’re at home and backs against the wall but the fact that they can’t match these teams intensity ALL THE TIME is frustrating and scary.

    How do they expect to beat teams like the B’s, Pens, etc if they pick and choose when to show up for a game.

    Should never have gotten this far….they just better be able to pick themselves out of this hole and finish.

    I gotta agree with what a Canes fan said on the NJO forums.

    “Hats off to the best NHL series that hasn’t been shown save as after thoughts on TV.

    With no Ovechkin, no Crosby, I can see why the NHL brass would rather showcase their “stars” instead of great, gritty and oh so painfully evenly matched teams go at it.

    Both teams have had routs.

    Both teams have won in OT

    Both teams have won a tight goalie duel.

    Hate to say it, but if the “unthinkable happens” and the Canes fall, as I have no other teams to root for, this Canes fan will root for the Devils.

    Excuse me though if I say I hope that doesn’t happen.”

    It has been an intense, close series. Both teams have looked like shit and then played awesome. It’ll be very interesting tomorrow.