Thoughts (again) from Sun Tavern, NJ: USA vs Canada..where are YOUR Gold Medals?

OK, so who else has simply LOVED these Olympics this year?? I know I have…. Hell I even got into the curling, and all that wacky stuff (I almost even know all the rules)….and the hockey what can I say?? The women’s tournament was a ton of fun (and I’ve made the Lady Finn goalie with the best eyes EVER into an international STAR…. now if only I could bring her and her power left hook home… hrrrmmm….go ahead, bring on the jokes about me and foreign women… I can take em!)… I’m actually kinda sad to see them go this year… but if you’re going to end an Olympics… THIS is how…. US invading Canadian soil…. one game… winner takes all…. “one shall stand…. one shall fall” (if you guys can whip out Princess Bride quotes I can go with the ONLY acceptable Transformer movie ever made!)… and in a few short hours if Kurt Angle walked up to one of these teams and said “where are YOUR gold medals??” they can turn and go “RIGHT HERE BEATCH!!!!”

And since I have some time here… and while I did like the Olympics… time to air some annoyances here…..
— I DON’T CARE ABOUT POLITICS or any crap show on MSNBC I’m only watching your shit channel because you MADE ME and no matter how many times you shove the ED show commercials down my throat I ain’t watching…
— in this trend if I see one more commercial for the goddamn census I am going to stab a kitten…. we get it… it’s important … we need fill it out… stop shoving Tina Faye in my face!!
— Though in some happy news, hockey fever is running wild in the Sun Tavern, this is gonna be a damn near football Sunday crowd 🙂
— and since I already took one shot at Michael Bay here… the only thing scary about the new Elm Street is that it’s Michael Bay’s awful dream :p

  • First Period
  • — Wow Doc looks OLD… and just when you think it… they show Al Michaels circa 1980… now THERE is a dude who looks old now :p (though as much as NBC annoys me and pushes shit down your throat… that Ice Vision thing is hella awesome!)
    — Both goalies make the first saves in the game and no Kipper flubs!!
    — No real advantage in play back and forth by either team… but some SERIOUS one-liners going back and forth at the bar!
    — Orpik SLAMS Heatley HARD AND HEAVY into the bench… no truth to the rumor that Ron Wilson offered him a US jersey and a chance to turn heel and join team AMERICA (fuck yeah!)
    — Crazy scramble in front and it’s PUFFY PAD SAVES OF DOOM BY LUONGO…and a stick save and cover… for extra drama-flavor!
    — They showed the replay of the puck on the line and I swear to God if that was curling the US would have won!!!
    — Dammit.. so much for the American burger helping :p

    (1 – 0, Can) Teows[1] (Richards) {12:50}
    Richards gets through two US defenders and works hard to get the shot through… Miller the good save, but the rebound to his left and there’s Teows and he grabs and fires the rebound up and over…. and a nation up north exhales!!!

    — Seems 18,000 people want a beer all at once since they’re yelling Miller!!!!
    — And they call Bobby Ryan for CHECKING… really… he CHECKED the dude!!
    USA kills the penalty pretty easy… they didn’t respond after the goal, but hell they didn’t pull a Finland at least!
    — Callahan a mini-break with time running out… but he’s a Ranger…. he sucks… two more periods and we can hate them again!!

  • Second Period
  • — the people behind us are getting a little bit too much into EVERY time a US player comes down the ice (and representing the US in a Scott Stevens jersey… really?? )
    — Ryan Malone to the box for FACE-CHECK!!! (Hell they might call that in the NHL too!!)
    the people oversell the Miller save like it was a gunshot…. I be happy no points for Cindy!! And I’m busy talking US beer va Canada beer with my Ottawa friend Sara!
    — WOW WHAT A SAVE BY MILLER…. oops as I was gonna say it was Richter-like… the result might be :p

    (2 -0, Can) Perry[4] (Getzlaf) {7:13}
    Getzlaf makes a centering pass… Marleau to the net…..Whitney gets a stick on it, but bad luck… good bounce…. it goes right to Perry and he turns and just FLIPS it… and Miller had NO CHANCE

    — US gets another pp but when you put Langs, Parise and Rafalski on it… YOU GET DEVILS RESULTS SUCKS… EVERYONE KILL EACH OTHER!!!!!!!!!!!
    — Team USA is getting with it now… J.Johnson the rush.. around the d… in front… KICKED OUT LUONGO !! DAMN YOUR BLOATED LIKE WOMAN ON PMS PADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    — Doc sets Olympic record… most times mentioning Cherry Hill, NJ … that’s gotta be some kinda first!!!

