Hey Look!!!! We gots us a Devils game!!!!

But damn I miss the Olympics already (curling… women’s hockey, and not to mention the fun of the men’s tournament… it was all great, but hey all good things must end, and we’ll get it again in 4 years right??)… I just feel I picked up some momentum from the Olympics (I’d love to say the site did, but it’s painfully obvious at this point that I’m two-man all alone ain’t it?)… and I just wanna keep the flow going here…. but I’m not recapping tonight’s game…. tonight’s my favoritest of bar nights and all…. I ain’t giving that up, and my deal was always the home games :p…. not to mention I feel there is too much me going on here anyway as is…. so I figured I’d remind you of my “Guest Host” concept…. you write it… I post it here… just keep it about the Devils…. hell I don’t care if you write 1200 words saying what a douche I am (a certain ninja turtle fan out there will say I welcome it!)…. but I want a second voice, at least, speaking up on this damn site…. so CMONNNNN!!!!!

However that rant aside, I have almost a year of pent-up anger to shoot off at old coach prune-face in Calgary so I can see me doing some kinda write-up to shoot off on him now ruining my second favorite team as well….. but if you got something to say… holy hell… just SAY IT, I’d say email it to the 2man email…. but… umm…. I don’t think I know the username and password (again if you knew the awkwardness of being handed the keys to the site but I can’t check under the hood or even open the trunk, it’s kinda weird)
so if you want…. email through the facebook site ( http://www.facebook.com/twomanadvantage ) or just [email protected], I tend to check that enough on my cell phone…. so it’s all good…..

And oh yeah… get the hell back out there Paul Martin (and CMON LOU, we need a defenseman!!!)
Let there be NHL Hockey again!


  1. I can’t stay up for west coast games (pesky work thing), but I’d be interested in recapping some away games. Can’t promise I’ll be any good, though…

  2. Well anyone else who stayed up had a serious hard time sleeping after (well not me cause I smartly watched it at the bar :p)… the best thing about last night was to see Kovy-Zubrus-Elias finally getting some things going!

    Defense and goaltending gave us a goddamn heart attack though, and there’s going to be a big spotlight on mb30 to either show that top-end goalie form again, or perhaps it’s time to seriously think that his career is screeching to an end…..

  3. “it’s time to seriously think that his career is screeching to an end” … he was benched in the Olympics, in his home country … they won the gold, without him .. If he fails – and by fails, gives up 3-4 goals against The Elf King’s team, Danis needs to start playing a HELL of alot more .. I don’t think it’s a slump, it’s age catching up

  4. Well 5 games in 8 days… rested or not, we need to see us some Danis this week!!!

  5. It’s currently 5-1 Calgary … I want to see Yan Danis lead the Devils into the playoffs .. or get Marty to an eye doctor, a shrink, somewhere so they can find out wtf is going on