Thoughts from Section 209: Devils vs. Sens, 12/18/2009

HAPPY [insert random gift giving holiday you believe in, just not that stupid Seinfeld “holiday”]TO YOU ALL!!!!
… T’was the last home game before Christmas and all through the Rock… Empty Seats were a-smiling, discounted seats went unfilled throughout….(ok I’m done with the bad poetry)….. though the way the Devils just KEEP WINNING now, it almost is kinda poetic… and some days, things just go your way…. well unless your poor cousin of a fake cousin Rob (he does need a better nickname), and you gotta deal with drunk phonies at work, but I guess when your a bouncer… retard customers are more better then an empty bar right? *smack*… can’t keep focus… it’s been too many home games this month… SORRIE!!!!!!!!

the Good:
— Man when luck smiles on you like this game did… the Salvador goal, mb30 with the gift turnover point blank on the empty net and it rolls off the stick… you just KNOW you’re winning in this one….it’s good to be good AND lucky some nights!!
— the 4th line was damn good again tonight…. and with players talking about players coming back soon… these guys need to add something and be useful in the 8-10 minutes they get a night… and they’re doing that… and getting lucky bounces… the POWER OF PELLEY compels the scoresheet… guess no PIST PELLEY for us!
— Brian Rolston is showing signs of jump (this is of course compared to Langenbrunner who I was skating better then in the practice rink after the game)… and another game with a goal…..OMG, you mean NJDevs is gonna need a new kicking toy???
— You know… if you don’t look at the score sheet, you’d almost not realize the massive scoring funk that Zach Parise is in (9 games without a goal)….how many teams in the league can win without their guy being the guy?? (FYI Zach had a great first period and two breakaways… he just needs to keep at it… he’ll be fine)… and speaking of this….12 different Devils had a point tonight… that’s how you get it done!
— Funny side note…. last 6 games lil Nicky been there he’s had to cover his ears for a IT’S POWER PLAY GOAL… FUCK YOU SAM ROSEN… the one game the parents leave him home… no power play goal…. see this is a lesson to all parents… bad language is good for 9 year olds 🙂
— *sigh* I should mention mb30’s games played record right?? I know I bag on him and I will hate that mask until it is burnt to a crisp in our next game with the Minnesota Wild (now that’s squeezing a reference in!)…I’m kinda amazed the games played for a goalie is that low, When Gordie Howe has the other record at 1767 (no wonder MB plays so much…he wants that record too :p)…but to play 1031 games, you need to play 70 games a year for 15 years…. so damn that is a lotta hockey… I just wish he’d play 5-10 LESS games a year still…..then he could start chasing that Patrick Roy PLAYOFF record eh???
— and speaking of being taken for granted… I think 2man-nation has taken for granted that I do this after each home game.. y’all got quiet lately… if it wasn’t for this… you’d still have a pre-season preview on the front page kids :p

the Bad:
— Nic Bergfors… actually it’s kinda ironic, as Pierre McGuire was raving about him in the Buffalo/Toronto game (Center Ice replays FTW… speaking of… go you tube the goals Toskala let in this game if you wanna see comedically bad goaltending!)… so anyway, as PIERRE! was talking about Calder Candidates…he mentioned the top 2… 3rd he mentioned Bergfors… and he’s talking about how great he’s been in New Jersey…. go figure at the same time, Jacques cuts and snips his ice time and he was kinda iffy, 9:26 of ice, -1 and no shots on goal in his last two games….but he is a rookie and still what…. second… third in the rookie scoring… it’s all good, Jacques’ ain’t gonna pull a Sutter on this kid!
— Jamie Langenbrunner …. yeah he scored (but that was ALL ANDY :p)…he still sucks at the point (case in point his goal was scored down low).. he still looks kinda slow at times… and after he got called for that late penalty… the CAPTAIN OF THE TEAM CAN NOT HAVE A TEMPER TANTRUM ON ICE and take ANOTHER penalty (he’s lucky Alfredsson bit on it)… that’s NOT leadership and a sulking Captain is NOT an acceptable thing…. I know he’s only keeping the C warm for Parise… but still….gotta lead by example, the two guys before you would not have done that (and honestly Stevens would have killed him with the FIRST HIT :p)
— you know… random side note as I watch “NHL on the Fly”… can the NHL make ONE commerical that is not rip your eyes out annoying??? The Center Ice one makes my eyes bleed and I want to rip my spleen out for the one too… yeah really we really need to know that Cindy Crosby jerseys are for sale on…. suck it NHL and get a real PR guy!!!