    (2 – 1) Kessler[2] (Kane, Rafalski) {12:44}
    Simple play but damn it worked… Raflaski leaves for Kane… across to Kane… centers and Kessler swats at it… and Luongo doesn’t….
    see it’s off the ice… this is a good thing… FUCK YEAH!!!

    — HERE COMES PARISE…AAAAAAHHHHH!!! But Luongo comes out and gives him the logo-buster on a Rob Tonnesson level!!!
    — USA off side on the goal?? Well that call seems random in the Olympics now :p
    — Good Lord people it’s a fucking shot on goal… STOP SCREAMING… hockey idiots!! (see why I like hockey being a cult sport???)
    — Nash with the WRAPAROUND BUT THAT’S MUH-TOE MUH-TOE even a Devils fan can cheer!!!!!

  • third Period
  • — Wow, that was a good play for Canada… why is she cheering this… doesn’t she…..
    I instantly cut her off and say NO…. no really the woman behind us can’t tell a hockey puck from a curling stone (thanks for the setup Tasha!)
    — Team Canada starts the 3rd period with a nice start…. if we were playing GOALPOSTS!!! HAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!!
    — Ohhh Drury’s hurt!!! 11 minutes until RANGERS SUCK time anyway!!!
    — Fuck Drury’s back…. well we only need him 9 more minutes anyway, right??
    — Malone a shot… people behind us scream like it’s Parise…. but it’s not to be!!
    — OK the save was LESS epic because it was on Thornton and Heatley… the only time Heatley hits the target is when driving kids :p
    — “I never watched a full hockey game before” (from behind us)
    me “WE NOTICED”
    — Rafalksi pounces on a loose puck… but BLOCKED BY BOYLE… if only he kept his house from burning with that passion….
    speaking of… WTF is with the random goal horn?!?!?!
    — FUCK YOU CROSBY POKE CHECK MILLER!!! All I yelled was ANYONE BUT CINDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    — Wow, the hockey geniuses want us to pull Miller with 2 minutes left… CMONNNN!!! (again this is why I love that no one loves hockey :p)
    — I wish I could tell you what happens, but the front run idiocy is killing him…. “Hey Luongo can’t catch”… ummm… asshole, he’s a butterfly goalie… ALL HE DOES IS CATCH asshat!!!!!
    — Miller to the bench… people freak out that the puck WAS NINETY FEET FROM THE EMPTY NET!! Good god!!!!

    (2 – 2) PARISE[5] (Langenbrunner, Kane) {19:35}

    — Confirmed FACT, they’re even yelling AHHHHHH, PARISE IN ARGENTINA FUCKER!!!!!

  • Overtime!!!
  • — Wow, the woman behind me called Parise the best there is the best there was and the best there ever will be… hey that shit’s Canadian dummy!!!!
    — also that kinda fitting that an Olympics I don’t want to end has an extra session!!
    — Parise comes in 1 on 3… me “so the sides are even!!!”

    (3 -2, Canada) Crosby[4] (Iginla)
    Well we all know what happened and why… dammit Miller should have had this shot too…. and Gary Bettman too busy jacking off in the NHL luxury box… and the fucking golden child does it again :p…. mb30 fakes joining in the Olympic Pile like a Jewish woman on her wedding night…. yay Canada… hate you Crosby and RANGERS SUCK AGAIN!!!!!

    — well back to the Devils grind soon and often!!!!


    1. Crosby just crossed the terrorist line. He hates America… I’m chanting USA the entire game on St. Patty’s Day.

    2. I take back everything I said about Brian Rafalski. The Brian Rafalski I know just showed his face again. Good riddance.

    3. Told you 🙂

      I’m all for Kevin’s line 😀

    4. Ryan Miller has nothing to be ashamed of…He was the best PLAYER in the entire tournament….he didnt deserve for Rafalski 2 pull a Mike Mattau in the end

    5. Whatever, it stung, and I would rather it be anyone but Crosby, but great run. You couldn’t have asked for any more out of that team. I’m gonna have trouble rooting against any of them again, including Drury and Callahan.

    6. I think it would be kinda hilarious if mb30 went to show off his medal and Jamie and Zach went to him and said screw you we at least EARNED ours :p

      But then again I can still see the sulky bitch fit on his face that they won without him!

    7. East Coast Mike says:

      Well, I congratulated my Canadian buddies. They’re obviously happy, but they are now MUCH more interested in guys like Parise, Kane, Miller, and other players on the US team. My gal pal Pez is gonna drop her affiliation with her hometown Leafs and instead follow another team (One of those teams she’s considering is the Devils, btw).

      Really, we had everything to gain and nothing to lose. Getting silver is an accomplishment no one thought was possible.

