Guess we have to retire the Weekes Laser

Black ‘n Red continued their mad spending spree this morning, signing goaltender Yann Danis to a contract. Terms are unknown at this time.

Danis spent last season on Long Island, posting a 10-17-3 record in 31 games played (29 starts). The 28-year-old Quebec native posted a 2.84 GAA with a .910 save percentage.

Oh, and he also had three shutouts.

While we outstretch our arms to Mr. Danis, we must take a moment and mourn the loss of backup goaltender Kevin Weekes.

‘Kay, he didn’t die or anything, but we totally loved using the Weekes Laser. Sheesh. First Gionta, now this?

This hasn’t been a good month here at 2MA I’m afraid.

Rest in Peace, Laser. Rest in Peace.

We sure are going to miss you.


  1. weekes sucked….was #2 to a goalie from the AHL last season

  2. Dont forget people….Weekes is still our property. It will either be Weekes, Danis, or Frazee(sp?) backing up MB next year. Guess we have to see what else free agency brings/takes and how well camp goes.

  3. oh wow…we picked up a goalie who’ll see little to no playing time…..i guess we can celebrate now

  4. Not to be pedantic (BUT YOU ARE! Still…) but Danis had 2 shutouts.

    1 of them against the Devils, actually.

    Lou’s being vague on Weekes, but I think he’s gone. And Weekes is a UFA so he’s free to sign wherever – even to the KHL.

  5. mrsheeps says:

    Unless Weekes has signed elsewhere already (checked some sites and didn’t see anything), he is still a possibility:

  6. I’d be shocked if Weekes was still in our system next season.

    Well, unless he can’t get a contract with anyone else and chooses to retire. Which would be terribly sad, but he would make a great addition to the Devils PR or community relations or broadcast teams.

  7. john barbera says:

    Weekes is a great team guy, and i’ld love to see him stay in the system, helping young guys at Lowell. I don’t know if he would take a two-way contract at this point in his career.

  8. john barbera says:

    I really think he will try and go the broadcaster route,though.