The end of the college semester is always tough.  Especially the closer one gets to finally graduating (one semester left – if I’m lucky/good, I graduate exactly 10 years after getting the hell out of high school.  Sad, but fitting).

So sorry I haven’t posted much lately, but with a straight month ’til school starts up again (and about two months before it gets insane again), I’ll be back on a regular basis for awhile again.  Thanks so much for sticking with us.  And thanks to Scott for not letting the site fall into total abandoned disrepair.

I have only been paying slight attention to what’s been going on in the world of hockey.  Martin Brodeur broke another record, this one more meaningless than other recent ones (Games played?  Games started? Something like that.)  Zach Parise may very well never score a goal again.  Travis and Zach have split up, are seeing other people, but everyone knows they’ll be back together soon enough.

The BIG news, though…is that officially, at the end of play last night, the Devils were in first place.

First place in the Atlantic?  Well, yeah, but think bigger.

First place in the Eastern conference?  Keep going.  How about something like…


Yeah, this team is damn friggin’ good.

So tonight, the Devils look to extend that lead in the league against the perennial-doormats-turned-surprisingly-5th-place-in-the-East Atlanta Thrashers.  The last time the two teams played, I believe we were all in moderate freak-out mode, as the Thrashers thrashed (sorry, hack move, I know) the Devils at the Rock, the third game of a three consecutive home loses to start the season.  Needless to say, I’m a little less freaked out now, as is the rest of the fanbase.  And if you’re nitpicking over bad plays or poor shot selection or the team’s inability to make us proud by kicking ass in the situation that is our namesake, then go back and read the bolded print earlier in this post.

I would be moderately stunned if Martin Brodeur starts tonight, after starting about a zillion consecutive games and then flying to Hotlanta for today’s game.  I think THE Yann Danis deserves the start.  Of course, trying to guess when Marty sits is probably ridiculous anyways.  Edit: And yeah, apparently Marty’s starting again tonight.  Please join myself and the rest of the Devils fanbase in a loud cry of “WTF, I thought this was an Olympic year?!”

But, even if La Grenouille (remember, thus is Yann Danis’ nickname, so says I) does start, Brodeur will be on the ice tonight.  The Senators announced this morning that Mike Brodeur will get his NHL debut start this evening against the Minnesota Wild, who are probably in their own manner of freak out this afternoon after THIS happened.

Note to the NHL: The Senators are really into sabotage.  First seven Sabres get food poisoning after eating at a steakhouse in Ottawa, and now this?  Thankfully the Devils have already gotten through one game up there alive.


  1. Hey Josh, I have a question for you. What if and dont forget that I am saying IF, you were offered front row tickets to game seven of the Stanley Cup in which the Devils are playing Detroit, but the next day you have your college final and you didnt study for it, would you take the tickets. That’s not all, you are not aware of this but Dainius Zubrus and Andrew Peters will both get hat tricks. There is still more. You do find out that Scott Mackie will be there and for some odd reason, he will be singing god bless america in front of everybody in Prudential Center and on live tv and for some odder reason, he will be the assistant coach for the Devils durring the game. Dont forget that this was all just one big IF question so even though this probably wouldnt happen, you should still answer the question.

    P.S. Scott, if you are reading this question than what would you do in this sisuation, but Josh Burnett will be singing god bless america in front of everybody in Prudential Center and on live tv and be the assistant coach for the Devils durring the game.

  2. What do you mean “probably wouldn’t happen”? It sounds perfectly plausible! (Also, I’d really like to sing O Canada before a hockey game. Just a dream of mine.)

    The answer is, of course I would take the tickets. I don’t usually study for any form of test anyway. What eats up all of my time are papers and thankless projects.

  3. With my job situation it’s insanely easy to say the hell with the world for a day and go do this… going in knowing I’d make a Brent Russo-level fool of myself I’d be forced to sing the anthem (or anthems) in my best Cartman voice and hope to cash in on a William Hung type 15 minutes of fame….

    me bench the bench would be scary… my level of angry shoots up pretty quick!!!

    … but still… to be able to hug Andy after each goal… oh my 😀

  4. I’d love to have your job, Scott (well, at least the make-your-own-hours part of it). Shame I’m compu-tarded.

  5. you don’t want my job, it does have its downsides…. some of the people’s houses I gotta go into … OH MY GOD… no vacation or sick days…. I’m lucky to have insurance through my customers… and if I blow people off too many times I lose em… it’s a balance that I handle more casually through experience and AWESOME PEOPLE SKILLS (after all look how people love me here!) then anything else!