the Funny:
— Scott Mackie: So Arlette does Canadian national anthem in french…nice touch, and it sounded really awesome… however as the song goes on, she then sings “god keep our land” part …idiot down the row to our right then yells “YOU CAN HAVE IT!!!”… I turn and look, because frankly it’s disrespectful and it annoys me… I love our foreign hockey loving countries (and working on one that ain’t :p) so I’m ticked… and then I see the SAME IDIOT IS WEARING A BRODUER JERSEY…. I think I yelled out, “Hey retard you know the GUY ON YOUR JERSEY IS CANADIAN RIGHT”… not to mention I never got shitting on the anthem… when you PAY MONEY to see a hockey game 58% of the damn lead is from CANADIA!!! It just pisses me off :p
— now for those who don’t know Brian… you just sit back and accept the fact that Mister Paolercio eats like a pregnant woman on crack bitching and craving for both… and on occasion he eats gross shit in public (case in point he put WHIPPED CREAM on his pizza at my birthday party… ewww)…. so when I get this text message, shocked not I was…….
Brian Paolercio: I was dipping sour patch kids in mustard when Rolston scored. Let’s see if that helps again in the o-zone.
… all I can say back is one day he’s gonna knock up that fiancee of his and he’s gonna mock her food cravings and I don’t wanna be around to see that
— Jane sat with us tonight… this is a good thing, because when she sits with us and Colin White makes a good play I can tell WHITE POWER on the top of my lungs, cause she does too…. and having a black lady yell WHITE POWER with you… just makes it funny again… so take that and shove it in your perfectly made BEST SANDWICH EVER OLD LADY!!!!
— McAmmond gets called for hooking… lil Nicky looks around and goes….”But he’s not a hooker”…. he’s 9… it’s cute, accept this!!

the ANDY:
(yes we’re trying not to run this puppy into the ground, but JESUS… that pass was so good even Langs had to finish it off… it was damned near Parise-ian!)
— Doug Mecca: Andy Greene could stop a snowstorm if he wanted to
** Steve LaFlamme: Andy Greene isnt scared of the snow!
** Scott Mackie: Andy Greene can skate over snow and slush..with a STICK!!! (if you don’t know the reference go youtube the new PS3 commercials, they’re as amazing as the game system!)
** Steve LaFlamme: Who are you kidding, he touches the snow and it melts for him so he never HAS to skate over it
** Scott Mackie: So in essence andy skates on water ?
** Steve LaFlamme: In the Bible, Jesus turned water into wine. But then Andy Greene turned that wine into beer.
— Steve LaFlamme: Andy Greene and Mr. T walked into a bar. The bar was instantly destroyed, as that level of awesome cannot be contained in one building.


  1. You guys are too hard on Jamie, first of all he’s probably been playing hurt for a while. Plus he looked older, slower and more finished LAST year until January, so I’m not going to assume he’s lost a step yet.

    Last night was both the good and the bad of Rolston, the good being the slapshot and play with the puck. The bad being lack of hustle without the puck. He could have easily canceled out one icing and won another loose puck if he’d gone even at half speed.

  2. Trade PandWhiteO says:

    Can’t see how Jamie was the first star last night. Aside from the goal, he took dumb penalties, could not clear the puck on the PK and looked slower than ever fishing for loose pucks.

    The crowd was late arriving and was not that bad, I just wish more fans were into the game and screamed and got all crazy.

    Pando actually scored a goal, yeah, White was as horrid as ever.

  3. Stars of the game are often done by what I call “lazy journalism” instead of watching and observing players they are often picked right from the stat-sheet that’s how

    Even on the 3rd goal the HEY YOU SUCK up by us seemed kinda dead… we’re spoiled I guess….

    Has if Langs is good enough to play he’s good enough to NOT throw a temper tantrum on the ice… he should be a FORWARD on the pp (I know we lack pp-worthy defenders on this team besides Andy and Oduya… put Elias back there… maybe try Parise so he worries less and just plays, I don’t know… but Langs is hurting us back there), I’m more upset that our CAPTAIN had a pissy fit cause he took a dumb penalty… I don’t care how hurt he is that’s not tolerable!

  4. I’m getting realy sick of you bitching about Jamie even when he plays WELL. At first it was a typical Scott Mackie bitchfit but now it’s just flat-out annoying. We get it, you don’t think he’s playing well but maybe if you took two seconds to quit drooling over Greenie, you’d actually notice the things he’s doing RIGHT. Jesus.

  5. And we get that you’re blindly obsessed with him and he could shit on your face and you’d go.. yum, brownies!! It’s ok… and it’s not why I’m bashing the guy… in fact … saying that he should play up front and NOT on the point cause he just showed it’s GOOD since he scored is NOT a bash…..

    but like I said.. you CAN NOT wear the C on your jersey and have a bitch fit because you got called for a minor penalty as you got out-worked on the boards… it’s NOT acceptable no matter who it is

    he scored… yay… then he took three penalties which can lead to GOALS AGAINST and a leader of a team can NOT be doing that to his team…. it’s not just me saying it…. hell even the coaches say it by cutting back his ice time and moving him to the 3rd line

    But if you think I’m gonna sit here and sing all flowers and daisies when a player is playing like shit DESPITE his offense (and hockey is more then goals and assists)… you’re out of your mind!