      And I bet the reason why Gary Bettman wants to pull the NHL out of the Olympics is because the IOC refuses to conform the rules to suit Cindy. Really, this is a PRIME opportunity for Bettman to promote the game as a whole for both American and Canadian audiences, especially since these Olympics have captured the attention of people previously uninterested. But because he’s got the IQ of a chimpanzee on crack, he’ll go back to trying to make an NHL version of Magic vs. Bird (which even David Stern admitted was an instance of getting lightning in a bottle) and not bother to promote or advertise any other team. It’s better for the league to have 50 or 60 recognizable names rather than push ONE talented but whiny bitch who is so unlikable that even some fans of the team he plays for hate him. I SERIOUSLY hope the other owners revolt and toss Bettman out soon. How they haven’t seen him as the root of the NHL’s problems, I will NEVER know.

    8. Bettman broke the Union, he’s got a job for life… remember his job is to be the leader of the owners NOT act in the best interest of the game….

      The players will go to the Olympics but it’s a bargaining piece in the next CBA, it’s just good negotiating that’s all

      the best thing about today’s game is now my half-sister has learned about the awesome of Parise so in one last act of defiance to my father I’m gonna infect all my half-siblings with Devils fever 🙂

    9. Dago Red says:

      Great game, horrible coverage.

      Immediately after the game, the NY Times did their usual snarky hockey item and praised the Canadians for dominating the game, start to finish. WTF, was I watching the same game? I’d have to give the edge in play to the US in the game’s 2nd half, and overall it was very even.

      I love Olympic hockey but it provides every jerkoff sports journalist who hasn’t watched a game since 1984 an opportunity to knowingly trot out those two venerable and 100% bullshit old lies. Lie #1: “The European teams are so much more skilled and artistic than the North American thugs.” Yeah, those Swiss and Finnish league games are barn-burners, and if the fans don’t fall asleep during the first period they can witness a variation of the trap that has been evolved and refined far beyond Lemaire’s greatest fantasy. Wake up, dickhead writers, the north american game has changed! Lie #2: “The wider ice surface makes the game more creative.” Complete bullshit, teams defend on Olympic-sized rinks by forcing all the play to the periphery. It’s like when I was a kid playing pond hockey in Roseland, where there were rocks and weeds poking through the center of the playing surface so everyone played the outside.

      One of the Times’ hockey writers, Stu Hackel, used to write for the Village Voice. I remember the year Lou picked up Malhakov and Mogilny, Hackel spent an entire column ripping on the franchise while they were down 3-1 in their playoff series against the Flyers. We all know how that one turned out, but the little douche never admitted he was dead wrong after the Devs dispatched the Flyers and went on to win the Cup, probably praying no one read his previous column’s jackassery.

    10. Hey, that’s what you come here for… it’s one thing I can promise you’ll always get from me, is my heart-felt spot on the moment coverage backed by 15 years of watching almost every Devils game and Lord Knows how many center ice games, and a goalie’s perspective of not being afraid to call a soft goal a soft goal *cough-CHICO-cough*

      But I do try to make it fun too, and I think that’s the best part of what the Olympics did for me, and I hope it shows in what I wrote, the FUN came back into writing again!!!!

    11. Dago Red says:

      Scott, you and the rest of the crew might be too young to have seen The Blue Line, but there was a group of guys who used to do their own fan paper on the Blackhawks and sell it outside the old arena. It was absolutely fucking hilarious, and old copies were available online in like ’96 or so. They did great stuff, funnier than The Onion. I’d always wished for a Devils’ equivalent, and this is it.

    12. Me… too young?? I chuckle, but thank you sir!

      Actually in one of my more ill-fated trips, the one to St. Louis, I actually picked up one of the last copies of the Blue Line (it was a Hawks-Blues game)… and it was funny as hell stuff!

      And I’m working on trying to keep this as entertaining as possible, without forcing the humor… forced comedy sucks… which is why I don’t watch Jay Leno :p

      But I’m happy to be getting some kind of input back… thank you!

    13. rico suave says:

      ladies and gents, i love your site and i know you live busy lives….

      but your updates and pics this year have been as consistent as brian rolston…PICK UP YOUR GAME!!

    14. Hey dude, I’m trying… I didn’t sign on for this to be a one-man show (nor did I want it to be)… I’m trying to get you guys to chirp in, the best ways I can think of and despite my mass lack of sleep…I’m gonna put up the Devil/Ranger one tonight… I can’t semi-live type at games… it was gonna work I felt that right away, and it needed some polish… and the goal/assist info that’s hard to get life….

      I’m working on it… and hell I’m running this whole damn site now… by myself… on the fly… bear with me as I re-figure it out!