Today the Devils signed former draft pick Ilkka Pikkarainen.

Exciting, right?

The 28-year-old forward spent the last three seasons in Finland, posting 24 goals and 13 assists for 37 points in 54 games last year. He also racked up 149 penalty minutes.

The 220 pound Pikkarainen should add a physical edge to the Devils roster, ‘specially after losing the amazing all-star Bobby Holik to retirement and the wonderfully mediocre Mike Rupp to the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Orrrrr, could it be possible that the Finn was signed to potentially entice another European player to the join Black ‘n Red?

Saku, I’m talkin’ to you.

…I know, I know. One can dream, right?

Oh, yeah, for the sake of reporting, Pikka was the 218th pick in the 2002 Entry Draft for New Jersey.



  1. I am a Nets fan, they kind of chocked, a jets fan, they chocked from 8/3 to 9/8, I am a mets fan, no comment and a devils fan and you all know what happened. Point being, I would like the devils to make a big signing so there is a bigger chance that they won’t choke and I just be able to feel a feeling called happiness. P.S. It sucks even more when most of your freinds are fans of rival teams and they can always make fun of you!

  2. aqueous says:

    this guy looks like he could be a decent replacement for rupp/holik as a third/fourth line tough guy – 133 points the last 3 years in finland, led his team in PIM the last two years and looks to be good defensively – +33 during his time in helsinki. he seems right up lou’s wheelhouse – he’ll be a ‘rookie’ at 28 (shades of rafalski, oduya), he’s relatively homegrown (our own draft pick), and he fills a hole cheaply. he doesn’t solve all our problems, but at least we’re getting (relatively) younger without sacrificing too much depth.

  3. I’ve never heard of him and I dont have to look up any scouting report or see any footage to know this: this guy is worthless.

    This signing doesn’t count.

    As a general rule of thumb, if you can’t pronounce his name, he’s not going to be any good.

  4. Oh yeah, and youre pinning our offseason hopes on the signing of Saku Koivu?

  5. It’s more for the sake of Josh, Richard. =P

  6. Kevin B. says:

    ::slow clap::

  7. which rival team mabey fun of u? talk about stone throwing from a glass house.

  8. I think everyone should head over to TG and read the second post down. Maybe not doing anything was the right move? Especially with the salary cap potentially plummeting next season..

  9. Err, make that fourth post.