Pre-Pre Season Rookie Camp Scrimmage… Thoughts from.. ahhh, wherever the hell I was sitting…

Now I know summer time filler ain’t my thing, but this worked out PERFECTLY…. a Friday Night i was in and fell asleep before 4am…. a new coach… new outlook on life… and time to put the miserable feelings and hatred and anger (not like my personal life mirrored the way the Devils season went… oh no no no no :p)…. Season tickets are all but paid (I got kinda lucky, a customer’s entire network took a shit… and hey it paid the STH bill… I love IT!)… and it’s time to start letting ALL (and I do mean ALL) the miserable feelings and hatred go to the wayside and get re-vamped on life and Devils hockey!!!

So before I start, I’ve answered it a million times, and lemme steal my mystery friend’s FAQ section:

— Scott: Aren’t you freaking out because the Devils lost all those players and didn’t sign no one??
NO… in fact the opposite… I’m jacked up about it… those guys took us as far as they would go, and it’s time to pass the torch as it was from Richer/Lemieux/MacLean and Driver…. and then to Elias/Stevens/Niedermommy… and NOW it’s FINALLY time… it’s time for this THIRD generation of Devils talent (Zajac/Parise/Martin… soon to be Corrente, Eckford, Bergfors and Tedneby) to GET THE HELL OUT THERE and make THEIR mark on Devils hockey now and forever!!!! And that’s just awesome to me… this is how you WIN in the NHL… you maximize your cheap talent… surround it with GOOD talent… keep the team kinda young and enhance your core!!!

— But Scott, what if the rookies suck??
… and the vets didn’t?? How many times did Gionta shoot it right into the logo… or Madden not that accurate… and Mister NoGoalik was just a FORCE the second time around right??? I’ll take a young guy who will improve and has UPSIDE over an old fart ready to fall off the cliff ANYDAY!!

— so, Scott are you past your hatred of Martin Brodeur yet??
… no… fuck him… mb30 still pisses me off and it’s the ONLY thing I like about Lemaire being here (well aside his teaching ability)… he’s the only coach who made our prick “superstar” sit his ass on some pine!

Anyway… before this becomes a 500-page tangent… Let’s get to today’s goodness!!
Instead of the good the bad and the funny, I think I’ll take it player by player and add some overall comments too:

62: Mattias Tedenby:
HOLY SHIT was he a man amongst boys today (if you’re on my facebook and if not dammit why not??) you saw me RAVING about him left right and sideways!! The kid is FAST as anything… he’s always making moves (I don’t think there was one shift where he didn’t beat a player one on one and do something with it).. he didn’t score today but he didn’t NEED to… he was the best damned guy on the ice today BY FAR!! I think he gets a legit shot in training camp… I know he was playing lesser talent, but he had the LOOK, the moves, the feel and the swagger of an NHL-Ready player today!

10: Rod Pelley:
Bleech… didn’t do much, but then again… I don’t expect much from him….
he’s been pretty much handed a spot on the roster… so be it….
Facebook status comment: “rod pelley is the new pandolfo”

52: Nick Palmeri:
Me and Rob kept commenting on how much he was dragging the Tedenby line down today… slow… plodding… stone hands all over the place… our luck he plays good defense and makes the team… given it’s ONE GAME and anyone can suck on any given day… but that today was also Pandolf-ian, I don’t think he lasts long in camp

34: Matt Corrente:
Did not play shoulder injury… that bummed me… i was gonna focus on him as much as the “MagicSwede” as we named #62 today

51: PL^3… also looked like you’d expect…threw some hits… raised some hell… ran a goalie (I still get mad when goalies don’t jump up and attempt murder like I would….) had a nice two stuff and tip play in front of the far nets from us and tried to lobby like hell for the goal…. but was not meant to be!!!

Jeff Frazee:
Looked pretty good even in the losing effort (well aside from the penalty shot… he got deke-man-willied to hell on that one) and was the best of the three goalies today… no clue which one was Long and which was Felice… goalies are not worthy of numbers it seems 🙁

50: Matt Halishcuk…scored.. was in front of the net alot and did a LOT of good things today… I liked what I saw of him and he’s gonna get a two fingered serious look in camp for sure!!

66: Derek Rodwell… of the guys I knew nothing about, our 5th round pick impressed the HELL out of me… good size… good hands… plays a bit nasty and scored a penalty shot goal… he’s a guy to keep an eye on…..

