It’s coming…

According to the Devils Twitter feed (and other “traditional” sources, I GUESS), the Devils have a “Major Announcement” set for 1:30 PM today.  Gee, I wonder what it could possibly be.

Actually, instead of wondering, here’s the line on what today’s Major Announcement will be:

Jacques Lemaire as Coach:  1.5-to-1
Lou himself as Coach:  2-to-1
Devils sign low-level free agent: 2.5-to-1
Mike Haviland as Coach: 8-to-1
Lou is resigning to run a Panera Bread:  10-to-1
Devils sign mid-level free agent: 20-to-1
Scott Stevens as Coach: 100-to-1
Mike Keenan as Coach: HA-HA!-to-1
Devils sign high-level free agent: Snowball’s-Chance-to-Hell
Other: 25-to-1

So get your bets in and stick with us! We’ll have the announcement up as soon as it’s out, here, on our Facebook page (friend us! and on our Twitter feed (follow us! @2MAblog)


  1. i c lemaire going as coach…stevens being speical team coach or even D coach…n zuburs being traded….so much askd for so little given

  2. 1.5-1 in the betting world is actually written as 3-2.