  6. Jamie’s no Crosby but I sort of expect him to have a tantrum now and again. I can forgive losing it (and most of us were going apes-it over the crappy officiating by that point anyway) more than I forgive lack of hustle though.

    If anything Jamie shoulda lost it two years ago in the playoffs when Parise got plowed into the net right in front of him and he did nothing other than that stupid pursefight with Gomez 😛

  7. Wow asshole it’s got nothing to do with that. We all have favorite players, for example you’d jump at the chance to bear Andy Greene children. I’ve actually come to expect it from you that when I read your Thoughts From, I might as well just Ctrl+F search ‘what Langs did wrong:’ and see what you’re pissed about this week.

    You saying that he ‘threw a bitch fit’ is a piss poor evaluation. Jamie ISN’T a physical player in the way that White or Peters or even Salvy are. He doesn’t hit, he doesn’t fight. So last night he took a penalty and then got pissed and got into something. Big freaking whoop. “can lead to goals against” Yeah, no shit, it CAN lead to goals against but it didn’t so why even address what didn’t happen? If they had scored a PP goal on us because of Jamie’s penalty, then I’d be the first to say, okay, he screwed up, a captain can’t do that but they didn’t so why even go there? So if YOU think that I’m going to sit by and watch you tear up MY favorite player for shit that he doesn’t deserve to be tore up for, YOU’RE out of your mind.

  8. This team is winning – but it’s like walking on eggshells … I mean come on, freakn Pinkachu’s first goal was a floating biscuit … Thank god for luke warm streaks, cause we’d be really shit right now if we lose a couple in a row

  9. Hasan-
    I agree. He should’ve decked Gomer then & there but like I said before, that’s never been his style. He can damn sure hold his own but he isn’t much of a fighter or anything like that.

  10. Has, as Captain you can’t lose it, ESPECIALLY when you’re already shorthanded and have the lead in a one-goal game… time and place for it… that’s wasn’t it… even when the first penalty was dumb enough because you got outworked on the play like he did (which is why he knocked Alfie down anyway)

    and see, this is someone taking something personally about a hockey player they don’t even know in the real world 🙂

    and when you take an idiot penalty and put the team down 5 on 3 REGARDLESS of player… I’m gonna bash it.. it’s what I do, and it’s what everyone else around me thought too

    it wasn’t the time for a giveback and it was an even worse time to take two penalties (he’s damn lucky Alfie shoved him back too)

    obviously it’s a relevant part of the game or we’d not be discussing it B-)

  11. CLUTCH!!!!
    Ah, just enjoy the ride and that Peter can’t yell at you for eight more days!!

    It’s kinda like last year that you just wanna enjoy the fun and karma feel of it.. and hope it lasts… and then maybe through a round or two for ONCE :p

    (… who the hell said I ever expect Langenbrunner to fight?!?!?!?!)

  12. How am I taking it personally? I just find it frustrating to watch my favorite player get bashed. Not unreasonable nor unexpected, I don’t think.

  13. so I’m supposed to NOT bash a guy for playing like shit or because he does something stupid because it MIGHT offend you??

    He fucked up last night… I called him on it… whoo hooooo!!

    (this is getting as dumb as the Rutgers fight on NJDevs)…. nothing like a snow day to stir up a storm 🙂

  14. That’s not what I’m saying. You do it EVERY post and he doesn’t screw up EVERY game.

  15. Shouldn’t we be happy we are number 1 cuz god knows in October it looked like we would be 30.

  16. Oh Tammie… good news NEVER gets the attention it should.. it’s much more fun to nitpick the little things that piss people off after all :p

  17. Pete can yell all he wants – but he has to make it original lol .. We have a few people, specifically the ZZ Pops line who are in a funk .. It’s fine that Rolston is warming up, same with Patty .. but we need more then our 2nd-3rd lines to be ONLY scoring for us .. Colin has is ups and downs (mostly downs) and Mattau needs to bring it up a notch … We’re more lucky than good right now …

  18. Hey sometimes you gotta go with the classics 🙂

    White and Mottau are a good second pair, and imagine when they are the 3rd pair when Martin comes back and we’re rolling Green-Sal, Martin-Oduya and White-Mottau

    (Fraser’s been pretty good too)

    and I’ll take lucky with the amount of goals that are out of the lineup now

    and the 4th line’s been REALLY good since we added McAmmond