Maybe? Maybe?

Shifting our butts here for a minute (see: the darn post below this one), we have a brief update on one of the few coveted players actually remaining in the free agent frenzy of ’09.

Yes, I am talking about none other than Josh’s favorite Finn Saku Koivu. We have word tonight courtesy of David Pagnotta over at The Forth Period that Mr. Koivu is now mulling over a decision between at least four teams, one of which includes New Jersey.

Unfortunately, another includes a team that starts with a New York and ends in dollar $ign$.


Alas, Koivu is apparently looking for at least a three-to-four year contract.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Saku is a heckuva player, but that’s a bit steep for an aging center who isn’t exactly the toughest guy in the world.

Oh, sure, he’s battled tons of injuries and cancer,  so he’s surely a warrior ‘n all that fun stuff, but I’m talkin’ ’bout longevity here. He’s no Marian Gaborik (see: laugh at the New York Rangers for signing him to a $583903-bagillion contract), but he’s also no, uh, insert-iron man-player-here.

Hey, what do you want from me? I’m still recovering from yesterday’s insanity.

Anyway, should we sign Koivu? Hey, we did add Ilkka Pikachu today so I mean, yeah, Saku would have a fellow Finn to be chummy with, but let’s be reasonable here — he may be asking for too much. With the cap certainly going down next year, it might not be the best idea taking on a long, hefty contract.

A cheaper, shorter-term fit for Black ‘n Red could be  Brendan Morrison. Think about it. Dude already fits Louie Lams’ number one prerequisite of being a former Devil. Pluuus, if he comes cheap and ends up sucking with us, we could surely dump him at the deadline for our annual mediocre defenseman that will do New Jersey absolutely no good come post season.

Low risk, high reward potential here. It’s absolutely genius. Well, provided we don’t somehow end up with Hal Gill next spring.

Oh gosh, sorry. Didn’t mean to scare the kids there.

Happy visions of Scott Stevens folks.

I sure miss the glory days.


  1. I would stay away from Saku. I also respect him but how much could he have left?

    I’m all for giving Anisimov the 3rd line center and going with Dru and Dubi here.

    Your Morrison suggestion for NJ is not bad. He’s dirt cheap and serviceable. So too is Comrie if you can put up with his gf. 😛

  2. One problem with Morrison-

    Lou doesn’t exactly like the guy. Remember when held out for about 1/4 of the 99-2000 season, only to sign because Lou blackballed him from the US Olympic team otherwise? He then stunk, was benched for 10+ straight games, and shipped as far away as possible for Mogilny.

    Now granted, it’s been 10 years, so maybe time heals old wounds and if he’s the right fit, he’s the right fit. He just hasn’t done a whole lot since his few glory seasons centering Naslund and Bertuzzi.

  3. Yeah, they both had a little rough time together but if Bobby Holik could make a return to New Jersey, anything is possible ha.

  4. I just realized I’m a dope and got Brendan Morrison mixed up with Bill Guerin.

    Still, Morrison held out for a long ass time.