….picked a helluva night to be playing hockey eh???

…. so as I was out re-proving myself to a bunch of hockey loving fools in Morristown…. I get the news of a little trade….


… errrr…. yeah…. right!!!

Well I played good in goal at least 🙂

(I know I know, I’m just putting it off now)

and by now you ALL know the details anyway, so now the Devils have the most dynamic Russian born right handed shot winger this side of Ovechkin in the league… THIS IS GOOD….though to remind some people of the crap I heard today before hand…

“Lou never makes this kinda trade….”
You guys forget Doug Gilmour?? Maybe that Moginly guy rings a bell…. maybe trading for Richer and Lemieux don’t count either anymore?? The reason the Devils ain’t made this kinda trade in like…. a decade… they DIDN’T HAVE THE PROSPECTS TO DEAL (Even giving them Oduya, and in the NHL Bergfors… looks like that Parise/Bergie sandwich my friend was hoping on is gonna have to wait now…)… the cup board needed to be refilled before Lou could cook up a deal… pretty simple….

“what about him walking at the end of the year??”
Kovalchuk (and damn me I gotta add his name to the spell check now) said he wants to WIN… so lets let him do some WINNING here, and I am talking a serious playoff run … and maybe those contract demands shrink (or he signs a one-year cheapie deal like Hossa did in the Detroit to try at it again)

“wow… we’re kinda good now… again… huh??”
Umm… yeah!!! When you can roll out a top 6 of:
and have Rolston and Clarkson on the 3rd line…. yeah that’s damn good…. and buckle in… looks like we may be riding his horse through May this year (for once)…. it’s gonna be fun tomorrow night ain’t it???


  1. now we just gotta hope lou actually signs him(he’s a free agent after this year)..otherwise it turns out to be a dumb trade

  2. Why is it dumb?
    I think Salmela and Oduya are a wash….
    the draft picks won’t be that big of a deal…I still wish we had traded Cormier to Phily since that bionic elbow probably turned them on more then a bottle of viagra in Phily… Bergfors hit the wall HARD (it’s a shame we couldn’t drop Rolston in the deal… would have made life easier…)

    a prolonged run in the playoffs makes this deal totally worth it (and maybe lowers his price tag to come back)

  3. Motown Hater says:

    Real Hockey is played with skates there Mackie….

  4. Wow, I’ve NEVER heard that before *eyeroll*

    Amazing how the people who are “above” floor hockey would get their asses whipped playing it :p

    I play it for two reasons: as a goalie I see better chances and get more work in that i would on roller and certainly on ice, and it’s a tenth the cost… buy me goalie shit and we’ll talk, until then hide behind your fake name and three posts in a decade!

  5. I haven’t been this excited since the Devs liberated Scott Stevens from the Blues many years ago.

    FWIW, all the announcers keep mispronouncing his name. I’ve spent a lot of time in Russia and my wife was born in Moscow. It’s not COVell-chuck, the correct pronunciation is like this: the first part of his name, Koval, rhymes with Pavel, with the emphasis on the chuk at the end (pronounced more like chook.


    My wife cracks up every time Doc mentions Zharkov’s name because when he (incorrectly) puts emphasis on the last three letters it sounds more like he’s saying “jerkoff.”

  6. what roller team do you play for?! ive heard of morristown before

  7. I don’t… I play in the open dek nights up there… I’d play in a league there but it’s a LOT of drama, and they have pissy fits that I play in sneakers and won’t let me play in the roller leagues because of it… so I go once a week have some fun with it and get as much game time as I can get in

    not to mention once the weather improves we’ll have games out there in Short Hills and sometimes Woodbridge 🙂

    (side note, I was sick all weekend and didn’t trust the trains to run to get me home…. so hence why I am thought-less from 209…. I DAMN SURE am going tomorrow!!!)