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Guess who’s back?
Back again?
Josh is back!
Tell a friend.

Ahem.  Thank you.  I have returned from the dark depths known as summer classes.  Y’know, when they stuff four months worth of knowledge and work into your brain over the course of four weeks.  Of course, I’m doing it again this month, but I don’t actually have to BE there.

So instead, I can be here!  Huzzah!

First order of bid-ness comes in the form of “OMGLOOKATUSWEREGONNALIVECAPFREEAGENCY!”

Get here early, as the immitible Steve Stirling will be keeping you posted on all the pre-noon FA opening shenanegans and goings-on.

Then, around noonish, there will be a seemless transition of updating power, as Steve takes his leave and I take my seat at the laptop/television screens.  And by seemless transition, I mean one or both of us will likely go missing and the internets will possibly explode.


So join us tomorrow for the third annual 2 Man Advantage Free Agent Signing Day Happy Fun Time & Box Social!

Also, I haven’t forgotten about the ZubbieCounterContest.  I’ll get on that…eventually.  Before the summer’s out.  Probably.  Hey, maybe we’ll get lucky and the contest voting will be a big celebration of the trade to ditch Zubbie’s contract that Lou is surely working on as we speak.

…He’s not working on it as we speak?



  1. scott gomez is a hab

  2. Zubbie Counter Fan says:

    Rangers have as much loyalty as he does.

    Zajac is next to sign. Come oooon!

  3. that kinda sucks cause i never had anything against the habs…..but the way gomez did us dirty…i dunno…i kinda gotta hate the habs now? nah i forgive them for playin in an amazing…fuck gomez can rott….its ok, if lou is still our GM 5 years from now, he’ll resign Gomez at another surreal attempt to reflect on the past

  4. Kevin B. says:

    No qualifying offer to Greene. He’s now a UFA tomorrow but Lou has high hopes (yes, high hopes) that he’ll be back. Jay Bouwmeester has also signed with Calgary. 5 for 6.6 per.


  5. honestly, im not expecting anything big or good….i’ll be watching all the offensive dynamo’s go to other teams…perhaps division rivals…as we sign guys of havelid or holik caliber play…yes and EVERY team NEEDS mike rupp (sarcasm)…and i bet we still have zubrus at the begining of the season…zubbieCOUNTERS are fun but ZUBRUS is turrible……..sorry, can u blame me for thinking that way?

  6. I wouldn’t be stunned in the least if we don’t sign anyone (except Andy Greene, natch) tomorrow.

    Hey, last time Lou didn’t tender an RFA d-man it was Johnny Oduya, and that worked out well. So maybe Andy will join Johnny in the ranks of the awesome soon.



    I can’t lose Madden AND Weekes AND Greene in ONE off-season!!! NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Can’t this team be exciting for once and sign someone dynamic?