Scott Stevens, was that you? (A half-cap, if you will)

11:53 PM ET: A bittersweet moment, but we must give congratulations to Richard H. as he has taken home the 2MA t-shirt. Thanks to all who entered!

10:10 PM ET: What a waste. Season over.

10:08 PM ET:
…and that’s that. Staal fires one past Marty with just seconds left. You’ve gotta be kidding me.

10:07 PM ET:
Devils with the timeout. I’m not sure my heart can handle this.

10:06 PM ET:
Well, we have a minute left. Please do not break my heart, New Jersey.

10:05 PM ET:

10:01 PM ET:
Marty with a purty glove save on Rod Brind’amour. Do I need to bust out the You Go Girl picture? I think I do. Ever since that crap goal Brodeur gave up early in the first, he’s been on FI-YAH.

9:57 PM ET:
Two-on-one, Madden and Whitey. That’s almost as good as a Colin White penalty shot.

9:51 PM ET:
Martin Brodeur is a pretty darn good goalie. Just sayin’. He’s keepin’ the lead for the Devils right now.

9:51 PM ET:
Cam Ward is a pretty darn good goalie. Just sayin’. He’s keepin’ the Canes in it right now.

9:47 PM ET:
Madden with the game on his stick, can’t quite get it high enough on Ward. Consequently, Tuomo Ruutu gets absolutely reamed by Patty Elias. This has not been Ruutu’s night.

9:47 PM ET:

9:46 PM ET:
MARTIN BRODEUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11ONE!1

9:45 PM ET:
Captain-brunner takes a bad penalty…no good. This is a huge kill here. DO IT.

9:38 PM ET:
Madden and Pandolfo on a two-on-one? Wow, I’m having serious flashbacks here.

9:33 PM ET:
So, yeah, normally the Rangers Suck chants annoy the heck outta me, but there’s something so divine about hearing 17,625 fans mocking the failed season of the Blueshirts in unison.

Loves it.

9:32 PM ET:
HOW DID THAT NOT GO IN? Elias, you’re fired.

9:29 PM ET:
Let us all take a moment bow our heads in silence for the Rangers’ 2009 season. Rest in Peace, New York. Rest in Peace.

…Nelson, I need to borrow your laugh right here.

9:15 PM ET: Oh, and thanks to everyone who entered the 2MA t-shirt contest! Winner will be announced at the conclusion of tonight’s contest!

9:13 PM ET: And we’re done with two! Devils with an additional buck-twenty left on the power play going into the third period.  I need a drink.

9:11 PM ET: Atta-boy, Zachy. Good to see Parise back on the ice immediately after getting his cheek ripped open.

9:08 PM ET:
Okay, I was totally kidding about, you know, any injury to Zach Parise. Poor pretty boy takes a stick to the face, draws blood and we’re on a four-minute man advantage. Make Gleason and the Canes pay Black ‘n Red!

9:04 PM ET:

9:02 PM ET:
I’m going to punch Zach Parise in the knee. Keep your stick down holmes! ‘Nother penalty kill for the Devils. Gotta stop taking the penalties.

9:00 PM ET:

8:56 PM ET:
If Facebook had a Does Not Like button, I’d click it for that play. BAD PENALTY CALL for flip’s sakes! Two-man advantage for the wrong team. Huge kill coming up. DO IT BOYZ! ‘Kay, maybe Facebook has taken over my life too.

Speaking of, add us on Facebook! …ah crap. Addicted.

8:50 PM ET: YUS!! POWER PLAY GOAL SUCKAS! 3-2 NEW JERSEY! What a PLAY by Brian Gionta! Amazing awareness, throws it over to Brian Rolston who *gasp* FINALLY GETS A GOAL! Oh my GOSH it’s like it was in the stars…

8:48 PM ET:
Solid shift by Black ‘n Red results in another pee-pee. If I don’t get my power play goal, I’m going to cry.

8:37 PM ET:
Uh…defense? Hello? Tied game. That power play goal would have been lovely, eh? Whatever, Ray Whitney is stupid.

8:36 PM ET:
Why does our power play suck so much?