Didn’t really notice our Russians in Zharkov or Vasyunov (though he did have a nice point blank chance to ice it late and blew it!), Jacob Josefson looked overwhelmed and not ready yet, which is ok too… and there was one fight which I am uploading on the youtube as I type this!!!

(1-0) Eckford.. jumped into the slot and ripped a wrister clean over the goalie… pretty stuff!
(1-1) Cormier… stuffed home a rebound on Frazee off the near post
(2-1, white) Halischuk… a sweet move in front where he was given WAY too much time… waits.. looks… dekes.. TOP SHELF… you get served!! (team white’s D was not so hot at best)
(2-2) Eric Castonguay is ALL ALONE in front again and rips one of BOTH POSTS and somehow in the net… he was this close to blowing it… which would have probably gotten him a roster spot!
(3-2, black) Derek Rodwell…. who like I said before was impressive… penalty shot goal… to be youtubed ASAP
(3-3) Griner… a long wrister from the point…hits goalie (not frazee) in the shoulder, then off the stick and in…yeah Chico he’s gonna want that save back :p
(4-3)Mcintrye a penalty shot goal that can only be called UBER-POWNAGE!! Video to follow (in lieu of penalty calls they get penalty shots)

Most of the Devils staff and higher-ups were there… saw Stevens on one team… saw Lou and Terreri… and Sergei Brylin too!! (poor Sarge… he looked like he just woke up and had a WICKED hangover too :p)

How’s that for a lil piece of October in July???
Once the videos are all up… I’ll let ya know… or just keep an eye on


  1. gionta182 says:

    Thanks for the pics/vids/analysis Scott. It was much needed in the dead of summer, esp. with the so-called mainstream media on vacation (which they’re perfectly entitled to!) Glad 2ma had it covered (Props to other fans who went today who also offered their words/pics to the Internet, btw. Much appreciated).

    Also, glad to see you’ve gone back to incorporating KoolAid into your diet. 🙂

  2. Thanks G! (man that sounded so NOT white of me :p )… and the hell with the main stream media… lazy bunch of slackers!

    I also forgot on the Cormier goal, Sammy Woo jumped up and made the goal announcement and the whole rookie group on the bench turned around with the WTF?!?!?!?! It was a fun day!!

    And when you see the youth and upside this team can have in this 3rd generation (I am so coining this term on the here and now) of Devils… you HAVE to be excited and ready for the next season and beyond!

  3. Trade PandWhiteO says:

    Harry Young fought Ashton Bernard too

  4. I’m glad 208-209 was present to let the Devils rook’s know what they can expect during the season ha ha !! Now I’m really sorry I missed it ….

  5. I know about the fight, but it was nothing special….it was recorded though:

    and yes Clutch 209 was there in FORCE as always 🙂

  6. Pretty sure Tedenby isn’t getting any sort of shot this preseason. He’s going back to Sweden for one more year.

  7. Nice report Crasher. Love the insight. It sounds like you had a good time. You’ll be getting a friend and subscription on YouTube. Just a warning. 😉

  8. Derek, I certainly did!!! And friends on youtube scare me not :p

    How the hell is Vrana gonna fight for a job from overseas though!?!?!

  9. Can we please start calling Oduya Papa Swede?

  10. you can…. if I do it, might be considered kinda gay :p

  11. Kevin B. says:


    aka, think it’s time for The ZubbieCounter Awards… also known as The Zubbies

  12. @Scott Mackie

    I just realized it the other day. Oh well. Guess that one’s not returning anytime soon. Bergfors on 2nd line? Pelley centering Clarkson and Zubrus???


  13. Derek it’s so early in the process for this season it’s almost crazy to guess….. but I’d assume if team stays as it (and rumblings are a trade will happen)

    Pairse-Zajac-Langs (seems safe)
    PL^3-Pelley-Pikkar…however it’s spelled

    Make room for Shanny maybe?
    Or some Maholtra-type free agent?

    Least the D seems kinda stabler now too

    Pelley on anything but the 4th line might anger me :p

  14. Rod is God .. so he’ll put himself on whatever line he desires lol

    The only man to take TWO high sticking double minors on THE SAME SHIFT… now that’s double-tough there JR… “yeah he’s tougher then a two-dollar steak, Bob!”


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