F(ree Agency) This.

Us Devils fans are a naive bunch.

It’s the only period over the course of a seemingly never-ending summer that a hockey fan can get their fix. Free Agency. It’s irresistible to wonder over the possibilities of who could be lacing up their skates in your building come October.

Could Marian Hossa be coming to town? Nope – Chicago locked him up forever. Maybe sniper Mike Cammalleri will be suiting up in Black ‘N Red next year? Nah, he’d rather Blue ‘n Red. Havlat? Nope. Gaborik? Ha. Niedermayer coming home?? Pshh. Perhaps we could bolster the blueline with guys like Mike Komisarek or Mattias Ohlund? Nien. Ok, we’re obviously saving money for Koivu… or not.

But I’ll tell you what we can do… We can say goodbye to one-third of our starting forwards and wish good will to the goaltender who saved our arses last season. Wait…wha?!

So thus far it’s a big See Ya! to John Madden, Brian Gionta, Bobby Holik, Scott Clemmensen, and Mike Rupp. And a great big how-do-ya-do to… Ilkka Pikkarainen.


Last year it seemed as if Lou was trying to reunite the rosters of glory days-past. This year, the reunion will be ending with an awkward and uncomfortable orientation.

But, then again — it’s Free Agency and we’re Devils fans.

I mean, really.


  1. Rolstoned says:

    all things must pass, maddog gone we all knew……gio 5 for 5, no thanks…..holik, later……..clemmer earned this 3yr……and rupp, fuk you, the pens?!!! repent 700 club.

  2. lol n lou was changing it up to get past the 1st round…..at this rate dont seem lik we’ll make it to the 1st at all…..guess it had to happen sometime huh?

  3. PFC KRACEK says:

    thank u joe im all the way in korea and thank god someone else is thinking exactly wat i was thinking seriously the devs let clemmer go and the freee agency pool was deep this year the devs are doing nothing about it thats some shit good luck next year with the new young team im having dismal feelings about this next season cant say that they will dissapoint but marty is getting to old to play 72 of 82 games and weekes is terrible we all saw him last year much tanks to clemmer and i hope he does great

  4. tony…maybe thats what lou needs….1 losing season might wake him up….or perhaps vanderbeek with get a new GM who’s good for the new nhl


  6. Can’t worry about it, I’m sure there’s a plan but I’ve said it all along…who would sign with NJ without knowing the coach they’d be playing for. I don’t think its something you do.

    Free Agency is a period where GM’s completely overspend on players. That’s not Lou’s style.

  7. the only thing the Devils need is a 2nd line center to play between Elias and Rolston. I thought Koivu would be that guy. Now that SK has joined the Ducks; Lou will have to get creative. How about Jason Williams formally of Columbus? he is 27 years old, scored 19 goals with 28 assists with no wingers. Maybe a couple of talented wingers is all the guy needs to break out.

  8. DancingQueen says:

    Not spending any money on signings will seem as a really brilliant move by Lou if the cap, will actually be lowered next season. Giving us a possibility to buy cheap quality leftovers, as other teams will have to drop players.

    However if the cap actually does remain the same and we end up not making the playoffs I guess Lou will seem like a major clown…


  10. Kevin B. says:


  11. You guys seriously need to chill. You serious, are you all. Its not like 3000 of your friends just got killed. Its not like america lost 7 soldiers the other day. We have our freedom, and lou has his, and he is choosing not to make any moves. Some of you really want him gone?? You are nutz. Get a grip, its a team, i love it, hate it when we lose, but get a grip.

    I will also say its a good thing they play the games and its not won or lost in the offseason.

  12. I don’t think I even know 3000 people.

  13. we got someone else now. go and see…

  14. great!? he has NHL game under his belt!
    what the frak….

  15. I hate losing those guys, especially since Dog is still my favorite player, but this was smart. With the cap, you have to develop your young talent. Pelley, Halischuk, and especially Bergfors were not getting any better in Lowell. It’s time for them to sink or swim in Jersey, and the roster spaces had to get freed up for that to happen. Also, Gio’s overpaid, Clemmer wants more playing time than he’ll ever get with Marty, and even Dog got a whole lot for this season. Lou kept Oduya, that was the bigges free agent. If he resigns Shanny and locks Zajac up long term, I’ll be happy even if the beginning of this season (I think they’re gonna jell late and charge into the playoffs) is frustrating. The salary cap hurts, especially from a personal standpoint, but I think Lou made good hockey decisions.

  16. john barbera says:

    I want to start the “Chris Chelios” to the Dev’s fan club. The guy is a warrior. A physical specimen at his age. And a great guy to bring into a locker room.