Yes, Virginia, there is a ZubbieCounter update!

I think I like the ’09-’10 edition of the ZubbieCounter.  Whaddaya think of it?

Also, in celebration of the first ZubbieCounter update of the year, I’m thinking it’s finally time for our Zubbie awards.  Look for it later tonight.


  1. Hey, I am still new to the Zubbie thing or competio, so how does it work. Also, I can finally make fun of Yankee Fans. HOORAY!!!

    Next week they will make fun of me again and make me value my life even less

  2. So can we keep it going this season because I have ideas already for #29

  3. I haven’t really decided on how the Zubbie’s are gonna work this year, seeing as I’m only just finally getting voting up for last year (look for it tomorrow, btw).

    Honestly, I was leaning towards returning to the old-school ZubbieCounter, but if there’s a clamor to do the contest again this year, then I can totally be swayed.

    So go on, if you have strong feelings one way or another, please clamor here.

  4. I love creating funny things for the Zubbie counter. I actually had an idea for #30 when he gets to it.

    I think that the format last year was pretty kool. People came up with some creative things and with 2MA growing I’m sure there will be some great Zubmissions this time around.

  5. Swag is an extra. I dont need swag. It’s just fun to see what people come up with. Maybe just throw a few up that people submit after every goal.