8:34 PM ET:
Huge pee-pee! …uh…that sounds wrong. I WANT A POWER PLAY GOAL DARN IT.

8:33 PM:
‘Kay, Brendan Shanahan is awesome. Solid two-way play tonight by the 75893-year-old forward.

8:15 PM: PS Jay Pandolfo can grow a playoff beard like no one’s business. Shades of Scott Niedermayer anyone? …lies. That man came out of the womb with a full, furry, fantastic beard.

8:14 PM: Shaky start, solid ending. Good period overall. I like when the defense doesn’t completely suck. I also like when Captain-brunner looks like his old self.



Holy…Johnny O-flippin-duya!

That was the hit of the playoffs right there ladies ‘n gents. I’m pretty sure poor Tuomo is still shakin’ in his skates right now…if he even remembers what skates after that boomer of an open ice hit.



  1. This is ground control to Major Rolston. What a rocket.

  2. Elias just lit Rooootooo up.

  3. I’m watching at home (and kudos to youse at the Rock – I can hear the “heyyy… you SUCK!” chants after Devs’ goals with THX volume and clarity on Versus) and every time Doc pops a chubby about a 2-on-1, it’s always Madden/Pandalfo or Madden/White. Chrissakes, wake me up when there’s a real scoring chance.

  4. absolutely….i have no words. this team has rewritten the books on the word “choke.”

  5. awwwww choke…..

  6. At a loss for words. Horrible, horrible last two minutes.

  7. 119 to the next round..I mean really….2 goals?? I’m disgusted

  8. If i could i’d punt a baby or puppy or anything that brings joy and happiness to this Earth into the fucking Passaic right now. I chugged 2 Keystone Lights (yes, i’m in college) in 5 minutes and am going to not speak words untill I absolutely have to. Fantastic. I’m going to go make it 3 Keystones.

  9. Brian Finkel says:

    Basically 59 minutes they were the better team….looked so good and handling the play.

    Like Fischler said, if you let the Canes use their speed into the zone they cycle so well. Devils sit back and don’t pressure them at all and the Canes score.

    When they got desperate and started doing that I thought Marty would bail them out but had a feeling this might happen.

    Staal’s goal was totally unacceptable since whoever was playing D hung back way too much and that was a bad goal for Marty to give up.

    Funny how after tying the game and taking the lead, it all goes back to that Ruutu goal that Marty never should’ve given up.

  10. Perhaps I am angry, but Patrick Roy doesn’t lose that game like that.

  11. Paul Maurice reminds me of Hitler. And terrorists. And AIDS. And all things bad in this world.

  12. Zubbie Counter Fan says:

    I…don’t know how to feel…just now…

  13. How would you like your baby served?

  14. C’mon, when Ward made that glove save through a crowd late in the game, didn’t you just know it was going to end this way?

  15. Seriously, what a lose for words.

    How do let in 2 goals in the final minute in a game 7?


  16. fucking team showed no heart tonight. this is not the devils club i loved.


  18. Last one: Parise is a champ, his pretty-to-tough ratio is seriously off the charts, but he needs Langs at full strength. I thought Rolston and Pando played amazing games, until the last five minutes. Same for Shanny. Sutter BADLY mismatched lines at the end, and again, the inability to D up and clear a puck at a key moment cost them. They had two chances to win the series, and blew it big time. canes fought until the horn, and that’s what counted. one small highlight, rendered moot by the game’s outcome: i started an epic rangers goal song rendition at the fire bar after watching the rags get closed out. of course, we were up then and felt unstoppable so now i feel like a douce.

    rant over. peace guys, i discovered this little blog late in the season, but you people are great stock. thanks for the excellent livecaps, josh.

  19. I am just speechless…don’t know what to say…You figure that they would know that the canes are fighters and you can not sit back and protect a 1 goal lead.

    It is going to be a loooooong day tomorrow at work. I think I may call out; living in NC is going to be hell the next couple of weeks.

  20. man I’m a Devils and a Sharks fan which really sucks. This 1st round has been ultra brutal for me…I just don’t know…The only thing I can say is I hope this wasn’t the last game I see Gionta in a Devils uniform…

  21. RICO SUAVE says:

    someone please get a pic of zach’s face after the canes took the lead, right before a faceoff. mouth hung open, not knowing where he was. looked like he got knocked out. pretty much sums up the season right there. oh, if you include his under eye cut he pretty much looked like little mac if he survived into round two of tyson.

  22. I didn’t think it was possible to actually have a worse humiliation than last year but this year’s Devils somehow managed, and took a dump on what was a great season till mid-March. Bravo boys!

  23. Zubbie Counter Fan says:

    Captainbrunner sheds a tear like Bambi got shot between the eyes with a rail spike by Megatron. That was painful to see.

  24. Kevin B. says:

    Does anyone else just want to kick Brodeur in the fucking face for saying “the dreaded 7-hole” like it was a fucking joke? It’s almost 12 hours later and I’m still so unbelievably pissed off that it is unimaginable. He didn’t even seem pissed or angry or sad about his play last night. No, they did not make great plays in front of him down the strech but YOU’RE THE BEST FUCKING GOALIE EVER! ACT LIKE IT!

    This team has a lot of question marks going into next year and I’m looking at Lou right now. Has he lost his touch? Here are my examples:
    1) Havelid- 0G, 4A, -2 in the regular season; 0G, 1A, E in the playoffs (Greene or Leach should have played regularly)
    2) Holik- 4G, 5A, -2 in regular season; 3 games played in the playoffs (I know much wasnt expected but he had 66 dumb PIM. A rookie or Pelley would have added more to the team)
    3) Pandolfo and Zubrus’ CONTRACTS (GENIUS!)

    I mulled over adding Rolston, but he was hurt for almost 20 games and it didnt kill me to see him out there when he was. I hope Vanderbeek does hand over the business side of things to someone else and just let Lou run the team because selling the rights to the power play to PSE&G is not as important as getting out of the first fucking round these days.

  25. Dago Red says:

    What a fucking horrible night.

    I know it’s irrelevant now, but this series should have been over in 5 games.

    How many empty nets did Patrick Elias stare at in the last 7 games, only to shoot wide or partially fan on his shots?

    How many clear 2-on-1s did the Devs have in the 3rd period of G7 only to have Madden crank his shots directly into Ward’s breadbasket?

    And Brodeur… I’m sorry, but his lassez-faire attitude these last few years is unnacceptable. He’s always been happy-go-lucky in many ways, but it seems to me he’s lost the kind of passion for winning that we saw resurface for a day during game 5. His attitude is why he’s able to bounce back quickly after miserable performances, but the tradeoff is that he simply sucks in big games.

    One of the problems with finishing so high in the standings year after year is that Lou hasn’t been able to do any real housecleaning (not to mention no access to the draft’s cream of the crop year after year). I love John Madden but time has caught up with him – when he lost a step his game plummeted. Same with Holik.

    On a personal note, I hate to admit this, but I also feel a sense of relief after the Devs are eliminated. I can go back to my normally scheduled “life” thingee.

  26. I’m convinced Elias was hurt. At least I hope he was. He hasn’t looked like himself in a month.

  27. I agree with Kevin. MB30 is supposed to be our hero and last night he just wasn’t himself.

  28. King Henrik says:

    “Let us all take a moment bow our heads in silence for the Rangers’ 2009 season. Rest in Peace, New York. Rest in Peace.

    …Nelson, I need to borrow your laugh right here.”

    So….see you guys on the golf course?

  29. Kay!

  30. Matt:

    Yeah – that “Rangers Suck” chant that went up at the Rock just made my schadenfreude at the Devils’ collapse that much more delicious.

    Sucks to be a NY/NJ-area hockey fan right about now, no matter which of the locals you root for… see you all next season!

  31. “9:33 PM ET: So, yeah, normally the Rangers Suck chants annoy the heck outta me, but there’s something so divine about hearing 17,625 fans mocking the failed season of the Blueshirts in unison.

    Loves it.”

    Heh. Heh. Heh heh. MWAHAHAHAHA!

    Hockey sucks sometimes.

  32. Dump White & Havelid says:

    woman clowns are hot